How to Pack for Alaska

This time next week I will already be back from my whirlwind trip to Alaska.  I’m visiting my oldest and dearest friend, E.  She moved to Alaska a little over a year ago and I just knew I had to visit.  It’s been way too long since we’ve been together and I’ve been in a ridiculous packing planning frenzy for this trip.

I keep asking myself the same question over and over again.

How to Pack for Alaska?

It is all about the layers.  The weather in June is often rainy and temps can dip into the 50s during the days or reach the low 70s and be sunny.  It varies from day to day. Layers are key to packing and taking in the sights. Also, when I land at what is typically my bedtime I will not just be five hours behind my normal time zone but also it will still be light outside.  The sun will also rise only a few short hours later. So packing natural sleep aids and a sleep mask is essential.

Travel Day

Layers for Travel


My other issue for how to pack for Alaska is that it will be about 90 degrees at home when I depart and return.  Again, LAYERS. Plus, I always wear an easy on and off shoe for security lines and I don’t like anything tight, with laces or strappy while flying and your feet can swell.

Additionally, because there is so much natural beauty where I am going, I plan to be outside hiking, walking or out on a boat.  That means my two shoe rule for my 6-day trip is going out the window.  I’m packing rain boots, hiking boots, sneakers and slip on shoes for my travel days.   There’s not a real cause to dress up so make-up and accessories are minimal and jeans and a nice shirt or sweater are good enough for dinner.

In the end, this is what makes the list on how to pack for Alaska.

  1. North Face Water Resistant Momentum Jacket
  2. Rain Coat (packs small in a little bag and has a hood)
  3. Hunter Boots with liners
  4. Wool Socks
  5. Hiking Boots
  6. My black New Balance sneakers
  7. Slip on Sneakers for Travel
  8. Carry-on Bag with essentials and laptop.  *Pack a toothbrush, medicine, and change of underwear and/or socks because flights are long and you never know what can happen to your bag, if you check it.
  9. Sleep Mask
  10. Toiletries
  11. Jeans (3 pairs)
  12. Sweaters
  13. Scarf that doubles as a blanket for the plane
  14. Running Jacket for layering
  15. Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts

When I pack I stuff everything I can into my shoes.  I hate big suitcases unless I’m packing for the whole family. I like to keep things color coordinated to make outfits easy and the number of shoes I’m bringing to a minimum, if possible.  I might throw in gloves and a hat for good measure.  See when I get back!

Do you have any fun trips scheduled for this summer?

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    Enjoy your trip to Alaska visiting your oldest friend. It is one of those states I MUST visit one day. That is the perfect traveling outfit and totally something I would chose too.

    Welcome by tomorrow and linkup Vicki. =)