Hairstyles To Try This Spring

Spring is the best time of the year whatever way you slice it. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the air seems to be filled with some special vibes. Don’t you agree that nothing compares to the spring air? It’s fresh and smells like flowers and is finally warm after those long and bleak winter months. No wonder why we get so inspired and motivated for changes as soon as the first traces of this season roll around. We, women, get especially happy when the weather is getting warmed day by day, and the majority of us would agree that spring is the best time for hairstyle experiments. After all, it’s the time we finally put our hats and hoods off.  Are you ready to learn some inspiring hairstyles that are going to be trendy this spring? Try Slicked Down Strands In case you … [Read more...]

Cool Skincare Tips for the Hot Summer

Getting ready for the summer is an exciting time with the swimming, barbecues, outdoor activities and spending quality time with the family. However, getting the family, especially the kiddos, excited about proper skincare isn’t always fun and games. And to add to it, us, the hectic mommies, often forget about protecting our own skin. As a busy mom, you’re always looking to save a little time, so I want to help you have one less thing to worry about and want to provide you with some skincare pointers that I use for my own family. Cover Up Summertime means shorts and tank tops and extra skin, right? False, not if you want to protect your skin, that is. Exposing too much skin could put you in harm’s way with dangerous UV rays that can penetrate the skin to not only put you and your … [Read more...]

Top DIY Skincare Masks to Zap Dryness and Renew Your Skin

Having dry skin is never fun. Not only does it cause your foundation to look lumpy and unpolished, but it can lead to skin that appears old and dull. Luckily, there are some easy DIY recipes you can do at home to make your skin radiant and smooth all spring and summer long. Source: Shutterstock Soften with Milk Milk contains lactic acid which is a great exfoliator for your skin, helping to slough away dead skin cells so that your skin is softer and renewed. This is why lactic acid is such an important ingredient in products like skin brightening creams. You can make your own lactic acid face mask with a quarter cup of powdered milk and some water so that you create a thick, creamy consistency. Apply it to your face and leave it on until it has dried, then wash it off with warm … [Read more...]