My Uniform

They say many designers and fashion editors wear a uniform.  A certain combination of clothing that is a mix of form, function and style.  I have a uniform too. Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-in-Chief- Vogue, Paris For as long as I can remember I have loved button down shirts.  It can't be a tunic or pullover. It has to be a straight up button down. French cuffs?  Yeah, I'm fine with that. But I just LOVE a button down- tucked in a variety of ways or not at all.  When I'm unsure of what I want to wear, the button down never fails me. It's my uniform.   Do you have a uniform? I love a good button down shirt with jeans, slip on sneakers, ballet flats or even heels on some days.  The beauty is in the button down.  It makes me feel both efficient and sexy all at the same time and with the … [Read more...]

Watcha Wearing Wednesday

These last days of school are just F-U-Double L, FULL.  The kids are worn out from special activities, I'm worn out from crafts, baking and end of the year events.  At the same time I am a little sad.  Last night The Comedian had Open House at her school's Summer Science program.  It was bittersweet because it is her last year at that school. A place that has very much become a part of our world in the last five years.  When TD's first teacher remarked that our youngest, The Fifth Element, is the same age that TD was when she started out there I almost shed a few tears.    Onward! New school, new adventures, new memories and friends next year. WIWW Necklace by Jeweliq Shirt by Target Jeans by Forever 21 (similar) Sandals by Target … [Read more...]

Watcha Wearing Wednesday- Mom 2.0

I wore a lot of carefully planned and executed looks in the last few days. I was in Laguna Niguel, CA for the Mom 2.0 Summit "being my brand"  to the best of my ability. That brand being me, my blog and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle that includes a love of fashion, accessories and all things beauty related.  I plan on putting a few of the looks up over the next few weeks. Onward with day 1 where I sort of felt like Wonder Woman in my outfit, in more ways than one.  … [Read more...]

Watcha Wearing Wednesday- Rainy Days

A wet few days had me feeling tired of cooler temps, drizzling rains and in need of a serious shot of color to brigthen my day. If not, I was going to end up curled under a blanket watching 'Gone with the Wind' on repeat as if I have that kind of life. Instead, I opted for a burst of blue and yellow to brighten my day. … [Read more...]

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

This week is nuts. Like ham sandwich on pumpernickle and rye, balls to the wall insanity.  Between trying to find a new sitter, get work done before Mom 2.0 next week and regular old life and good ol' Aunt Flo messing with my mood I am all over the place. I swear I almost stroked out the other day while trying to cook dinner, sign the kids up for camp and potty train The Fifth Element. So let's just call this the 'my crotch feels like it is falling out and if I have to wear yoga pants I will bash someone's face in' outfit, shall we?  I told you I'm feeling jolly.  … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday

It was a busy week and I was feeling a bit more like dressing up due to the warm weather. Whether I was going to Open House at preschool, going to numerous doctor appointments or just working from home I wanted to put in a bit of effort. I also included the sweet bracelet I won from Style Elixir by KnottyGal. Come see! … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday- The London Times Edition

I am all about simplicity.  When I dress it is sometimes hard for me to go beyond my comfort zone of solid colors and certain silouettes.  Accessories are a whole other story.  London Times Fashion asked me to check out their gorgeously well-made and affordable dresses (think weddings to daywear to nights out) and I decided this was my time to break free from the norm. … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday!

Let's call this edition 'Museum Day' wiww. I was running around town doing the necessary errands, lunching alone and then finding some quiet time to hit up an exhibit on domestic life in the Gilded Age.  I wanted comfort with a bit of style because it was cold, there was a lot of walking and yet, I had no kids with me.  … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday

This edition should be titled, "The Meeting that Never Was". Or I just couldn't find a spot. I had a meeting in the city. A lunch/speaker thing to go to and leaving myself about 20 minutes for parking was clearly not enough. I drove and circled and circled and drove and guess what? No parking. Then I got stuck behind a delivery truck who was having similar issues. Forty minutes later I gave it up and decided to move on, get lunch and get some work done. At least I got to rock some cigarette pants though.  Take a look! … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday

I felt inspired by a few posts from other wiww participants a few weeks back (So wish I could remember the ladies and credit them! Sorry!) and decided to break out a sweater I never wear.  Long story short, red is one of my favorite colors.  I used to wear it all the time. Now, I never do.  This time I broke out the red sweater from long ago, threw on a red-striped shirt and added some old school pearls.  … [Read more...]