Cyber Monday Deal From Me to You

Welcome to Cyber Monday! This is me. Healthy. Fit. Full of life back in September when H and I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with NO KIDS! Despite all my health issues from Lyme and tick co-infections the best thing I have done in 2018 was to fix how I was eating and starting working on feeding my body the right way and getting it stronger than ever. It's working, don't you think? I would have never posted that picture before. So, how are you feeling about 2019? Are you like, "Ugh, Vicky. It's the holidays. I'm not there yet." That's fine. I get it. I totally understand. We don't often want to think of the things we need to do for ourselves to be healthy until it is too late or already January. BUT.... Maybe you just want to see me before when I was … [Read more...]