7 Tips for Making Your Home Instagram-Friendly

Our Instagram feeds are rich in inspiring photos of beautiful and cosy homes that give you a quick glimpse of their owners refined tastes. With such an abundance of inspiration, you cannot but wish to give your own home a makeover and join the vibrant Instagram community. In just a few easy steps, you can give the Instagram-inspired look to your home and start inspiring others. 1.      Think minimalism Instagram has no room for clutter, so get ready for artful minimalist designs. To make your photos Instagram-worthy, you need to free them of visual clutter, which means removing all the unnecessary items both out of the frame and your home. Just a few carefully arranged pieces in the background and an appealing focal point will create a stunning visual effect. Minimalism exudes effortless … [Read more...]

What I Wore: Instagram Style

What I wore: Instagram version because I am F-O-C-U-S-E-D. Focused.  Goals mapped out.  Vision board created (yes, really), accomplishment notebook and pages are being written.  I'm busier and quieter than ever, social media-wise, but I'm feeling good.  I'm excited again and that in and of itself is motivating! Lunch with a friend and a side of networking.  Practiced my staging skills for flips too. It ended up being too warm for even the trench coat but I was overjoyed that I could drag it out of the closet. I adore this trench.  I have bought a few in the past and while I like them they don't have the liner, the shape and perfect khaki color that this one from Uniqlo possesses. Work out and get to work.  Those are my days now.  5-6 days a week I'm sweating to feel better … [Read more...]

Gingham and Mint

It is like the word that must not be spoken.  The 'R' word.  It started back in April and has not let up since making wearing anything in gingham and mint feel like a joke. This spring would feel like a bust here in the DMV if it were not for a few bright, warm days when I can break out some of the seasons fresh colors and trends. When the sun came out for one day last week all I could think of was breaking out my retired aqua Coach tote bag and these three things. D'orsay flats, a gingham button down and mint denim. The peeped out for a few moments that day and warmed this up just a bit. No Hunter rain boots today! Gingham Shirt (thrifted-similar)/Forever 21 Mint Jeans (old-similar/similar)/Old Navy D'orsay Flats (old-similar)/Coach Tote … [Read more...]