Gabriela McBride: The 2017 Doll of the Year

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We have a lot of love here in our house (most days) and the girls love for their American Girl dolls is no exception. The cannot get enough of them or their cute accessories. I'll cop to being a total enabler too. That's why we were so excited to welcome Gabriela McBride, the 2017 Doll of the Year, into our home. Source: American Girl My middle girl fell in love with Gabby, as we call her, instantly.  She couldn't stop talking about her and her cute signature outfit, her warm brown eyes and how she shares the same name as her own best friend.  She wanted her bad. Just watch the video. What the girls love about this particular doll, she created more excitement in our home than dolls in the previous years, is her activist personality and love … [Read more...]

Create Your LEGO® YouTube Channel Playlist with Your Child

There are three kids in my house under the age of seven and they all want to watch videos on the computer. YouTube is one of the first places my oldest will go to get her "sweet-making baking" fix but there is a tendency to skip around and end up on a totally different sort of video. The various ages of the girls and their likes and dislikes to can complicate things but LEGO® has created their own channel on YouTube that allows parents to create their own playlists and you can do it per kid. … [Read more...]