Denim Shorts & Peplum

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Maybe it’s that it is mid-July, but normally this type of exhaustion doesn’t hit me until mid-August.  Guys, I am TIRED. Like, about to get pneumonia for the third time in two years tired and I can’t be having any of that. Again.  Neither can my family.  I’m not only physically tired but I’m sort of over the pressure of chronicling my life.  I can’t call it blogger burnout.  That sounds way too lame.  It made me cranky just typing it.  And I don’t need time to figure out what I’m doing or where this little blog is going.  I’m a freelance writer. I write about fashion, health, beauty and cars at other places and this blog is where I first hung my writing shingle.  It’s still home.  I think it always will be.

Fact:  This little blog has been here in some form or another since 2005.  That’s right. I’m a dinosaur. An original.  I’ve been around the block and back eleventy-billion times.  I’ve seen many changes and heard how blogging is dead a few times.  Except, it’s not.  Not in the fashion realm, it’s not.  We are alive and kicking.  We are progressing, curating amazing photos and detailing our life in gorgeous ways.  Style is expanding because of us and we are illustrating that in a bazillion images shooting all over the planet every day.  That’s amazing. I love it.  It swells my heart to see you all create magazine-worthy shots.  The time you must spend.  It’s epic.  It makes me giddy to see what my fave fashion bloggers have come up with each week.

You make me see things in my clothes I wouldn’t ordinarily see and I can’t get enough.  But here is the reality.  I’m a writer at heart.  It’s one of the things that feeds my soul.  I could talk about clothes all day long and into the night but the high-level stuff just isn’t in me. At least not right now.  Not this week or this summer. I wish it was but life beckons beyond the laptop. Quick cell phone shots of what I am wearing is what I can give right now and probably for a while. Outfits created on Polyvore from what I’ve actually worn the past few days. You’ll just have to trust me.  And hopefully get inspired.



Oh yeah, the sitter came early to watch the girls so I can take a selfie today! #sonotglamorous



 This entire outfit came from Target over the last two years. Rock on, my big red bulls-eye!  

I love this community and my favorite day is Wednesday when I host the Whatcha Wearing Wednesday link up because I get to see the beautiful things you all have created.  I hope despite my exhaustion and need to take a break for a bit you will stick around and keep in touch.  I’ll still be here but it will be #sorrynotglamorous more often than not.  That’s just life. Also, Shanna said something similar in a much less cantankerous way than me on Monday. Go, read.  She’s gorgeous!

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  1. says

    I totally understand needing to take a break! Sometimes you have to do that to get re-energized. I love the peplum top with the boyfriend shorts! Cute outfit!


  2. says

    A very simple but fun look I ought to try myself. Sorry that you are not feeling so glamorous or not up to blogging lately but it happens to us all – trust me. I love that you keep it real. My pictures are all taken at home by myself, so I get it. And let me know if you’d like me to co-host Victoria. It would be a pleasure.

    Have a Great Day! Ada. =)

    • Victoria says

      I would love to co-host with you! Just email me the details and we can pick a date! Thanks, Ada!

  3. says

    I’m with you, Victoria. I blog about clothes because I love to write about them. Wearing & showing them…not my favorite 🙂 I am impressed at how long you’ve been in the blogging game!! That’s great that you’ve been able to leverage it into other projects and I’m glad you still keep sticking around here.
    Gina — On the Daily Express

    • Victoria says

      Thanks Gina! I love your blog and seeing what you style and it always looks good. It’s been a long time and I started this whole blog just to start freelancing and experimenting. It’s worked but I’m totally crashing right now.

  4. says

    I’m going to miss your blog Vicki, but I totally understand. I feel like this all the time. I love it but it’s a lot of work. I’m hoping once my son starts kindergarten in the fall it will be easier. Good luck my friend and please stay in touch.


  5. Victoria says

    Exactly, Agi! And I will be here but probably only once a week for a bit. With three kids under 8 it is too much for the summer when I try to schedule my freelance work in as well. I just can’t handle it. I’ve taken to my bed like some woman in a Victorian novel for today because I can feel my body just going down.

  6. says

    Take a break! I hope you eat lots of chocolates and read lots of light romance novels (always my prescription when I’m beat!). I love that top – I’ve feared peplum so much but I love it paired with the denim shorts . (I mean to write more but I’m babysitting and have two one years olds today and I’m… well, you know, brainless at this point haha)