Signature Style

Having a signature style, something that it totally you, is important.  It brings confidence when dressing and making decisions when styling anything from you to your home.  I've been told I'm hard to shop for and while I hate to believe that since I showcase so much of what I love right here on TMC, it might be true.  My signature style is classic chic with a bit of an edge thrown in some days. … [Read more...]

2015 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD


Source: I'm sometimes reluctant to get car reviews in the dead of winter.  Not only can the car get super dirty on the inside and outside, there is also an extra car to shovel out (#firstworldbloggerproblem) but I worry that I might do something to it in inclement weather.  It's all in the name of writing the review though, right? … [Read more...]

Snow Day!


  Our new home! We had our first actual snow day!  I had to take pictures of the house and the kids in the yard and after a very windy weekend down by the water (so long outfit pics!  No way I'm taking photos in 40 mph winds and -8 temps.) I just knew this was going to be my Wednesday post. … [Read more...]

Winter Survival 101


Source: Milford Patch My Facebook feed is full of photos depicting my New England friends and family being crushed by Old Man Winter.  Blizzards abound and while the snow hasn't hit us yet here in the DC area we are still being subjected to frigid temperatures that suck all the moisture out of the air.  Everything is drying out, including our skin and hair.   … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Save Your Money

Maybe you haven't heard but there is a little movie premiering this weekend.  Oh, wait. What's that? It is the dull roar of millions of fans stampeding to the theaters in hopes of being titillated once again by the acting ability of Jamie Dornan as he portrays Christian Grey.  That's right; I'm talking about Fifty Shades of Grey.  Are you ready?  Are you ready for this? … [Read more...]

Leather & Lace


A few weeks back I sent out a plea for help with my outfit for H's work winter social.  I wanted something with a bit of an edge, something suitable and versatile and also, warm. Because let's face it the Capital has been C-O-L-D lately.  It doesn't suit me but I can't change it. I was in love with this over the knee leather skirt from Boohoo- … [Read more...]

I HEART Valentines Day

First things first, I absolutely adore Valentines Day. It's my Dad's birthday, there's a total excuse to make up some yummy dessert and I love a good pink and red combination. While I might want a subscription to this for the big pink, puffy heart day- I'm totally crushing on the Chevy Colorado right now. And I never tire of macarons, especially chocolate ones. … [Read more...]

On Writing and American Girl with Author Mary Casanova

It's Friday and time for a little bit of fun.  In our house that means it probably has something to do with American Girl.  From the moment we moved into our new home the girls immediately set up different parts of their rooms with their dolls.  Each set-up, like the dolls, is different and was a way to show how much they love spending time creating worlds and adventures with their special American Girl dolls. The Comedian with Grace Thomas We were so excited when the Girl of the Year, Grace entered our house.  The Comedian may have received her but it was TD that devoured the book as soon as it arrived.  She couldn't wait to interview Mary Casanova, the author of the Grace series with me.  We had fun putting the questions together too.   … [Read more...]

Winter Neutrals

winter neutrals

It is truly the dead of winter. A perfect time for showing off winter neutrals. The winds have been whipping around all day and night in between bouts of freezing rain, snow flurries and total downpours. No matter. I'm cozy and warm in our new place and wearing this truly fantastic faux fur scarf. … [Read more...]