Travel with the Kate Spade New York Harbor Crossbody

When I went to Alaska last month I knew that my clothing options needed to be more functional versus fashionable. I didn’t want to feel weighed down either whether I was running between my three flights there and back or running around the town of Juneau. I needed a lightweight bag that wouldn’t allow me to cram piles of stuff into it.

The Kate Spade New York Harbor Crossbody made perfect sense. It’s elegant, versatile and unlike some bags with chains on the strap, it wasn’t heavy or uncomfortable to tote around. I loved using it while traveling through the six airports I had to go through as much as I like using it now on a daily basis. It never stops getting compliments either.

Inside there are two pockets to store things. I put my keys in there and my phone in another.  I have a rather long Marc Jacobs wallet and a pouch that I transfer to every purse. In the pouch, I hold hand lotion, a lipstick, chapstick, pen, blotting papers and sometimes tissues.  When traveling or running errands I don’t like to be weighed down.  There’s no room for extra baggage or anything else.