mini Boden Goes Back to School


Only 6 more days left of summer vacation and we have been packing in the fun. We took a little break though to bring you this super cute back to school set from mini Boden. Can we stop for a minute and have a chat? I'm so in love with Boden. And mini Boden? Well, that is just an extension that has made me glad I have three kids to dress up in the really simple but stylish and well-made clothes. The fabrics are soft, wear well and the kids love the comfy feeling of the denim leggings like no other. I like that each piece can be mixed and matched up with another tunic, dress or pair of pants in no time and can get passed on down the kiddie line and not look worn to death. Indulge me as I post our favorite looks. The wise owl knows good style for the preschool set. The purple denim leggings … [Read more...]

Favorite Look of the Link Up & Dragon’s Blood


You can tell the end of the summer is near because everyone is tired of everything, including each other. Please, tell me that it is not just in my house. The girls are not exactly ready to give up the carefree days of summer but they certainly aren't thrilled with much of anything else either. In other words it is all, "Boooorring...I'm so tired." Don't let those smiling faces fool you. So let's look at something pretty to distract ourselves, shall we? … [Read more...]

Pre-fall Seven to 7 Wedge Bootie


I'm going to fully admit that I'm over this whole shorts and sandals, tanks and swimsuits thing.  I'm ready for distressed denim and boyfriend jeans with sweaters and scarves and all of it!  I want cool, crisp breezes drifting through my windows versus slamming into a wall of humidity but I won't complain anymore than that because I have these cute Rockport Seven to 7 Wedge booties to get me through.  They are totally bringing me out of my funk.   … [Read more...]

Style Inspiration: Michelle Williams & Louis Vuitton


The minute I saw this ad with Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton I knew that I had to create something similar to it. Didn't I just buy a new white crew neck sweater, after all? My hair is short and blonde.  I have brown eyes and I'm always down for a swipe of bright red lipstick.  This look?  It's my fall.  It's neutral, timeless and takes me through my days. My favorite pair of distressed jeans are calling my name.  I think some cute booties or heels would work too. The bag is a whole other story. I love it but I can't afford it.  My money is going to things like actually seeing Michelle Williams with Alan Cummings in Cabaret next month in NYC! Pre-Fall Neutrals by victoriamason featuring blue jeans Mango blue jeans / Topshop high heel pumps, $98 / Armani Jeans brown … [Read more...]

Orange You Hot!


Yeah, I went there. I couldn't help myself, guys!  I was combing through the photos from the last Whatcha Wearing Wednesday link up, the best one yet I might add (THANK YOU!) and I just fell in love with Jill, from Doused In Pink and her orange tank and black shorts look. It is this week's BEST LOOK OF THE LINK UP! … [Read more...]

Ford & OPI OH MY!


You all know how much I love mixing fashion with cars. They are two of my big loves that go together like peanut butter and chocolate or birthdays and cake. That's why I'm so excited to be teaming up with Ford for their collaboration with OPI for nail colors inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. … [Read more...]



The Maxi dress is out now, right? Because I finally wore one. For the longest time I refused. Even when so many of my friends needled me about the benefits of the Maxi's charm, comfort and ease. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not tall enough and I have curves, I told myself. I finally picked one out.  The nice people over at East & Lo asked me if I wanted to check out their styles. I chose the Striped Maxi Dress in White & Black.   I was really excited to wear it and dress up a bit after a weekend of being covered in paint and DIY debris.  Folks, the red walls in my living room and dining room are no more!  TD's room has been reborn with a white and aqua painted loft bed, where the closet was turned into an American Girl doll house and her walls are free from that … [Read more...]

Best Look of the Link Up & Shoe Friday


I'm still reeling from the fact that it is August.  AUGUST!  It's like a month of Sunday's.  Next, the light will be changing and cool breezes will caress our shoulders and we'll be all about boleros or something to stay warm.  Remember boleros?  I'm still not ready for those things to come back. My jam-packed weekend, which my Instagram account shows about half of what H and I tackled in DIY projects this weekend, started off with a few trips to the paint store and being featured on my friend Jodi's blog, Jodifur , for her weekly feature, Shoe Friday. … [Read more...]

New Look & Whatcha Wearing Wednesday


GUYS! Look!! It's so clean, so easy, so pretty! TMC has a whole new face! I'm so excited about it and a little nervous. Is it fancy enough? Is it too simple? Is it missing something that in my excitement I totally missed? I really want to hear what you think of this new look!  It's all thanks to Aubrey Kinch on her design and Chelsea from Olive & Ivy for working on the backend.  It all came together beautifully and without a hitch. Now on to this week's Whatcha Wearing Wednesday! … [Read more...]