Cycle And Vacation At The Same Time By Visiting These Bike-Friendly Cities

Vacations are an opportunity to get away from your normal life and daily routine, but that doesn't mean you have to slack on your fitness routine while you're away from home. Cities across the United States are cyclist-friendly and some even offer bike-sharing programs and trails that are specially designed for bikes. In 2015, the bicycle industry in the United States earned $6.2 billion in direct sales. In this large of an industry, there are many opportunities to cycle across the country. Palisade, Colorado In Colorado's famous peach-growing region and developing wine country, the small town of Palisade holds the Fruit and Wine Byway. This 25-mile loop sits in the shadow of the Grand Mesa, an 11,000-foot natural structure, and the Book Cliffs, iconic sandstone cliffs. This loop leads … [Read more...]

Want a Better Vacation? Consider a Digital Detox

In the digital age, many of us feel like we couldn't possibly go anywhere without our devices. And if we can't leave home without our electronics, we might not even consider going on a vacation sans smartphone. But if you can embrace the idea of a getaway without texting and social media scrolling, it might do you a world of good. You might get vacation envy every time you look at your Instagram feed. Around 23% of Millennials say that social media significantly influences their choice of travel destination, after all. And now, there are even vacation packages that cater to those who really want to impress with their posts. Cheap Caribbean recently launched a three-night trip to Bermuda that offers personal photo shoots and social media tutorials to travelers who specifically want to … [Read more...]

Why You Can (and Should) Take a Vacation with Your BFFs

Mom-life can be hard at times. Sure, it’s rewarding to watch your children grow up into respectable and caring people, but raising them can be quite a handful. As a mom, you need to be able to take some time for yourself every now and again to maintain your sanity. What better way to take some time for yourself than to spend a weekend with your girls? Interested in doing so, but don’t know what to do or how to do it? Let’s take a look at a few ideas. How to Plan Before you can even go anywhere, you need to figure out where you want to spend the weekend. Ask your group what they like to do and make sure you’re able to pick something that everyone is at least content with doing. You then need to figure out where you’re going to stay. Ordinary Traveler says you’re going to have the best … [Read more...]

5 Road Trip Essentials

Source: Did you know that over 65% of Americans will hit the road this summer? That's right! We can't resist the call of the open road, beaches, lakes and forests once the weather turns warm. Taking a road trip, big or small, takes preparation.  Ruby Davis, founder of has put together a list of her five favorite road trip essentials for whenever she embarks on a road trip. A Phone Charger. One little device will help keep you safe, happy and juiced up your whole trip.  Ruby recommends the ZUS USB Car Charger as it is can charge up to two devices at 2x the speed all at once. Audio Books & Spotify Playlists are perfect if you are in control of the entertainment and in the drivers seat.  It also keeps car sickness at bay for any hard copy book … [Read more...]

Whatcha Wearing Wedensday- Sunshine & Rays

I write this on another day of school closures due to even more snow. It is safe to say that the dose of brilliant sunshine I just had was just what the doctor ordered. Time to get away and let go of the daily grind is always needed. I love tiny trips like this so much because it is often the best time for me to let go of emails, work deadlines and let my brain just go wherever it needs to without distraction. The best ideas often come from these trips. While H was in seminars and break-out sessions I was sleeping in, running by palm trees and reading magazines that were previously in a holding pattern on my nightstand. In other words, total bliss. … [Read more...]