Hairstyles To Try This Spring

Spring is the best time of the year whatever way you slice it. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the air seems to be filled with some special vibes. Don’t you agree that nothing compares to the spring air? It’s fresh and smells like flowers and is finally warm after those long and bleak winter months. No wonder why we get so inspired and motivated for changes as soon as the first traces of this season roll around. We, women, get especially happy when the weather is getting warmed day by day, and the majority of us would agree that spring is the best time for hairstyle experiments. After all, it’s the time we finally put our hats and hoods off.  Are you ready to learn some inspiring hairstyles that are going to be trendy this spring? Try Slicked Down Strands In case you … [Read more...]

2013 Spring Trends: Get the Scoop on This Season’s Hottest Styles

2013 Spring Trends by veamason featuring retro eye glasses Read about this season’s fashion trends straight from the designer’s 2013 spring/summer runway shows. From statement-making eyewear to bold color combinations, there are plenty of exciting looks to try. Find your favorite!   … [Read more...]

Getting Bold for Spring

Yesterday, was one of those days that just called for a happy dance. Things were lining up and despite some small setbacks I didn't get flustered or spun up. Maybe that gratitude journal is working, right Janine?  How do I celebrate a series of good events, small victories and overall happiness?  Ok, this time it was not with absinthe or champagne or erm, both.  … [Read more...]