Fall Reading

    I'm not one for crafts or going crazy with decorations but I do love to dive into books year round. For some reason maybe it has something to do with the start of the a new school year, I become obsessed with new books for the family every fall. Especially if the books have to do with fall. … [Read more...]

The Wooly Pully


We hit up the pumpkin patch on Sunday, bright and early.  It was BLUSTERY.  There is no other way to describe the low temps and winds whipping through the air.  I was all set with a cute cableknit sweater when H said, "I think you need something more."  Since the kids were already in the car I grabbed a sweater off the shelf that has seen a life very different from the one it keeps today. The Wooly Pully.   … [Read more...]

Join Me for a Day of Beauty

19356-BB-HomeDepotSq-BeautyEvent (1)

Spending Saturday morning going through a long, involved, relaxing and necessary 'day of beauty' happens in haste or not at all now that the kids have their own lives budding and blossoming before our eyes.  Throw on a mask here, exfoliate over there, slap on some polish and don't forget to shave!  It's not my dream. It's just the reality. This Saturday will be a bit different. … [Read more...]

Ladylike Moto

I will totally admit it was harder than I thought to give up the gray last week.  And then not revert to black.  I love my basics, what can I say?  I was actually late meeting a friend for dinner on Thursday because I was trying to pry myself away from the black.  I showed up in white.  Sometimes I go to extremes. The pastels and gray post was more popular than I thought last week and I found more to love in Johanna's post Watercolor. Johanna and her blog, 101 Things I Love have co-hosted with me before on Whatcha Wearing Wednesday and her style is untouchable.  I love seeing what killer heels she pairs with yet another gorgeous clutch.  That's why I picked her as the Best of the Link Up!   … [Read more...]

Refresh & Renew Because I Have To


It's no longer a secret that I have been busy overhauling our house.  It was like "OVERHAUL OUR LIFE" in a way.  I cleaned out so much and found many unused products.  A few came in and made the cut and here are my favorite keepers that I have been using to refresh myself and feel renewed through this whole house overhaul process. … [Read more...]

Fresh Not Frumpy

We all have those times when life calls us away.  We pack our suitcase and carry on with care but often overlook what I call my "travel" outfit.  For me, I need it to be not just comfortable but also wear well and probably pull a second shift later in the day or during the time I am away.  Blazers and scarves are high on my list.  So are skinny jeans and a pair of flats. That's why this week's best look of the link up goes to Joanna from Coastal Closet for her "have style, will travel" look that exudes total comfort while maintaining a look that is effortlessly chic. … [Read more...]

The Flu is Never in Fashion

Yesterday I took this sweet little girl to her four-year check-up.  Yes, indeed time is flying by at a rapid pace.  She spent the morning practicing writing her name and chose just the right glittery shirt and matching leggings before her doctor visit. I marveled at how fast she is growing up, especially when she took all her shots, including her flu mist vaccination, without so much as batting an eye.  A simple breathe in through the nose, breathe out through the mouth and she was set. One family member down, four more to go! … [Read more...]

Charcoal Boucle

PureJill boucle

It was totally gray and drizzling day when I woke up yesterday morning. With thoughts of the new style grunge playing out before my eyes on the pages of fashion magazines and blogs I decided to put this look together.  Wet grass?  My moto boots can handle them!  Bit of a chill and touch of wind? My plush pullover seals in the warmth! This sweater made of boucle´from Pure Jill that I picked up just the other day is going to be on my hit list this upcoming fall and winter. It's lightweight but provides a whole lot of warmth with a super soft feel. It's relaxed and can be dressed up or down, which is perfect for my life right now.  It's a touch of the gray-scale but I think that's just fine.   I can style it up with skinny jeans or leggings or add a full midi skirt and belt … [Read more...]

Running Scared

DeadMansRun 2014

  What do DC Runners do to celebrate the month of October and the fabulous fall season? We take part in the ghoulishly fun twilight run at the Congressional Cemetery, naturally. I'm long overdue for a fitness post and the Dead Man's Run is the perfect way to throw one in. It's a race I have wanted to do since it began four years ago for a lot of reasons. … [Read more...]