Cozy Date Night

cozy date night

Once in a while the stars align and H and I get a surprise date night.  It happened last Saturday when all three girls had sleepovers and we were suddenly alone.  It was brisk and windy outside and all signs pointed to a cozy date night with some Netflix and chill. Instead we ventured out for a few drinks, a little dinner and actual conversation followed by us cramming handfuls of popcorn into your mouths as we watched 'The Girl on the Train'. I knew that my newest cozy sweater, my latest leather jacket, skinny jeans and booties were all I wanted to wear that night. TWO Vince Camuto Eyelash Sweater- Marshalls (similar)/Just Black Adorra Denim /Sam Edelman Suede 'Petty' Booties/BlankNYC Faux Leather Jacket/WhoWhatWear Clutch (old-similar) More Date Night Looks … [Read more...]

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

10 Things

The Mummy Chronicles celebrates its ELEVENTH birthday this month, which I guess makes me older than dirt in the blogging world. When I saw this '10 Things' post by Johanna a few weeks ago it reminded me of the old-school blogging days and my Generation X desperate need for nostalgia kicked in and I knew I wanted to do it too.  Did you know that back in the day we used to weekly themes  on our blogs as a group?  We still do! TMC was once  a very personal blog about pregnancy and motherhood with reviews thrown in.  Over time it evolved into a lifestyle space.  So here goes without further fanfare and a look beyond the curtain that isn't about an ootd- 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me Car blogging fell into my lap courtesy of a fellow blogger and reader who worked in the … [Read more...]

Rally Ready-What I Wore

Rolls Royce Dawn: WAPA Rally 2016. Source: Victoria Mason Getting WAPA Rally ready means finding an outfit that I'm comfortable in all day and not just sitting and looking pretty. It is a day of climbing in and out of SUV's, small cars, luxury sedans and trucks. No skirts allowed.  Heels?  I don't know how some women do it. I have to plan and this pack for an overnight which means picking out a look that both feels and looks good all day long.  No heels tripping me up or getting caught running boards allowed. After thinking it over I knew I wanted flats, fitted denim and a loose top that I could layer my vegan leather jacket over the top. Jewelry is tough.  I don't want things getting caught up in my lanyard or bracelets and rings getting in the way of  driving and all … [Read more...]

WAPA Rally 2016 Favorites


Ah, the WAPA Rally. Quite possibly my favorite event of the year with this group.  If you are new here, WAPA stands for Washington Automotive Press Association, and I am a member.  Every October we gather together to spend the day driving cars from many automotive makers and it is ridiculously fun and informative. This year the WAPA Rally was no exception as it was held in Kent Island, Maryland.  Just off the Bay Bridge the views were stunning and provided gorgeous backdrops for car photos and plenty of scenic drives. What did I love at this year's WAPA Rally?  Nissan Rogue Source: WAPA Rally: John Soule I love the 'Magneto Black' paint on the 2016 Nissan Rogue.  Makes me feel ready for Star Wars story 'Rogue One' on December 16. Way more storage space than I anticipated … [Read more...]

Fall for Pink and Yellow

pink and yellow flatlay 1

Pretty in pink and yellow. Pink and yellow for fall?  Oh, indeed.   Every new season comes with a different set of color combinations. Rust and pale blue are hot right now. Fall 2016 has plenty of them to be sure, but the stand out to me this year is pink and yellow.  I'm in love with this combining of a soft, plush pink tone with a saturated yellow that brings to mind number 2 pencils.  Adding dashes of black and brown hues really makes the look stand out. What's your favorite color combo for fall?  Using this wooden flat bead necklace in black and animal print flats adds an almost tribal flair to an otherwise prim look. Pink Pleione Top (similar)/Yellow Jeans (old-similar)/J.Crew Factory Flats/Black Wooden Necklace (old-similar)/Cognac Wristlet (similar) You Don't Want to … [Read more...]

Fast Fitness in Ten Moves

fitness arms

Fast fitness has to be one of my favorite things. I'm the kind of person who likes efficiency and quickness. It's probably why I order my groceries online and pick them up later that day versus actually shopping in the store. When it comes to working out I like fast fitness too.  It's no wonder I like HIIT workouts so much. And quick runs, and Barre3 and I could go on and on. When it comes to traveling, generally being short on time or just wanting a fast way to workout so I can get on with my day, I turn to these ten moves. I keep a stack of cards just like this PIN-WORTHY image printed out and in my dresser.  I rotate through the workouts on the days when I have to get moving and out the door at warp speed.  Trust me, I'm a nicer person if I've burned off some of my intensity in the … [Read more...]

Fire Safety with Sparky’s Firehouse

sparkys firehouse app

This is post is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner, October 9-15, 2016 to be exact.  That means the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is debuting the highly entertaining and informative Sparky's Firehouse app.  Get the word out to teachers gearing up to teach your kiddos at all grade levels the importance of fire prevention and safety and cue adorable plastic hats atop their heads as they climb off the bus. In our house we have a child at every level from kindergarten to the end of elementary school.  I try to teach them about fire protection and so do their teachers, but we all need a little help sometimes too. That's why we frequently break out the Sparky's Firehouse app from the … [Read more...]

Burgundy Pants: 3 Ways


As fall approached I made a list of items I wanted for the season.  Burgundy pants was at the top of my list.  A quick trip into my local T.J. Maxx scored me a pair of Kensie jeans for under $20! I immediately went to work creating and pinning ideas on different ways to wear my burgundy pants all year long.  I just love them so much! This simple sweater combination with a blazer worked well for a meeting I had with a photographer for one of our houses.  I knew I would be running around the house moving lights and staging items as well as working a bit on the side. I wanted to look a little more professional than my daily jeans too. Kensie Burgundy Pants-TJ Maxx (similar)/WhoWhatWear Strip Sweater (old-similar)/Apt.9 Black Blazer/Pendant (similar)/Anne Klein Black Ballet … [Read more...]

What I Wear When Staging a Flip


Some of you may know that H and I renovate, aka "flip" homes, together. It mixes a lot of things we love about real estate together and we make it a family business. Actually, I would say we make it a community business as we like to employ friends and neighbors as often as we can and I believe that when you turn a tired home into a gem again it is a community service on some small level. That being said when all the dirty work is done it is time to stage the home for sale. That's one of my biggest jobs and while I like to be practical I also like to feel professional to some degree while I'm setting it all up. You never know who is going to drop by and take a look at the place. Here's what I wear when staging a flip. On our latest home I was doing minor set-up. Little decorative … [Read more...]

How to Pack for Disney


Disney 2012. Source: Victoria Mason Traveling to Disney involves a lot of details. I still remember the agony of planning our first trip. Then I clued into the fact that using a travel advisor was one of the best ideas I have ever had and free! Being sent a copy of The Complete Walt Disney World 2017 was just icing on the cake.  How to pack for Disney is a whole other deal. Especially for me, Little Ms. I Want to Be Comfortable and Look Good Too. I decided to tackle the task by using my closet and Maven to figure out my best looks and stay organized. I still follow the color palette rule and other 'how-to pack' plans as well. What's Maven? With Maven, I don't just create a board and am done with it. I keep a record of what I'm planning and mix and match items from my own … [Read more...]