Birthday Wishes

You would think that as an adult I would get tired of my birthday and birthday wishes. But I don't.  Nope. No way. Each year I get as excited as a five year-old that my birthday is just around the corner.  I think of all the fun things I want to do (brunch! friends! dinner! lunch! a movie!), the people I want to surround me and then inevitably I'm asked what I want and I just clam up.  I don't want anyone to actually go through the hassle of planning anything for me or visiting over the holiday weekend.  They have plans already and it's a pain to travel. I concocted my own little shopping spree for my birthday.  A list of pretty things I love that make me smile and feel like spring.  Then, I'll probably shove my face full of food I'll run off later. Champagne, anyone?  Have a great … [Read more...]

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Guys, it's time.  The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is here and I've rounded up my favorite picks.  I wish I could just stash them all in my closet RIGHT NOW. Particularly that Kate Spade purse. Swoon. Those aqua Converse low-tops you are always asking me about?  They are ON SALE right now for under $30!!!  Plus some basic dresses that can be worn all year and a cute spring floral one for that last wedding or special event you just don't want to blow your budget on.  Let's get started!  Share your faves with me! … [Read more...]

Feeling the Blues


Not exactly what you would expect from someone feeling the blues, right? Don't worry. I'm not. While I'm often too quick to see the negative (Damn my New England pessimistic roots!) I'm just really feeling the cool tones of this light blue oxford shirt when paired with distressed denim shorts. It makes me feel like summer is fast approaching and that's my favorite time of the year. It brings to mind the best of New England and memories of summers much like this.   Watch out! It will be here before we know it!  Memorial Day is this weekend! I love these slides with the pointed toe.  They add a different, slightly more dressed up version of the slip-on sneaker that you don't see that often.  While I'm wearing them with distressed denim shorts they look great with any … [Read more...]

Ford F-150: One truck, a Million Ways to Work


2015 Ford F-150 4x4 Supercab Fully redesigned for 2015 the new Ford F-150 boasts aluminium body panels and some small style changes that creates a rugged look that offers more substance rather than just sleek style.  Don't me wrong, the grille and headlights are striking but there is no mistaking this is an F-150 and that is not a bad thing. I was excited to test this truck out. I haven't been behind the wheel of a truck for everyday driving purposes in almost ten years and I missed it.  I'll willingly admit I was hesitant about it too.  Last time I didn't have three kids in the extended cab behind me to shuttle to school.  I burn a lot of gas that way each week but it was nice to have the usefulness of a truck which also contained a 2.7L Ecoboost V-6 engine.  I didn't go through nearly … [Read more...]

With a Cherry on Top


Now that spring is here we tend to spend a lot of time outside.  In the new place we have replaced sitting on our front stoop with reading on the porch, running around the back yard, more yard work (which I sort of love because it is another excuse to get outside) and exercising outside with bikes, runs and long walks.  It's bliss! When it comes to our middle girl, The Comedian, she may have been a fall born baby but she is all spring.  From catching caterpillars, to tucking lady bugs into jars and just plain ol' digging in the dirt it is hard to keep her inside or clean.  If I can get her off to school without a hole in her pant leg or bugs in her pockets it is an easier morning.  But just like me she has her girly moments.  She knows a cute dress when she sees one.  This sweet … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Normcore Chic


Ladies, I have a confession to make.  I am super camera shy.  While I adore a great photo of myself I do not love being in front of the camera. It is my least favorite part about doing my weekly fashion posts.  But I'm a firm believer in kicking yourself out of your comfort zone to meet new people, try new things and continuing to grow.  Often times I do this in haste and then later realize that by saying yes to that new experience I have made myself very uncomfortable.  That was the case when I said yes to chief stylist Rosana from DCStyleFactory earlier this month. She needed models for Let's Talk Live.  As in on-camera models. Eesh! I was fine at my fitting for Normcore Chic. Image courtesy of DCStyleFactory But in the days leading up to the actual television event, where I had … [Read more...]

May Flowers

They say April showers bring May flowers and suddenly that is all that is on my mind.  Whether it is planting them in my yard to brighten up our space or finding fresh floral prints for a touch of spring to the day, I can't think of a better way to start the week. Here are some of my favorite floral items to go on my wishlist.  My birthday is coming up soon.....     I Love May Flowers by victoriamason featuring a peony bouquet Vix Bikini Top & Marin Bottom/SheInside Navy Peony Print Skirt/Brooks Brother Floral Canvas Ballet Flat (similar)/Unique-Vintage Floral Bloom Post Earrings (similar)/Blue Flowers iphone case (similar)/Shoptiques Tropical Leaf Print Dress/LucLuc White Floral Print Skater Dress (similar) (similar)/Louche Mint Flower Double Ring Top … [Read more...]

A Few Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Each week I dispense fashion, beauty and fitness advice over at Social Moms. I realized last week as I was going over ideas for my column that I have never written about fashion bloggers. Trends, colors, ways to wear particular pieces or best bronzer for summer have been done. What better way to celebrate and highlight some of my favorite reads each week? Create a piece about them beyond my own blog.   Fashion Blogger by victoriamason featuring ASOS From Maria Jose to Jo-Lynne and a few others in between here are just a few of my favorite fashion bloggers who almost everyone can relate to, learn from and love. Read on!   My head is always in the fashion game. When I’m not working on my own weekly posts and link ups I’m looking to a handful of bloggers for … [Read more...]

Pasties and All


It's the season before I put on self-tanner! Come take a gander at my pasty gams! I no longer tan unless it comes from a tube or bottle and I just haven't thrown that into my daily routine yet. I'm trying my best to shop my own store called my closet these days because I really don't need anything. I came up with this look fast Monday morning as I scrambled out the door. I wore gladiator style sandals most of the day but changed into my wedge heels for the pictures. I think the sandals were a better fit. It might be my mission this season to find a way to wear these TOMS in a way I like.  I have had them for years and never can quite figure out what to do with them.   SHOP THE LOOK Black Forever21 Top (similar)/Merona Eyelet Shorts (similar) (similar)/BIG … [Read more...]

Manageable Monday


"sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering 'I will try again tomorrow'." -Winston Churchill This morning I poured water into my coffee instead of cream. Then I stuck my toast in the toaster and never turned it on. I drove the Third Element to preschool and received an email that the school didn't have power today. As the sun shone brightly overhead promising our first 80 degree day I decided to just lower my expectations and drove us home. Today, it is only about making things manageable because clearly soaring new heights will have to wait until tomorrow and this is just fine. That being said I couldn't resist highlighting a great look from last week's link-up, Whatcha Wearing Wednesday. Chanelle from The Kim Chronicles showed off "High/Low: The Bee Knees" … [Read more...]