Living with Lyme Disease

As we move into the new year, let's get one thing straight. I'm living with Lyme Disease. There I said it. I'm opening up about it more as we move into 2018. Living with Lyme disease means something different for everyone but for me, it means making this year the year of healing. It means a lot of guest posting on here too.  Lol.  Because truthfully since I was diagnosed for the second time in May, my life began to unravel.  I didn't take the time to heal like I did last summer (where I really believe I conquered it) when I got bit the first time.  I didn't rest like before. I kept pushing my mind and my body.  All summer I went full force.  Fall rolled around I continued to do the same creating a schedule that would double my work hours.   And I crashed.  Hard. I thought I was … [Read more...]

Running the Distance while battling Lyme Disease

This fitness feature guest post is by Amy Pope Fitzgerald of the blog, Twinglesmom. Read her triumphant and truly inspiring story about living with Lyme disease while being a Mom and runner.   I am ultra marathoner living with chronic Lyme disease. When Lyme first invaded my body, I was in my mid 20’s with my entire life ahead of me. I do not recall being bit by a tick or finding a bulls eye rash on my body. I woke up one day and felt paralyzed, scared and wasn’t sure if I would see my 30’s. … [Read more...]