Just Add Fireworks

When it comes to make-up over the holidays I always tend to be a bit understated. My toes are painted a glossy OPI red this year and I'm sure my nails will be in a white hue. Navy fingertips are too hard to keep fresh for a few days when you are busy having fun. I might throw in a navy eyeliner though or a red gloss to play up the day even more. Then I'm done and all we need to do is just add fireworks. Pick one or all of these super cute shades to add a little sparkle to your look.   All Made Up for the Fourth by victoriamason featuring a red lipstick SHOP THE LOOK Lipstick Queen in Medieval/Essence EU Cosmetics Nauti Girl Palette/Essence EU Cosmetics Nauti Girl Eyeliner/Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Malibu Beach, Rodeo Drive & Hollywood Land (so LA!) Happy … [Read more...]

All About the Stripes


This week it is all about the Fourth.  Don't hate me.  I'm packing up kids for camp, getting us ready for the holiday and I cannot stop wearing different versions of the stars and stripes.  OK, mostly stripes. #cantstopwontstop. TD, aka my clone, decided to join in with her matching sunglasses and new dress. Can we talk about how she wears those sunnies and suddenly looks grown up.  It kills me. Then The Comedian joined in the with her version. Followed by Diesel photo bombing me.  This dog.  He's my love.  I haven't talked about it but we rescued all 112 bloated pounds of him two months ago and he has had quite a turn around.  I waited years for this guy and he's quickly become my running buddy and stress reliever.  Blessed for real guys, every time I look into his sweet … [Read more...]

Dress for the Fourth of July


When my MIL emailed me asking if I wouldn't mind dressing the girls in red, white and blue this Fourth of July, I had to laugh out loud and respond, "Already on it." I do it every year with them for as long as they will let me and I do it for myself.  I love putting together some of my favorite colors and seeing what my closet reveals. Red Eyelet Shorts (old-similar, similar)/J Crew Factory Chambray Shirt/Mossimo Gold Sandals (old-similar)/Gold Bangles/Rope Necklace (old-similar, similar)/Nankeen Purse (old-similar) Additionally, you can never go wrong with any of these tried and true dresses and swimsuits.  Just put them on and add an accessory or two, grab a set of sparklers and get to celebrating Independence Day. … [Read more...]

Must Have Summer Car Items


Summer is going to be here! The kids are out of school soon and it’s time to start planning your family’s agenda for the months ahead. I spoke with Cars.com senior editor Jennifer Newman (also a mother of two) and she offered up some tips on how to get your car ready for summer travel. Whether it’s longer family road trips or driving to and from day camps, parks and soccer games, you’ll be spending a lot more time in your car. Cars.com senior editor Jennifer Newman recommends some useful items to stock your car with to ensure your family’s car is summer ready. The 'It' List First-aid kit: Scrapes, cuts and plenty of tears are marks of summer. A well-stocked first-aid kit ensures that a boo-boo won't bring an early end to a day at the beach or playground. Towels: Throw a couple … [Read more...]

In the Navy


Come summertime I seem to default to one simple color, navy blue.  Being 'in the navy' is so versatile.  It is a neutral that works with black, white, khaki and loves pops of colors like yellow, pink and green.  Metallics go well with it and I always feel put together in navy.  That's why I was excited to wear this navy jumpsuit I got from Mint Julep earlier this spring for a date night with H. A date night that was super fun but also not typical.  What started out as us looking at possible houses to flip and dinner and a movie ended up in torrential rains and no pictures.  I wanted to wait until dinner to take the pictures instead of doing them in some strangers yard with overgrown grass and broken siding.  Now, that's a new take on fashion back drops.  Then the rains came.  As H … [Read more...]

DailyLook Elite vs. Stitch Fix


I'm a junkie for packages arriving in the mail.  I would rather buy things online and wait the time it takes to return them to shop in a store.  With three kids and limited time who needs that hassle?  I sound like a bad infomercial, I know, but I'm a perfect candidate for those subscription box services.  Aren't I? After months of receiving both DailyLook Elite and Stitch Fix boxes, I'm not so sure.  Maybe, they are for people who aren't so sure of their style or want to experiment a bit.  I get that, and that's why I signed up.  So which one is better DailyLook or Stitch Fix? Let's see look at the boxes.  First up, Stitch Fix. I could not get a good picture of this Double Strap Tank but found it on DabbleinChic.com. Pixley Marie Abstract Chevron Dress … [Read more...]

Summer Travel Essentials

School's out! It's Summertime! Summer travel has officially begun and with the July 4th weekend right around the corner it is time to start thinking about packing. Whether you are traveling by train, plane or automobile (I'll be cruising down the highway with a 100lb. Doberman as one of my traveling companions. I think that is a separate blog post in itself.) you are going to need to pack and probably do it lightly.  When I have to take a bag for make-up and a bag for toiletries I get cranky. I love my stuff but I don't like hauling it. Neither do the airlines. Instead I've found a few tried and true products that make packing fast and easy while still being able to look good while I travel.   TSA Travel Goodies by victoriamason featuring Josie Maran Burt's Bees … [Read more...]

Put on the Damn Suit, Already


Yesterday, I took part in a different sort of blog link up.  The #MySwimsuitStyle could easily be pushed aside as yet another attempt at us telling ourselves we are beautiful no matter what so just wear the damn swimsuit already posts.  Each summer we do it, am I right? Then the summer turns to fall and guess what?  Winter is coming.  Before you know we are speeding headlong into another summer and we freak out all over again?  WHY?  Because we didn't reach some idea in our brain of what we *think* we should look like?  Because we read too many SELF magazines at the gym? Probably.  Sigh. What made the #MySwimsuitStyle challenge, created by VeryBusyMama, different was not the sponsor of Miraclesuit.  Nope.  It was that ladies from all over the world stepped out into the sun and showed … [Read more...]

My Swimsuit Style


How fitting that this past Sunday was my first day at the pool. The day I had scheduled to take photos of myself in my newest swimsuit for this weeks link up (which comes a day early because I just cannot even with this last week of school schedule) Guys, it was crowded. Our neighborhood was having a pool party and while the kiddos have already been a bunch of times with their Dad, I was "making my debut" as H called it.  I groan again just thinking how stressed it made me feel.  And why really? I posted this shot of myself years ago while pregnant with The Fifth Element. And even had a bit of a bikini rant before that.  I wasn't so much concerned about people seeing me in a bathing suit. I am what I am.  I work out, try to eat right and basically I do all that because I like my life … [Read more...]

BODYARMOR- The Alternative Sports Drink


Soccer and lacrosse may be over in our house but that doesn't mean we have ceased all activity around here. In fact, I think we are even more active in the summer months as a family. Whether it is bike riding, days at the pool spent swimming and playing, games in the backyard or going on walks with the dog it never stops. You know what else never stops? The request for sports drinks? On the way to the game they ask for it. On the way home from a game they ask for it. After playing outside in the yard for five minutes they ask for it. Packing for the pool? They ask for a sports drink. I kind of started to hate it. I hate all the dyes, the artificial stuff pumped into them. All of it. I was intrigued when BODYARMOR sent me a six-pack of various sports drinks to try. What is … [Read more...]