Valentine’s Day Outfits

I had to do a few Valentine's Day outfits, I just couldn't resist. I love all the bright, fresh color that explodes all over what has been an incredibly gray and rainy winter so far.  I know I could use an infusion of some pinks, reds and a bit of sparkle too. My Little Mistress Valentine's Day Outfit board can provide it. It's short and sweet and totally complete.  Some bodycon dresses, a few pops of color with heels to dress up your favorite LBD (blace lace and curvy too) and a touch of glam as well. I'm always on the hunt for a place to find something beyond my mall.  To add a new place online that offers something different than my usual finds and places to shop. Little Mistress is where it is at this season. I'm besotted with their jumpsuits and their floral dresses for … [Read more...]

My Valentine’s Day Treats

I'm gearing up for Valentine's Day by buying all the necessary cards, crafting tools, baking items and other assorted goodies and treats. It gets me so excited to start this planning and do these things for others. Sometimes I wish it was ALL I did. Then, I decided to create a handy little cheat sheet (ahem) for me. Because why not? I'm so in love with pink this year, which is beyond bizarre since normally the color makes me cranky, so I'm just accepting it and moving on. This color obsession can't last more than one season, right?! … [Read more...]

Chic & Affordable Valentine’s Day Dresses

When it comes to Valentine's Day all my hard ass ways go out the window. I'm such a sucker for this overly commercialized un-real holiday. Back in high school I considered it my duty to spend the weekend before the big red heart day making Valentine's to deliver to my friends at school. I just loved bringing in some pink, purple, red and doily-filled cheer. Even if the rest of the time I was clad in black and "mourning" something real or not. Yup, that was me. I love dressing in reds, pops of pink and making Valentine's for my girls bedroom doors each year. Let's get excited, whether you are with someone or not because these seven dresses below deserve to be worn and shown off! No matter what! And they are all under $50 so they won't sabotage your budget. … [Read more...]

Valentine’s & Birthday’s Too!

It's Valentines Day. The day where we post Valentine's on each others bedroom doors.  When we wake up we are greeted by construction paper hearts, stickers and little surprises.  TD and The Comedian woke up to flowers from their Dad and blue and pink nail polish from me.  We'll frost sugar cookies later today.  I love a day full of reds and an excuse to be sappy in the middle of a cold, gray February day.  It always cheers me. It is also my Dad's birthday.   Still, one of my favorite photos of my Dad and I.  Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love you! … [Read more...]