New Year’s Looks

When it comes to putting together a New Year's Look I'm kind of a one and done kind of girl.  I don't want to mess with a lot of moving parts.  Just throw on a dress and let's go! This year with less work comes less of a clothing budget.  Thanks, Lymes!  So, I made a deal with myself.  Find all shoes, accessories, and one part of my new year's look in my own closet.  You can only add one new thing.  That meant breaking out a pair of black velvet skinny pants I wore only once last year and maybe only for a photo shoot.   New Year's Look- House Party by victoriamason featuring genuine leather handbags   New Year's Look- At Home by victoriamason featuring valentines day shirts Sale Dates:12/26-12/28. The sale is additional 25% off sale items with Code … [Read more...]

Psst! It’s 2014 Y’all!

  You can't do anything or go anywhere or read or watch anything right now without hearing that it is now 2014 and time for a fresh start! A blank slate.  A new regime! EAT YOUR LETTUCE!  As my husband's grandmother likes to say, "Whatever." I'm not being bitter or down.  Quite the opposite.  But I don't fall into the camp that makes vision boards, resolutions or pins ideas for a new year, new you. Instead, while I sit working on this first day back at school for the girls (OHMYGODTHEQUIET!), I relish the silence but still miss their fracas.  I think about how this morning during my devotions I kept thinking and seeing the word, peace, float through my mind.  I want it coursing through my heart even more this year than last. And last year was pretty great.  I cannot … [Read more...]