Soar Into Spring

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe that February is almost done? March and spring are just around the corner. So let me ask you something as we soar into spring. 🌟How serious are your goals? How BADLY do you REALLY want to see changes? I ask these questions because it really is that simple. Are you READY to WANT the change more than you want to stay the same? 🌟I’m looking for 10 more motivated women who are ready for a change. Who already have it in their heads that they’ve had enough with making excuses and don’t want to wait yet another month to start something new. Who wants to SOAR this SPRING? Inlinkz Link Party If you’re wanting to lose 5-20lbs during March, then I’m inviting you to join my 30 day online Spring … [Read more...]

The Right Fit For Your Fitness: How To Find The Best Personal Trainer For YOU

Working out isn't always an easy process. For many, getting started -- either by finding a gym or selecting an exercise routine -- proves so overwhelming that nothing ever comes to fruition. Employing a personal trainer can eliminate this limbo-like effect; by trusting a professional to design their workout and both push and support their commitment to it, many people are able to make real progress. However, finding the right trainer for your specific needs is essential -- after all, they're called personal trainers for a reason. Approximately 64% of consumers are inclined to ignore cost if the experience is positive enough, and personal trainers don't come cheap. In order to guarantee you're getting the most bang for your buck, be sure to follow these five steps. Know Your Goals: … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Help Your Tires Last Longer

Though we regular consumers may not think about it often, the transportation industry is a huge part of what drives our economy. Without the millions of vehicles on the road or working the land, the food we eat and clothes we wear would never make it to our homes. Thanks to three million U.S. farmers, our produce keeps growing. Thanks to the 500,000 reefer trailers in the country, all of that produce stays cool and fresh on its journey to the supermarket. Clearly, we rely on vehicles. When something goes wrong with our own car, our entire week can be disrupted. One all-too-common vehicular malfunction is tire complications. From blowouts to slow leaks, when something goes wrong with your tire, your entire car can be rendered useless until it's fixed. Whether you work in the … [Read more...]

Security Tips to Guarantee Your Safety While Driving

Photo credit: Alex Jumper Most people feel completely safe while driving their cars. Whether they are going across town or across the country, they are in their own world while in their automobile. The sad truth is, driving a car can make you a target for some crimes. We will give you some expert tips that will help you remain safe while driving. Problem - Automatic Door Locks Most cars come with automatic door locks. Drivers feel they are safe because their car locks the doors for them. Check your manual to see if you have options to set the door locks. Some people set their door locks to open when the car is shifted in “Park.” So, while you are sitting in your car, getting your cell phone, and your handbag, you are in an unlocked car and you are distracted. People who prey on … [Read more...]

How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals

Getting in shape for anyone can be incredibly difficult, but especially so for busy parents. Between caring for children, going to work, managing things around the house, and more, it can be difficult to find the time to get into shape the way you might want to. Even harder than finding the time to work out, however, is sticking to a regular workout routine. It seems like many people today struggle with getting into shape for one reason or another; less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and only a third of adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. However, getting the right amount of exercise can greatly impact your overall health. If you want to stick to your fitness goals this year, here are a few tips that you can … [Read more...]

The Three S’s- Do you do them?

I have been talking about the Three S's over at my FB group, Stronger Than Yesterday. Silence, Solitude, and Stillness. Do you have a solitude or silence trigger? I know I do. I find that my illness has made me reclaim the 'Three S's' in my life. I thought I could do without them and I would often find myself crying in silence, feeling overwhelmed and intensely exhausted. When I became sick last winter my days were reduced to silence. Not only was my hearing going, with some days one ear would just completely lose its hearing, but I could no longer multi-task or get up off the couch. Intense pain seeped into my bones. I found yoga helped reduce the pain and offered five minutes of silence and stillness at the end of each session. It was a saving grace. Some days my vision … [Read more...]

January Favorites & Finds

This month, per the usual with January, I'm looking for new activewear and some cute, cozy sweaters that keep me warm and looking good. My favorite find? This Ultracor La Vie en Rose Sports Bra. It's broody enough for winter but will still look killer in the summer. An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

Transform Your Life-Day 1

Let's take a little journey- you and me- this winter. It's all about TRANSFORMATION. If you are in my Facebook group, Stronger Than Yesterday, then you know what I'm talking about and how it is so much more than a workout program. It's about Transforming Your Life. It's Transformation Tuesday, Y'all! Yesterday was a tough one for me. Snow day. A Monday and I just wasn't feeling it. I felt stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, and angry. Blech. 😟 Today I woke up weary but after an hour in my office doing my morning routine I felt peace. Ready for battle. I felt able to TACKLE the day in a graceful way because I took the time to collect my thoughts, sit in solitude and plan out my day.  That small ritual has been HUGE in helping me 'be the change' I want to be in my life and … [Read more...]

My Wish For You in 2019

A lot of us are tired. The holiday season is filled with late nights and New Year's Eve is no exception. New Year's Day is always a strange one to me. January is strange if I'm being honest. We wake up to not just a new day but a new month and a whole new year. I always find that a bit more than my tired brain and body wants to handle. I don't want to feel pressure to be awesome and so amazing all at once, but isn't that what so many of us feel? That we need incredible goals and plans and for them to start RIGHT NOW? Quite frankly it is unrealistic. It sets us up for failure. Instead, think of this new month as a pause, if you need to. View today, this week, as a time to reflect without the pressure of resolutions and do the things you need to start the year with intention. … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Home for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is in full force, whether we're ready or not. And with Americans getting about one billion colds every year, there's a pretty good chance someone in your family will come down with a virus this winter. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to be completely immune to colds or the flu. But to give your family their best shot at avoiding getting sick this winter, consider taking these few simple steps. Focus on Air Filtration When it comes to cleaning your house during cold and flu season, many people tend to just focus on surfaces. Unfortunately, there is one part of your home that can greatly increase the chances of you getting sick: the ductwork. Contaminants like dander, dust, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses can easily get sucked into your HVAC system. These … [Read more...]