Living with Lyme Disease

As we move into the new year, let's get one thing straight. I'm living with Lyme Disease. There I said it. I'm opening up about it more as we move into 2018. Living with Lyme disease means something different for everyone but for me, it means making this year the year of healing. It means a lot of guest posting on here too.  Lol.  Because truthfully since I was diagnosed for the second time in May, my life began to unravel.  I didn't take the time to heal like I did last summer (where I really believe I conquered it) when I got bit the first time.  I didn't rest like before. I kept pushing my mind and my body.  All summer I went full force.  Fall rolled around I continued to do the same creating a schedule that would double my work hours.   And I crashed.  Hard. I thought I was … [Read more...]

5 Best Exercises For Stress Management

Unsplash- Eli Defaria What is stress? This is a question that does not need an answer everyone in the world is under stress whether it’s one kind or the other. Students face stress at school adults at home at work in relationships needless to say everywhere. While stress can prove to be beneficial and some people work best under pressure or stress, prolonged stress can have dire consequences. Insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure are all problems that arise due to stress and can later even be fatal.   Breathing Exercises According to an article published in the New York Times, controlled breathing can reduce stress. There is no special equipment required, and you don't have to go out of your way to do it  It can be done anywhere anytime.  It might seem minute, and a lot of … [Read more...]

5 Ways Running Can Improve Your Health

We know that running can improve your health but it was also sacred to me as a writer. It was a time I could let my thoughts wander and unravel.  Often whole ideas would come together as well as lines of dialogue.  The high afterward was perfect for tackling projects too.  I am sharing this guest post this week so you can see the benefits of running too. Running and walking both are some of the most popular outdoor physical activities which help to keep you in shape and fit without any extra efforts and expenses. Outdoor activities can be just as effective as working out in a gym. If you don’t believe then just try it out. It comes along with lots of health benefits. It gives you Better Knees Knees give you a full support system as one of the latest research mentioned that Running … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat: 5 Summer Running Tips

Weather Emoji says: Last week when I was at the beach and wearing this cute re:named floral jumpsuit from Shopbop? Torrential rains and gusty winds. But here we are in August already, it is the dog days of summer and I'm all about restoring myself and trying to take back a bit of what is left of these golden warm months that beckon to me just like my hammock outside. I've started taking yoga in the mornings at an outdoor class in my 'hood.  It's soul refreshing every time and perfect after my early morning runs. See my summer running tips below I had to buy this after my first class.  It makes me laugh every time I wear it and want to head over to yoga class.   Linking up with Mix It Mondays /The Pleated Poppy/Style Elixir/Style Nudge/Classy Monday Blog … [Read more...]

May the Course Be With You

*Disclaimer: TMC was not paid for this post. Affiliate links are embedded and compensation may be received as a result of purchases and/or clicks. Opinions are 100% my own. Early morning, post-workout pics just for you! "May the course be with you." I hear that faint Obi-Wan voice in my head every time I run a race.  It was pretty perfect that one of my friends gave me that very tank by Raw Threads for my birthday.   I've been on a fairly serious fitness kick the last month or so.  I am straight up ADDICTED to 15- minute daily Betty Rocker workouts (thanks, Facebook!).  She's too energetic for me when I start the work out but by the end I'm smiling and so happy I checked in for the  day.  I've noticed major results too.  It's fifteen minutes. I have that, and only that … [Read more...]

Runner Style

Guys, this weekend was it. It was all about runner style and having fun.  After months of training, I did it.  My first ten mile race!  I have done half-marathons before but for some reason I felt that this one was bigger. The George Washington Parkway Classic was one I have wanted to run for years and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. I was nervous about this race. I haven't run that far in a few years.  Training in the winter can be rough and that was a majority of my time on the pavement.  When I hit four miles in training I hit a wall.  My body was too tired from every day life.  I started taking Thrive supplements (which I was totally not a believer of) and immediately noticed a difference in my abilities while running, during recovery and afterwards.  I don't think I … [Read more...]

Working For It

There comes a time before every race that I know I have to bite the bullet and actually run the full distance of the race. A practice run, really.  Even if I know I have accumulated those miles before or I've come just a mile under I still have to physically run that full distance to get my head in the right place. That up there?  Bane and me running hard on Monday. Because ready or not my 10 miles loomed large and had to be done even if it sucked up more than half of my morning. Because... Source: How I feel mid-run. While I wanted to wear this cute tank I picked up this winter the weather still wasn't ready for it.  Maybe spring will really be sprung from the evil clutches of Old Man Winter by this weekend as I start to taper off in my mileage. The … [Read more...]

Winter Running Style

One of my goals for 2016 is to not just continue to focus on my own personal fitness but to create fashionable looks within fitness wear. I plan on testing out new fitness styles and brands and post-gym looks as well as beauty tips for looking your best after a workout.  Today's look is one of my favorite ways to create true winter running style.  Here's to a new year and even better you! Don't forget to check me out on Periscope (@VictoriaEMason)now too! I love the softness of this warm, wicking fabric shirt by Lucy.  It feels like your favorite t-shirt but keeps me warm on runs and inside.  It's cute enough for day wear as well.  The Kyodan running tights were a find at Marshall's just before Christmas.  I love how they fit with compression while being really warm. SHOP THE … [Read more...]

A Little Motivation

When it comes to fitness I have been off my game this summer. Sure, I've been working out on a regular basis but I haven't pushed myself in the last month. I stopped running regularly when we started to move and afterwards it was the dead of winter, a new neighborhood with no consistent sidewalks and a bunch of excuses to fuel the 'no more running' fire. Except, once a runner, always a runner. I think that same mind over body thing that can sometimes derail a good run will also bring you right back around. The way I feel after a run lasts more than a few hours and I love how it changes my perspective and gets me out and about and into the elements. It clears my head and keeps me active while giving me a bit of alone time too. And I'm all about anything that offers up less stress, better … [Read more...]

Running Scared

  What do DC Runners do to celebrate the month of October and the fabulous fall season? We take part in the ghoulishly fun twilight run at the Congressional Cemetery, naturally. I'm long overdue for a fitness post and the Dead Man's Run is the perfect way to throw one in. It's a race I have wanted to do since it began four years ago for a lot of reasons. … [Read more...]