Summer-Inspired Cocktails


This summer, in our new place, has meant spending time in my favorite space, our porch. You can find us out there any time of day, but the best is in the evening when it is time to rehash the day and unwind. A little summer-inspired cocktail or two makes it even better. Recently we added a new set of spirits to our bar from Kobrand Wine & Spirits.  Alizé Passion Gold and Bleu, each infused with premium French vodka and the all natural flavors of exotic passion fruit.  We prefer the Gold version over the Bleu, which has a mix of cherry, a spicy ginger and passion fruit.  I always find it fun to serve up something new whether it is just us alone experimenting or hosting friends for cocktail hour, something we try and schedule each month with different friends. Using the Alizé … [Read more...]

Palm Print Romper


Can we talk about the romper for second?  I was hesitant because shorts are not always my best friend but I do dig a nice jumpsuit, so it seems only natural to wear a romper, am I right? It's National Lipstick Day and I'm not wearing any.  I'm standing in front of my dentist office and I refuse to gunk up their gloves and smear them with lipstick. OH MY GOODNESS! Why did I wait so long?  Was it because I needed just the right shorts length?  Yes!  Was it the print factor?  Yes!  Did Old Navy deliver with the is adorable and so comfortable I feel like I'm wearing pajamas or next to nothing all day long romper?  YES!  A thousand times, yes! Old Navy Palm Print Romper/Rocket Dog Sandals (old- similar)/Gold Medallion (old-similar)/Emerald Stud Earrings … [Read more...]

Lip Service

My grandmother was never one to leave the house without a swipe of lipstick.  A watermelon pink was her shade of choice.  Hey! Guess what? That color is back again.  I have vivid memories of her standing in front of the mirror in her pink and black tiled bathroom applying it just so and then giving me a swipe, because why not? Did you know that July 29 is National Lipstick Day?  Of course it is!  Donuts have a day so why not lipstick!  I'm in love with these gorgeous summery shades right now.  Though my tried and true that I wear all year round is an Armani lipstick in nude (#27) which is no longer being made. When it is done, it is done.  I don't even want to think about that day.   National Lipstick Day by victoriamason featuring nars cosmetics What's your favorite … [Read more...]

Super Hero Summer


It's no secret that I like my super hero movies, comic books and I totally freak out over all things relating to Darth Vader.   In fact, I will totally admit that attending Comic Con is on my bucket list.  Seriously.  I just can't help myself and neither can Hollywood when it comes to creating summer flicks that surround them.  Ant Man debuted last week, a new Avengers comes out each summer and DC Comics forever competes with Marvel for box office results.  I love it.  Summer and super heroes go hand in hand. So does my favorite look from our beach vacation last week. I was all about being on a "shopping diet" but then as I was picking up last minute beach supplies at Target (it gets me every time) this Batman t-shirt landed in my cart. It is light and so super-soft I want to wear it … [Read more...]

A Little Motivation


When it comes to fitness I have been off my game this summer. Sure, I've been working out on a regular basis but I haven't pushed myself in the last month. I stopped running regularly when we started to move and afterwards it was the dead of winter, a new neighborhood with no consistent sidewalks and a bunch of excuses to fuel the 'no more running' fire. Except, once a runner, always a runner. I think that same mind over body thing that can sometimes derail a good run will also bring you right back around. The way I feel after a run lasts more than a few hours and I love how it changes my perspective and gets me out and about and into the elements. It clears my head and keeps me active while giving me a bit of alone time too. And I'm all about anything that offers up less stress, better … [Read more...]

Look Tan Without the Sun

I am probably one of the whitest white girls.  I just don't tan.  I freckle, sometimes burn and my definition of tan is more like a cafe au lait color than bronzed.  H laughs every time I say I'm tan because it is usually on par with his version of pale.  Still, I like a bit of color and I don't want the sun damage so I use a lot of self-tanners and bronzer during the warm months.  And a few of these tips don't hurt either. The LOWDOWN 1. Wear white.  A lot.  It keeps you cool and makes you look tanner. 2. Consider a new nail polish that goes beyond the trend of white nails.If it is lighter than your skin tone it will accentuate your tan.  Golds, neon and bright corals are also good. 3. Soft colors like mint or pale pink add pop so load up on the pastel accessories this … [Read more...]

One Quick Summer Look


I may not be completely on board with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I do know that the first thing I would choose to start my capsule would be something with stripes. It's my go-to closet grab all year round. With the kids home for the summer and all the various running around we do each day one of my favorite looks starts with basic black and white and stripes.   Go To Errands Look by victoriamason  Choies White Stripe V-Neck/Maurices Skirt/14th & Union Piper Flat Leather Sandal/Inc Clutch/Justine Brooks Quartz & Chalcedony Pendant Grab one Old Navy pencil skirt. Add an oversized stripe top and throw on some sandals. Optional summer hat and cross-body bag in your favorite pop of color is all that is needed. Layer on accessories and you are good to go! I … [Read more...]

Summer Secrets by Jane Green


It's the summertime! For those of us who like to devour books by the day or week that can mean only one thing. SUMMER BEACH READS! If you are dying for a great read while you are vacationing or just taking a little weekend escape then I have a wonderful read for you. Summer Secrets: A Novel by Jane Green. Straight up, I read it as fast as I could last week before we left for the Fourth. In fact, H was packing up to leave and I was still lying on the bed trying to finish up the last few pages before we headed out.  It was worth it.  I couldn't put it down.  It was light enough to be enjoyable while sitting on my porch or by the pool but had depth and detail in the story to keep me rooting for the characters. A little more about it... A shocking family secret is revealed to … [Read more...]

Weekend Escape


There was a lot of fun on our weekend escape down at the Rivah. The whole family on got together to enjoy some much needed time in the sun and water. I loved being able to spend more time with my nephew and nieces and brother and sister-in-law. It's a rare treat these days with both our families smack dab in the middle of raising three little ones. I managed to get a few pictures from our last day there.  This dress from Old Navy is super comfortable and soft.  It travels well too!  I think if I get it in another color it will be a size medium as I like a bit more draping and sometimes their clothes shrink.  When I pack, I have a shoe rule.  A weekend getaway gets three shoes max and that's only if I'm planning on working out while away.  Otherwise, pool/beach shoes and another … [Read more...]

Then & Now with a Ford Mustang


A lot can change in 17 years. A LOT. Proof.  This is H and me the night we met. Our first "date".  Back when dates could be filed under sorority formals. And this was the car that he drove to pick me up. A 1995 Ford Mustang in bright red. Source I cringed when he picked me up that night in that khaki vest.  I groaned aloud when I saw the car and made some remark about how it figured that a boy like him would drive a car like that.  We were a blind date. This was no normal meet-cute across the campus quad.  The rest is history.  We went on so many dates in that car.  I realized that this man can really make me laugh in almost any situation and smile. We took trips together and I helped him get his old Mustang ready to sell when he shipped off to Okinawa with the Marine Corps a few … [Read more...]