What I Wear When Staging a Flip


Some of you may know that H and I renovate, aka "flip" homes, together. It mixes a lot of things we love about real estate together and we make it a family business. Actually, I would say we make it a community business as we like to employ friends and neighbors as often as we can and I believe that when you turn a tired home into a gem again it is a community service on some small level. That being said when all the dirty work is done it is time to stage the home for sale. That's one of my biggest jobs and while I like to be practical I also like to feel professional to some degree while I'm setting it all up. You never know who is going to drop by and take a look at the place. Here's what I wear when staging a flip. On our latest home I was doing minor set-up. Little decorative … [Read more...]

How to Pack for Disney


Disney 2012. Source: Victoria Mason Traveling to Disney involves a lot of details. I still remember the agony of planning our first trip. Then I clued into the fact that using a travel advisor was one of the best ideas I have ever had and free! Being sent a copy of The Complete Walt Disney World 2017 was just icing on the cake.  How to pack for Disney is a whole other deal. Especially for me, Little Ms. I Want to Be Comfortable and Look Good Too. I decided to tackle the task by using my closet and Maven to figure out my best looks and stay organized. I still follow the color palette rule and other 'how-to pack' plans as well. What's Maven? With Maven, I don't just create a board and am done with it. I keep a record of what I'm planning and mix and match items from my own … [Read more...]

Shaping Up


I've been off the fitness rails the last few weeks for a wide array of reasons.  Now that we have settled back into a new fall routine I needed shaping up. A new look from Fabletics was definitely in order. So was testing out Honest Tea Sport for post-workout hydration and re-fueling. A photo posted by Victoria Mason (@veamason) on Sep 14, 2016 at 7:33am PDT The new dark green Salar Capri pants from Fabletics made my day and workout.  I didn't want to to take them off.  The are pure compression and make me feel and look well, fabulous. I love this simple black yoga tank from Fabletics.  The back adds some style while the fit is total comfort. New yoga mat (thanks Honest Tea!), new organic Honest Tea Sport (lemon) to hydrate and my Havianas make outdoor yoga sessions … [Read more...]

Simplify with Blitzify

There are so many things I love about technology. I love how it can make life fast, keep us in touch and most of all make life simple.  I'm all about working smarter, not harder.  The same rules apply when it comes to cars.  That's why I like the new app, Blitzify.  You can simplify with Bliztify and take a complicated problem like car repairs and make life easy again. What it Does: It takes the guesswork out of car repairs.  Plain and simple. There's that word again.  No need for negotiating prices on repairs either. Blitzify enables users to get exact quotes on repairs and compare them to other area repair shops so you are able to see the cost before you walk in the door.  That's definitely working smarter.  How to get a Blitzify quote: You can start the quote … [Read more...]

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway


Montebello (credit: Victoria Mason) Last weekend H and I took a little trip for our 15th wedding anniversary. We headed to Monticello for a night. I knew that as soon as I dropped my bags at the front door I was off to see Heart, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick for a night out with some of my girls. It all came down to 'How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway'.   How to Pack for a weekend Getaway by victoriamason featuring gold earrings Traveling in the car, walking the grounds of Jefferson's Virginia home and then hitting the streets of Charlottesville, I wanted to be comfortable, but also look nice because we were having our anniversary dinner out at C & O Restaurant. Pack It Up, Pack It In Packing light was key for me.  To make it simple and stress free I chose a black and … [Read more...]

Labor Day Transitions


Smile. Labor day weekend was wonderful, wasn't it?  It felt full of transitions and golden sunshine, soft breezes and the ability to wear both jeans and a swimsuit all the in the same day.  I love that. It was only after I got to the restaurant I realized I was in head to toe J.Crew.  This is what happens when they have a 50% OFF sale. I snapped some quick pics before I met two of my friends for a leisurely Labor day brunch on Monday. Later a waitress would spill a pot of coffee all over this bag. Jeans and flats season! I'm in love! Factory J.Crew Crystal Triangle Necklace (gift-similar)/Factory J.Crew Sweater T-Shirt/Factory J.Crew Skinny Jeans/Calf Hair Classic Ballet Flats   Linking up with Mix It Mondays /The Pleated Poppy/Style Elixir/Style Nudge/Classy … [Read more...]

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited


Source: Chrysler.com When it comes to minivans I have always been leery.  However, after seeing the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica in June at a WAPA event, my attitude changed. I was really excited for this summer loan and not just because I had a road trip all mapped out. The all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica (in any of its five trim packages) is no ordinary minivan.  It replaces the beloved Town & Country by Chrysler and in effect created a minivan that doesn't just compete with its rivals the Odyssey and Sienna but challenges them to be better.  Yes, I really just said that.  The Pacifica challenged me to think long and hard on whether or not this could be my next family vehicle and I made a marriage vow to never own a minivan. Chrysler calls the Pacifica the "minivan reinvented". It … [Read more...]


DSC_1082 (2)

Isn't it grand?  When I saw this 'NOPE' t-shirt from LivLuvShop I knew it had to be mine.  It just beckoned me from my Facebook feed as I sat on the beach giving no f*cks about anything.  And I wanted to keep it that way as I entered into fall. I straight up squealed when this shirt arrived. When H asked me why I was so excited I said, "It's like my own personal super hero shirt."  It is so very soft making me feel relaxed but also the whole 'Nope' vibe is me saying no to all the unnecessary things that make my days so very crazy.  I don't need it. I don't want it.  I'm over it. Can I get an Amen? LivLuv Shop 'NOPE' T-Shirt (similar)/J.Crew Factory White Denim/Tan Wristlet (old-similar)/Apt. 9 Blazer/J.Crew Factory Leopard Flats This fall is all about the 'Nope'.  If it doesn't … [Read more...]

Beauty Bloggers Tell All


A few weeks ago I was asked to be part of a group of 45 Beauty Bloggers giving up their list of must-have or favorite products. These items made the short list for me. Check out what other beauty bloggers from around the world had to say here. Want more of my favorites?  Sure, why not? A new season brings on a new list of wants and needs, am I right?  I myself am ridiculously in love with the new gel coat polish from Essie. What about you?  What are some of your favorite beauty products that get you through the day and night?   … [Read more...]

Moccasins for Pre-Fall

DSC_1714 (2)

I can't help myself.  The weather turned suddenly cooler and I just wanted to wear my new red moccasins with a pair of jeans. It's pre-fall time, guys.  I couldn't be more pleased. There is something about shiny patent moccasins in bright colors like red or orange that make me smile. I actually squealed when I opened the box the first time. I cannot wait to pair these Michael Kors Daisy Moccasins with not just jeans but other types of denim like white, black, gray and even a pair of chinos.  They'll look cute with a stripe dress too.  You can find more ways to wear them here. MORE STRIPES FOR EVERYONE!  That's my never-ending motto. I had to pair them with my new Forget Me Knot earrings.  I had a pair years ago and lost them. I have searched for a decent pair ever … [Read more...]