Transformation Tuesday

We coaches love Transformation Tuesday!  💪  It's like getting to watch one of those reality makeover TV shows from a decade ago in fast forward.  Who doesn't like seeing what looks like instant results?  This is why I urge people to take before and after photos. There I was plugging along in The 80 Day Obsession workouts and I didn't see the transformation in myself. I was convinced I looked the same as I did three months ago when I first started the program.  Despite all the hard work and sweat, I knew I was putting into it. Now I see the lost inches. The hard work. The muscles built. The dedication. Now I see the transformation that comes from not quitting. And I've quit so many things before. I've quit writing books I've started numerous times. I've quit blogs I created. … [Read more...]

Love Yourself and Your Look: Wardrobe Tips for Weight Fluctuations

Weight gain and loss is a part of life. For women, this can be even more true, especially when women choose to become mothers. Even though weight changes are perfectly natural and normal, gaining and losing weight can be emotionally frustrating. Hearing stories from female celebrities shows how exhausting enduring judgment from others can be. From Rhianna to Kelly Clarkson to Angelina Jolie, celebs in the public eye face millions of weight-related comments daily. Celebrities may face exhausting public ridicule for their changing bodies, but they don’t have to deal with one consequence the rest of us do: having to personally figure out what to wear every day. With changes in weight come frequent, and often frustrating, changes in wardrobe. Us less-famous ladies often don’t have the … [Read more...]

2 Weeks To Get Healthy

A year ago I had my world unravel. I thought I was healthy. I was working out every day. I'm a runner. I was lifting weights. I ate clean- enough. I thought I was on top of my diet, exercise and even my life.  I was a size six after all and in my forties. Isn't that good enough?  I was working two careers helping my husband start a brand new business while raising three girls.  We were a picture-perfect family that looked really good on paper. In one weekend my life was turned upside down by a disease no one could find or treat. I was told it was in my head. It was a virus or 90 other things that I knew it was not.  Every doctor told me that it was THIS thing or THAT thing.  No one was right. I followed my gut and found a doctor through a blog. Ha! The irony that it is another blog that … [Read more...]

Workout Woes: How to Make an Exercise Issue Easier to Deal With

Most of us know that regular exercise is imperative to our health. But the sad truth is that less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis, and only one-third of adults fit in the recommended amount of exercise per week. When you work full-time, juggling family commitments and some semblance of a social life seems tough enough without worrying about when you can head to the gym. But if you don't make exercise a priority now, you'll likely regret it later. Plus, physical activity will help you sleep better, will allow you to be more productive, and will make you feel happier overall. Still, even knowing all that, you may have some workout hurdles to overcome. Here's how to deal with some of them. PROBLEM: You hate working out in front of other … [Read more...]

Shop Shopbop’s September Sale

Who is good and ready to stock up on fall clothes with Shopbop's September Sale?   The Details: The Sneak Peek starts on 9/25 and all Shopbop & East Dane Email Customers & Shopbop App Customers have access beginning at 7:18 AM EST. After that, the sale is open to the public from 9/26-9/29 starting at 7:18 AM, EST. *Remember: East Dane customers also have access to that sale starting 9/26-9/30 starting at 7:18 AM, EST. too. _________________________ What are the savings? Customers will qualify for the following based on their order total: 20% off orders under $500 25% off orders of $500 or more Promotion Code: STOCKUP18 My Picks for the Shopbop September Sale Jeffery Campbell Erotica Bootie/Parker Milly Dress/A.L.C. Karlie Tee/OAD Satchel So... Jewel Tones … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Car for Fall Patrick Tomasso Now is the perfect time to prepare your car for fall.  The season is just beginning, the weather is still warm and that winter's chill has not crept in enough to make it a hassle to head outdoors.  Think of this as getting ahead of the game.  Prepare now and you won't have to do much to get your car ready for winter. 10 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Fall Check Your Tire Pressure.  When the temperature dips just 10 degrees your tire pressure is often changed by 1-2 pounds.  I know my car already did this over the weekend. Check the pressure and fill your tires accordingly. Check Your HVAC System.  Frost will begin to cover your windshield on cold mornings, the chill will seep into your car interior.  To ensure proper heating, defrosting and cooling … [Read more...]

Cycle And Vacation At The Same Time By Visiting These Bike-Friendly Cities

Vacations are an opportunity to get away from your normal life and daily routine, but that doesn't mean you have to slack on your fitness routine while you're away from home. Cities across the United States are cyclist-friendly and some even offer bike-sharing programs and trails that are specially designed for bikes. In 2015, the bicycle industry in the United States earned $6.2 billion in direct sales. In this large of an industry, there are many opportunities to cycle across the country. Palisade, Colorado In Colorado's famous peach-growing region and developing wine country, the small town of Palisade holds the Fruit and Wine Byway. This 25-mile loop sits in the shadow of the Grand Mesa, an 11,000-foot natural structure, and the Book Cliffs, iconic sandstone cliffs. This loop leads … [Read more...]

How I Made My Health the #1 Priority and Everything Else Fell Into Place

Girl, you better work. That phrase played in my head on a constant loop this last year. I wasn't talking about sitting at a desk or improving my career either.  It was all about working on my health and healing and treating it like a job. "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties." Between starting with yoga, then walking, adding in light weights,  progressing to running and then moving onto HIIT workouts once I was strong enough, exercise was one of the things I have done consistently this last year to help me battle my chronic Lyme disease. Sweat. It does a body good. You know what?  I'm in the best shape of my life.  I even decided to help others to get there too. How Did I Get Here? Part of that motivation came from thinking of each day of the week as a … [Read more...]

Aging Gracefully: Slow Down, But Never Stop Moving

You're young, full of zest, and ready to live a balanced and enriched life; it can be hard to imagine that time will continue to drudge ever onward (usually too quickly), that you won't always be young and able-bodied, but it's true. Before you know it, your body will start creaking as bad as your grandparents', with aching knees informing you of coming storms and bad backs that threaten your sleep if you so much as look at something heavy. Luckily, you don't have to just sit and let it happen -- which, ironically, is the problem. If you sit on a couch for 30 years, you're not really allowed to suddenly be shocked when walking more than a mile causes pain to radiate out of your hips and lower back. Motion is lotion: the sooner you start moving, even if it's just a little, you will age … [Read more...]

Do You Want to Transform Yourself?

I have a confession to make.     🌱Transformation doesn't happen overnight. The last year of my life is pure proof of that.  There were days I thought I had beat the diseases running rampant within my body only to fall a few steps backward and have to rebuild again. Now there are more good days than bad.  Now I see a future and it looks wildly different than I ever imagined.  I'm full of more joy.  I see more wonder in the world.  I think that was all part of the plan too. One of the best things I did to heal was to KEEP MOVING no matter how unmotivated I felt there was always a walk, yoga or something gentle until I can build strength again.  Today?  My body may not be in remission but it is STRONGER than it was before I got sick. How Crazy Is That? My doctor is amazed … [Read more...]