5 Tips to Cover Up Pimples

Almost every other teenager experiences acne, pimple or blemishes and continues experiencing it until their adulthood. Acne is considered to be the most common skin disorder. It can be caused due to different reasons, we are living in an environment that is full of pollution and bacteria in this case acne can be caused due to dirt, debris, chemicals and infections present in our surrounding. However, hormonal changes, genes, and stress are some other reasons for getting in this trouble. If you deal with pimples frequently you must know how frustrating it is. Therefore, I have compiled few simple and easy tips that can help you in avoiding, minimizing and covering up your zits, acne or pimples. Skin Care Regime: Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is basic skincare regime. However, … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Hypersensitive Skin

*Disclosure:  This is a guest post. Affiliate links may be used for compensation.  Opinions are that of the guest post contributors only.  Hypersensitive skin is a sensitive skin. People having this problem suffer from a lot of skin infections. The hypersensitive skin is caused due to the reactions of our immune system. The immune system is the system which protects us from many harmful germs and diseases. This system provides enough energy to our tissues and cells in the body. This immune system creates a vital role in decreasing the skin problems through revitalizing our cells but sometimes with vigorous reactions the distortion of the cells of our skin may occur which can cause the sensitive skin problem. Due to the high immune reaction, our skin becomes much weaker and … [Read more...]

Be Nice To Your Skin, Because It’s Your Own!

*Disclosure: This is a guest post. Opinions are 100% that of the guest contributor. Affiliate links may be used. Unlike first apartments, purses, and clothes, your skin is with you for a very long time: forever! It’s the largest organ we have, and it deserves to be treated as such. Which means we’d better be nice to it, or we’ll pay the price (think: age spots and wrinkles). Luckily, there are so many simple ways to ensure your skin receives the TLC it deserves. If you start by educating yourself about your skin type and what ingredients will work best, trust me -- your skin will thank you. Don’t be afraid to adjust your skincare routine as you age, or if you notice your favorite products aren’t doing what they should be doing to keep your skin in tip-top shape. I adjust my … [Read more...]

Simple Self-Care for the Holidays

Is there any time of year more stressful than right now? We both love and hate the holidays, am I right? I discovered Simple Self-Care recently and have fallen in love and calmed down. Created by my long-time friend Gretchen, a yoga instructor, and all around zen individual she whips up these all natural lip balms, roller ball scents and sprays that are to die for and really do make up Simple Self-Care. My girls went nuts over the Lip Love lip balms. In flavors like lime, lemon, grapefruit and peppermint; we all had a lip balm to love.  They go on clear, smooth and last a long time.  Made with ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil and other natural components they don't dry out your lips.  Other scents are also available. They make great stocking stuffers … [Read more...]

Ways To Ensure Your Skin Shines Throughout The Harsh Winter

We worry about protecting our skin in summer because it can be damaged by the sun. It's colder during winter, but it can have a negative impact on your skin too. Guest poster Mila has ways to let your skin shine throughout the harsh winter. Even though skin will be hidden under more layers of clothes, there is no doubt that you'll want to keep it looking beautiful. Consider nourishing daily routine for your skin to give it the treatment it deserves. Jump In A Warm Sauna We'll start with this one because it's going to be very cold outside, so you'll love nothing more than jumping into a hot sauna. Not only are they relaxing enough to banish the winter blues, but they're also very good for your skin. The reason they're so effective is because they help flush your body of … [Read more...]

Cool Skincare Tips for the Hot Summer

Getting ready for the summer is an exciting time with the swimming, barbecues, outdoor activities and spending quality time with the family. However, getting the family, especially the kiddos, excited about proper skincare isn’t always fun and games. And to add to it, us, the hectic mommies, often forget about protecting our own skin. As a busy mom, you’re always looking to save a little time, so I want to help you have one less thing to worry about and want to provide you with some skincare pointers that I use for my own family. Cover Up Summertime means shorts and tank tops and extra skin, right? False, not if you want to protect your skin, that is. Exposing too much skin could put you in harm’s way with dangerous UV rays that can penetrate the skin to not only put you and your … [Read more...]

7 Simple And Effective Methods To Remove Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

*This is a guest post. No compensation was received.    by victoriamason  Are you interested in simple and effective methods to remove wrinkles from around your eyes?   If your answer to either of these two questions is yes, then you should keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs that follow, you will find some simple and effective methods for wrinkle removal. The important thing is that you choose solutions that work not only to repair the skin but also to prevent further damage. And, remember, you need to protect yourself against sun damage. Otherwise, more wrinkles are going to appear. #1 Pineapple juice The active substance in pineapple is bromelain, being recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to make the wrinkles around the eyes … [Read more...]

Top DIY Skincare Masks to Zap Dryness and Renew Your Skin

Having dry skin is never fun. Not only does it cause your foundation to look lumpy and unpolished, but it can lead to skin that appears old and dull. Luckily, there are some easy DIY recipes you can do at home to make your skin radiant and smooth all spring and summer long. Source: Shutterstock Soften with Milk Milk contains lactic acid which is a great exfoliator for your skin, helping to slough away dead skin cells so that your skin is softer and renewed. This is why lactic acid is such an important ingredient in products like skin brightening creams. You can make your own lactic acid face mask with a quarter cup of powdered milk and some water so that you create a thick, creamy consistency. Apply it to your face and leave it on until it has dried, then wash it off with warm … [Read more...]

Skincando Eco-Facial

Earlier this year I announced that one of my goals was to get one facial a month.  It would allow me time to relax but also start treating my skin better in a way that shows a real difference when done repeatedly over time.  The first place I stopped was Skincando at the Emerald Door Spa to get an Eco-Facial with Sara, which was recommended by my friend, Jessica. Eco-Facial Organic Rose Steam, Triple Cleansing, Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, Ultrasonic Dermabrasion, Extractions, Massage, Treatment Mask, Serum, Miracle Cream I have never been so happy with the results of a facial in my life.  I normally only get one or two facials a year this one at the Emerald Door Spa was quite far from my home, was worth every mile in DC traffic.  I would consider going back again without question because Sara … [Read more...]

Cold Weather Skin Remedies with Masque Bar Masks

Source: Victoria Mason Now that January has come and gone we realize oh wait, there is still more winter.  That means dry skin and the need for cold weather skin remedies with Masque Bar Masks. I'm a little obsessed with sheet masks, I'll admit it.  It's cool.  It's not like I have a problem or anything.  I only hoard them like most parent horde Halloween candy.  So I was super excited when Look Beauty sent me two packs, with three masks per pack of their Lemon Sheet Mask and their Honey Sheet Mask. Each one goes on your clean skin for 20-30 minutes and then is easily peeled off revealing their individual results. Both the lemon and the honey are great for dull or dry winter skin.  Though I believe if you have sensitive skin the lemon sheet mask might be a tad too strong. The scent … [Read more...]