Teaching Your Teen To Drive In The Snow: Tips And Tricks

Handing the keys over to your teenager is always nerve-wracking. Your mind races as you imagine your child on the road and hope that you have taught them enough to drive safely. But this worry can be even worse during the winter, when teaching your teen to drive is especially risky. "Temperatures are dropping, and the chillier weather often brings freezing rain, ice and snow," writes Jessica Van Amburg in Family Circle. "While you may be a pro at handling icy roads, younger drivers can be caught off guard by the season's challenges." Fortunately, by teaching your child the right skills and emergency preparedness procedures, you can help ensure their safety on the road. Teaching The Basics Once you begin working with your teen on winter safety, it's important to start with the … [Read more...]

We’ll Always Have Paris

  When TD, my oldest was born, I dreamed that one day I would take her to Paris.  Just her and I. I wanted to do it before she turned 12.  Eight years later we haven't made the trek and there are two smaller sisters who have followed.  The idea of trekking across the Atlantic with three small girls in tow all by myself no longer possesses such a dream-like state.  Sounds more nightmarish, if I'm being totally honest.  They still act like feral cats a bit too much to make that trip. … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day Well Spent

It's another week and I'm coming down from the high that was a fabulous Mother's day. The girls made me gluten-free blueberry muffins that they served with fresh berries in bed. My Darth Vader mug full of hot coffee and the Washington Post accompanied the spread. I must have stuffed at least three of those fluffy, moist muffins into my pie-hole before heading out the door for a four-mile run. For me, Mother's day is about freedom. I don't have to be anywhere at anytime or do anything I don't want to do. In the past it was a diaper-free day. Now it is more like go running without coordinating schedules with the rest of the family. I did four miles. A distance that I hadn't done since the fall. As I made my way back to my block this happened. … [Read more...]

Giving In But Not Giving Up

I could feel my temper rising and my nerves flaring up as a bitter little voice in my head screamed, "No school on Tuesday! Again! Really?  I mean come on! That is one of my only two actual work days and I have to keep giving them up?!"  I wanted to scream out loud.  Instead I whispered, "Son of a bitch!" as I glared at The Fifth Element and Comedian's school calendars. I had already forgotten my phone at home that morning due to starting the day with some serious early risers cutting into my fleeting and precious work time. I was frazzled, out of sorts and generally a bit screechy. We left the house in a rush and I cursed to myself on the car ride to school for losing the half hour between drop-off times for both girls where I return emails from my phone.  I try very hard to segment my … [Read more...]