Beauty and the Beast Review

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of taking in a matinée for an advanced screening of Beauty and the Beast. I've been dying to share my thoughts about this film starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast ever since. The magic of Beauty and the Beast begins right away when we are whisked into the world of Prince Adam before he became the Beast.  I loved seeing this aspect come to life in all its gorgeous detail with the set and costumes. From there we are taken to Belle and her provincial village. Here we find our heroine yearning to break free from her life in a small town.  It's also where the audience gets its first look at how much more independent and multi-dimensional our characters are versus their one-note animated predecessors.  To me, this made the film even … [Read more...]

Disney Movies for 2017

If I could, I would spend much of my day in front of a movie or TV screen.  Some days I walk around with my tablet or laptop watching something as I cook, clean or even batch work.  I told you before that 2017 was the year I was going to incorporate some of my #geek on you. That brings me to Disney.  They typically bring it each year, but 2017 looks like a tsunami of AWESOME when it comes to family and kid fare. I can't wait!  Let's see what is in store, shall we? First up- Beauty & the Beast My girls are so excited for this one.  Arriving in theaters March 17.  My oldest is beside herself that "Hermione" is playing Belle.  While she was never a Disney Princess girl, Belle is her favorite because of her "love of books and her empathy towards others".  She told me this … [Read more...]


I don't typically review movies or do a lot of kid-oriented things in this space anymore, but I could not resist Zootopia.  My girls repeatedly asked about this flick since they first viewed a trailer back in the fall and I had to admit it looked pretty funny. All About It  Zootopia,   a modern mammal metropolis. The colors, the way the animators created a city that comprises the habitats of all the various creatures on the planet and used their features to incorporate them into the buildings and surroundings drew me in as well as the kids.   Neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown show how Zootopia is a melting pot of an environment where all are welcome and thrive.  A great message anytime, but it’s particularly timely during this election year.  Just me?  I dare … [Read more...]