Move It Monday

Mondays are all about getting moving. Jump start your week and think of Monday as 'Move It Monday'. I mix up my workouts a lot. From Barre3 to HIIT, running and finding new ways to get fit from Beachbody OnDemand I am always on the move and trying to hit my goals. When I'm short on time I do something like this to kick off my day and I do it before anyone else gets up. Source: Then I make a green smoothie, protein shake, or veggie egg scramble and add a supplement or two. Check out my Maven board for more ideas. Enjoy 30% OFF BPI Sports products now with STRONGER17 promo code.     *Disclosure: TMC was compensated for this post. Affiliate links are used.  Opinions are 100% my own. … [Read more...]

Work Out to Work Better

Ask yourself this question. Do you do it to stay fit or just fit into your pants?  Are you maintaining or achieving? Do you do it to perform better or just like the challenge of taking a new class or getting to the next level? Think about what you just read.  There's a correlation between how you work out and how you work and perform at your job.  If you are just biding time, getting in your 30 minutes in on the treadmill, so that you can say you 'hit the gym' then you might be doing the very same thing at the office or on the job. You clocked your hours, have a few power days, but overall you are coasting along. Did you ever consider how if you push yourself harder at the gym you might approach your work differently? Maybe you'll decide to make a leap to something new or start a gig … [Read more...]

Why You Should Work Out When You Travel

Holiday travel.  Spring Break. Summer Vacation. Weekend Getaways.  All times that you should remember to continue to work out when you travel. It's so easy to just say that when you travel for work you don't have time to work out.  OK, sometimes that is the case.  It's even easier to blow off your fitness while on vacation. I mean, you are there for R&R, not burpees, right?  Except this. Here's why along with a few tips on what to pack and how I stay fit when I travel. While you can't see it, I'm wearing a black cowlneck sweatshirt, my black converse kicks and some killer Kyodan army green leggings I found at TJ Maxx for a total deal.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! An InLinkz Link-up Linking up with Mix It Mondays /The Pleated Poppy/Style Elixir/Style … [Read more...]

Stay Fueled for Fitness

Since July I have been pushing harder to get back into running and more regular workouts, basically being fueled for fitness.  It benefits everyone in my family, trust me.  I wrote this post over at Social Moms to help get me into the swing of things. What do you do to stay motivated and fit? Don’t let the summer schedule derail your workout or quest for fitness. Stay focused and motivated all summer long with these great tips that will have you ready to workout, hit the gym or power up that DVD first thing in the morning or anytime of the day. New playlists, workout buddies and just-bought fitness attire are all excellent ways to motivate you to move. But when they stop working, try these small tricks and tips of the mind to get you moving. Busy Bees We are all super busy … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Home Fitness

  Your Home & Gym by victoriamason featuring a black chair Daily exercise is a big deal.  It can make your day, provide energy and better sleep as well as keep the pounds away. Build strong muscles and bones right at home by sneaking in some exercise or creating a workout program using everyday items and locations around your own house.  Once you establish the routine and time, you will find it easy to sneak in a few extra reps or an entire 30 minutes of exercise without even leaving your house. Home Equipment It’s easy to find ways to use the structure of your home and furniture for cardio and strength training. If you have stairs in your house you have the making of a great workout. Even if it is just a set of 3-4 steps you can use them for cardio in a pinch.  … [Read more...]