Crunch Time

It's crunch time! The last week in our home. We move on Thursday, so if you are reading this then you know I'm packing up the last bits and pieces of our life here and trying to make my kids eat some interesting concoction so I don't have to move ALL the food or worrying about the fact that we still need someone to rent our old home. Yikes! … [Read more...]

Best of Bow Blouse

I don't know quite what it is about a bow blouse but I just adore them.  And I think adore is a great word for them.  They can look timeless and are having a nice moment right now much like they did in the 1970's. Image from (Jones New York 1970s pattern) I love them paired with wide-leg trousers just like someone may have worn on Charlie's Angels back in the day and I love them now.  My favorite one right now is from Target, one of the last binge purchases I made there last year. … [Read more...]

Demo & Denim


While people are screeching about it being a polar vortex style cold when it's really only January we are in total "go" mode.  The move is consuming us.  Just when I thought I had purged everything I keep finding more stuff to trash or donate.  It's a good feeling. We've been very lucky that the owners let us get into the house before we officially own it to do some mold remediation (read demo) and get some of the painting started.  It's been a total blessing that the mold was actually insignificant and on the surface only. Every room needs to be painted and patched too. Half the basement needed the walls removed due to mold.  All drywall ripped down, carpet removed and mold fogged and gone.  Time to rip down the ugly border that plagued the rest of the basement. … [Read more...]

Fashion-wise I've gone way down the hill.  I spent the last three days waking up before the sun and working 12 hour days to get our house move-in ready.  When a home is a rental for four years and you buy as-is, it can be challenging.  You want to add rooms, replace carpet and take out all the late 1990's paint colors before you live in it?  Get ready to work and get dirty. … [Read more...]

Burgundy & Leopard


I swear I almost took a picture of my closet remix using burgundy and leopard while standing in front of a mountain of boxes. The corners of every room in my home are becoming cardboard piles of the future. I'm that excited. THEY ARE BOXES OF THE FUTURE! I don't care that two weeks out I've packed us into a corner.  You want a fork? Use a slotted spoon I left out. I'm so consumed with getting everything done and right that I forgot to take pictures this week. I think you can understand. Between having two houses carpeted, painted and looking for renters for our old home it has been non-stop. We still have to do demo, building of two new rooms and install a new hvac system.  I'm like HGTV on steriods. Top that off with my latest obsession of wanting to paint my office in the new house … [Read more...]

Iced Up

One of my favorite parts of hosting a weekly link up is getting to see the ways that everyone styles sometimes very ordinary staples from their closet.  I can't think of more of a wardrobe workhorse than a pair of jeans or a blue button down shirt.  Can you? OK... maybe a white button down and a pair of black heels but they are still paired with denim for a classic look. This week's Best of the Link Up goes to Erica from Pumps & Push Ups.  Her chambray and "icy" necklace make a statement.  I love the simplicity mixed with the multi-colored stones in the necklace for a look that works in a variety of situations.  It's classic and modern all at once.  A perfect balance. Source: Pumps & Push Ups SHOP THE LOOK I'm still packing up over here and making sure every box is … [Read more...]

Sunday Style


There's been a lot of packing going on in our home lately. My outfits consist of more of a Sunday style of boyfriend jeans and long sleeve tees and probably a pair of slippers. I'm just all huddled in my house sorting through stuff and packing it up for when we move at the end of the month. To say that I'm excited every day to wake up and get this move on is a total understatement. We've been busting out of our little townhouse for years, no matter how hard we pare down. It just took us a really long time to find the right mix of flow, size and style that worked in our budget. It's been a total test of patience and faith but God provided. We found our house. We move in 25 days. This month there will be a whole lot of casual styles much like this look. … [Read more...]

Stripes with Plaid

We all have those bloggers that make us squeal, shriek with joy at how amazing their photos are and outfits that they put together. When you combine that with an edge of humor and good writing it's pure pleasure. Thrift Stories does just that for me. Heather's photos are never-fail beautiful with stunning back drops mixed with high fashion style and a thrift shop budget. It's a gold mine of a blog that I love to read, not just look at each week. Sometimes I save up her posts and then binge. I know. It's a problem that is good to have. Her look last week from Country Roads is easy to achieve and something I would wear daily. Reminds me, I never dug my camel coat out of the closet this year. Source: Thrift Stories … [Read more...]

A Casual New Year’s Eve

Every year we celebrate New Year's Eve the same way (13 years and counting!) with some of our old college friends. Over the years we have all gotten married and had kids. The group has grown, shrunk, changed and always been fun. Now, even our kids get excited about the annual get together that is both casual, runs almost all night and a total blast. It's a tradition that I hope keeps going until we are old and gray. This year I decided to mix in Pantone's Color of the Year, Marsala to help ring in 2015 with a bit of style. I found the red blush lip liner from Essence Cosmetics to be a great match and affordable. I like their true love shade of lip gloss too. If you want to play up your eyes they offer a berry merry eye liner that pops nicely.   New Year's Eve by … [Read more...]

Fuel Up with Power Smoothies

It's that time of year again! It's time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions, hitting the gym extra or you know, just taking a brisk walk outside.  All those holiday indulgences might be hitting you hard in the hips, stomach and jeans.  I have a friend who calls the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve "toxin' time" because as of January 1 we all want to detox from it. Whenever I want to clean up my diet (by diet I mean what I am eating daily, not some program to lose weight) I start the day with a smoothie.  I do all types, I mix in fruit, vegetables, protein powders, flax seeds, ,chia seeds, yogurt, I could go on.  Each type fuels the style workout I am going to do that day or rebuilds my body after I have exercised. … [Read more...]