mini Boden Goes Back to School

Only 6 more days left of summer vacation and we have been packing in the fun. We took a little break though to bring you this super cute back to school set from mini Boden. Can we stop for a minute and have a chat? I'm so in love with Boden. And mini Boden? Well, that is just an extension that has made me glad I have three kids to dress up in the really simple but stylish and well-made clothes. The fabrics are soft, wear well and the kids love the comfy feeling of the denim leggings like no other. I like that each piece can be mixed and matched up with another tunic, dress or pair of pants in no time and can get passed on down the kiddie line and not look worn to death. Indulge me as I post our favorite looks. The wise owl knows good style for the preschool set. The purple denim leggings … [Read more...]