Back to School Organization Tips & Tricks

With back to school just around the corner, here are 9 tips and tricks to get organized as summer comes to an end. 1 Make a list of school supplies needed and shop ahead of time. Whether your school provides a list of necessary school supplies or you find a generic one online, make sure you bring it with you to the store. Not only is it nice to get everything in one trip, but while at the store your list will keep you focused and on track. Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure having the best selection. 2 Get your kids involved. We all know those weeks between when camp ends and school begins can be lacking activities for the kids. Turn the school supply trip to the store, into an activity - allow them to pick out their notebooks, pencil cases, and lunch box with … [Read more...]

The TMC Holiday Gift Guide

I did it again. I created a TMC Holiday Gift Guide.  You've been warned. There are no gift ideas here for the man in your life. Why? Because quite frankly every time I look at one of those guides or show one to H he says, "This is all stuff I would never want and never need. I want a snowblower or running gear, not shaving accessories. I swear to God, Vicky, if I see another toiletry bag as a gift I'm going to shiv someone." #twopeasinapod   Let's start with the kids gift guide, shall we?   Holiday Gift Guide for Kids by victoriamason featuring paper placemats Mega Bloks American Girl Isabelle Ballet Recital/Exploding Kittens: A Card Game About Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes Goats/American Girl Wellie Wisher (Willa shown)/Carter's Pajamas/Seedling Snow … [Read more...]

Support Giving Tuesday with Carter’s

Did you know that Tuesday, November 29 is Giving Tuesday?  It's our chance to give back and Carter's wants to help! My kids cannot get enough of Carter's super comfy and stylish pj's and outfits.  I'm so glad they extended sizes so I can keep the girls in their clothes for a little while longer.  With one kid with Sensory Processing Disorder and the other two really picky about textures it is one place I can shop and not worry about fit, comfort and itchiness. BACK TO GIVING TUESDAY with CARTER'S It works like this. For every Carter’s pajama purchased online at Carter' or at one of Carter's 650+ retail stores on November 29, Carter's will donate one of America's favorite pajamas to children in need. It works with the Pajama Program, which provides new pajamas and new books … [Read more...]

My Elementary School Age Kids Eat Baby Food

  My kids may be beyond actual babyhood but that doesn't mean that baby food is no longer in my house. Yes, the rice cereal went with the bottles and rubber nipples but the squeezable fruit and veggie pouches  stayed along with other assorted foods and here's why.  Baby Food is Portable. Whether you have a full day of errands or fun activities (hello, beach trip!) ahead of you and your family or you are on the road; baby food like GoGo Squeez pouches, Peeled dried fruit or Jammy Sammy bars are easy to pack and take with you when you are on the go. I can pack a full days worth of snacks and drinks in a flash in non-leaking, biodegradable packaging, All those flat, squishy square and rectangular shapes fit nicely into my "mom-sized" purse or beach bag. So while I no longer … [Read more...]

The American Girl Gift Guide

Every year my girls and I put together a collection of our favorite items to create the American Girl gift guide. This year is no different. Just like I would get into a flurry of excitement when the big Sears catalog would arrive each Christmas, my girls do the same thing with the holiday American Girl doll catalog.  Each one spends hours, sometimes days, looking over each item and deciding if she should mark it with her initial.  This year, the littlest one circled everything and freaked out when anyone else wanted the same toy. She was convinced only one person could have each gift. Our picks for the 2015 holiday season are a mix of accessories and clothing and broken down by age.  This was the first year I noticed a shift in what my oldest daughter daughter wanted and I had to … [Read more...]

Sparky’s Brain Busters Sparks Conversation

October is Fire Prevention month and this week is National Fire Prevention (NFPA) week and I now realize that since we have moved into this new house we don't have a plan in place. Sure, I clear a path from their bed to their windows each night and then the bed to their door making sure it is free of toys, clothes and whatever else my kids have crammed into their rooms; but that is not enough. We need to educate ourselves as a family on fire safety and now is the perfect time. Meet Sparky What's the best way to get my kids excited about something, especially the one in the 6-11 year-old range?  Use and app, of course.  Sparky's Brain Busters is a free app that uses trivia in math, social studies, science and fire safety to get kids learning.  Check it out. She loved that … [Read more...]

Ready Set Camp!

As the school year wraps up we are in a whirlwind of end-of-the-year activities and with all the picnics, ceremonies, pool parties, recitals I'm having a hard enough time making sure I stay  on top of each day and send each kid off with the proper clothing, sunscreen, bug spray or snacks.  As I dropped them off yesterday I thought, "It's like I'm sending them off to camp and not school." CAMP!   That's right! In two weeks my oldest starts the summer by going to camp.  I'm not sure I'm totally prepared either. It's a good thing I'm working with MinuteClinic to get me in #ReadySetCamp mode!  And I'm not just talking about the camp physicals you can obtain at each MinuteClinic.  After following the camp required packing checklist I like to do a little more to get my girls camp … [Read more...]

With a Cherry on Top

Now that spring is here we tend to spend a lot of time outside.  In the new place we have replaced sitting on our front stoop with reading on the porch, running around the back yard, more yard work (which I sort of love because it is another excuse to get outside) and exercising outside with bikes, runs and long walks.  It's bliss! When it comes to our middle girl, The Comedian, she may have been a fall born baby but she is all spring.  From catching caterpillars, to tucking lady bugs into jars and just plain ol' digging in the dirt it is hard to keep her inside or clean.  If I can get her off to school without a hole in her pant leg or bugs in her pockets it is an easier morning.  But just like me she has her girly moments.  She knows a cute dress when she sees one.  This sweet … [Read more...]


The weekend promises to be blissfully warm and next week will be even hotter. Before long the pool (right across the street!) will be open and I'll be spending a large amount of time there.  Wearing the same cover up, flops and sunnies gets old fast.  I looked to Garnet Hill this spring for some easy looks that will stay strong all summer long.   Garnet Hill Calais Knit Dress/Eyebobs Polarized Sunglasses Black & Square Tortoise Ann Cole Mesh Cover-Up/Gentle Souls Break My Heart Gladiator Sandals Each piece is on-trend without going into the realm of being unable to wear after just one season.  What more could you ask for? FOR MY GIRLS Mexicana Embroidered Cotton Dress for Girls/Girls Paper Straw Fedora/Hooded Terry Cover Up My oldest daughter has the cover up in Real Teal and … [Read more...]