Using Mother-Daughter Days to Tackle Big Parenting Moments

"Being a parent is the toughest job you will ever have." -My Mother It's not that I didn't believe my mom when she said these words but then I went and had three kids, all girls, who are hitting that tween and teen stage and now I'm a true believer.  I'm learning those mother-daughter days in order to tackle the big stuff and not just for tea parties, lunches out or getting treats. Yes, the diaper days were rough.  The physical nature of parenting little ones is damn hard.  I was not prepared for that aspect of it.  But tweens and teens come with so many emotions, the highs, and lows. The bigger problems that force us as parents to reflect on our past and then figure out how to handle the same issues in a different world. That doesn't even factor into the running them around town … [Read more...]

My Elementary School Age Kids Eat Baby Food

  My kids may be beyond actual babyhood but that doesn't mean that baby food is no longer in my house. Yes, the rice cereal went with the bottles and rubber nipples but the squeezable fruit and veggie pouches  stayed along with other assorted foods and here's why.  Baby Food is Portable. Whether you have a full day of errands or fun activities (hello, beach trip!) ahead of you and your family or you are on the road; baby food like GoGo Squeez pouches, Peeled dried fruit or Jammy Sammy bars are easy to pack and take with you when you are on the go. I can pack a full days worth of snacks and drinks in a flash in non-leaking, biodegradable packaging, All those flat, squishy square and rectangular shapes fit nicely into my "mom-sized" purse or beach bag. So while I no longer … [Read more...]

DC Super Hero Girls: Final Crises

Looking for something for your tween to read this summer?  Does she like super heroes like my girls do?  Check out the newest series from DC Comics, DC Super Hero Girls! Available and for sale 7/5/16! The DC Super Hero Girls is an exciting new universe of stories created to empower girls as they grow and discover their potential.  Designed for girls aged 6-12 (we definitely have that trio in my home!) the DC Super Hero Girls features DC Comics’ most diverse array of female characters as but as relatable teens.  That means Wonder Woman, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy, Super Girl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn (YES!) and more are now all in their own storylines depicting life as a teen and a Super Hero. The first volume, Final Crisis has the girls fighting a mysterious villain while studying for … [Read more...]

With a Cherry on Top

Now that spring is here we tend to spend a lot of time outside.  In the new place we have replaced sitting on our front stoop with reading on the porch, running around the back yard, more yard work (which I sort of love because it is another excuse to get outside) and exercising outside with bikes, runs and long walks.  It's bliss! When it comes to our middle girl, The Comedian, she may have been a fall born baby but she is all spring.  From catching caterpillars, to tucking lady bugs into jars and just plain ol' digging in the dirt it is hard to keep her inside or clean.  If I can get her off to school without a hole in her pant leg or bugs in her pockets it is an easier morning.  But just like me she has her girly moments.  She knows a cute dress when she sees one.  This sweet … [Read more...]

Our Holiday Gift Ideas with American Girl

Disclosure:  TMC was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are TMC's only.    Three girls with three hearts devoted to American Girl means we spend a lot of time going through each and every American Girl catalog that comes to our house.  That catalog is like the big fat Sears catalog was to me when I was growing up.  They spend hours circling things, discussing items and talking about who they imagine they will give so many of the dolls and accessories to, if only they had an unlimited bank account.  This year I rounded up the girls and asked them to tell me their top three items they would like to receive or give to friends. … [Read more...]

The Great Room Swap

Spiderman says, "With great power comes great responsibility."  I say, "With three girls comes lots of screaming."  The last few months seemed to have more decibels added daily than I could tolerate.  I felt like the walls of our home might fall down and the neighbors were about to call for intervention.  I was glad the cold spring was keeping our windows shut.  All three girls decided that they were not happy with their current rooming situation.  The Fifth Element no longer wanted to be in her nursery room alone.  TD and The Comedian were sick of each others faces and habits and yet once bedtime rolled around they all wanted to sleep together.  Except it was more like round 18 of screamfest 2013 complete with body slams off the top bunk.  To say that there was a lot of fighting, … [Read more...]

Like Mother, Like Daughter

And I cringe each time I see this picture TD brought home from Kindergarten. I asked her what everything was and she looked at me with a huge smile and said, "Accessories!" What do I expect really? She sees this stuff coming into our house, minus the crown, on an almost daily basis. At least she didn't say, "Um, must-have's Mom! Duh!"  That would have made me throw out all my mascaras, crowns, and lip gloss. Heh.   … [Read more...]