12 Days of Things I Love

Happy December! This month I'm doing 12 Days of Things I Love.  Each week I will share a few more items until we hit that magic number 12. I've done three items this week so far.  Let's get started, shall we? I featured this item to kick off the event.  It's a darker take on holiday nails and since Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands I had to share it. You take Essie Wicked and apply it over your base coat.  Then layer on Essie Bordeaux and finish it off with a top coat.  It's a deeper burgundy that glows with depth.  I love it this holiday season and through the new year. Next, my can't go a day without my cozy shearling-lined slippers from Lands End.  I have a Josie Blue pair from last year and they held up well all year long.  This year you can monogram … [Read more...]

Easter Gift Ideas for Mom

  I am a sugar sucker.  A lover of treats. I love sweets!  And, I absolutely love Cadbury eggs.  Because I of my treatment protocol for Lyme Disease I cannot have any sugar.  I could swear. OK, I do swear because I miss those eggs so much right now.  Maybe that's why this year I actually want an Easter basket of my own. I make one for each kid.  Naturally.  I make a basket for my husband each year.  I also make one for the dog. If we have guests, I make up something small for them too.  My love language is obviously gifting.  I love to give gifts.  I never get anything in return and I don't mind.  I have my Cadbury eggs. Except for this year and I admit.  I want to see a little surprise just for me.  I cannot be alone in this!  So buy some treat for yourself- sugared or … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Dresses and Gifts

Ever since I can remember I have loved Valentine's Day. It's my Dad's birthday.  But, I think it is the burst of color in an otherwise dreary mid-winter slump that breaks through all pink and red and totally sweet that makes me love the holiday so much.  Even if it is totally made up and super commercialized. @brittney-burnett Recently, H asked me what I wanted to do for the day and I shrugged and said, "Meh, I don't care. Nothing?"  People, this is how we know I'm not myself.  It's not me sulking about the no sugar rule I'm on or that I feel like I can't buy gifts because I'm not working. It's that I just can't seem to muster excitement for anything these days.  Mid-winter slump or sick of being sick? Probably a bit of both. I may not be able to indulge in candy this … [Read more...]

3 Amazing Advent Calendars for Adults

As a kid, I loved advent calendars.  I collected quite a few as I grew up and I still love them today.  We have a cute cloth one that the kids mark the days with a wooden candy cane each year.  Last year I received a more grown-up version of the advent calendar and found that I still really loved opening a new door each day to find my surprise. Here are my favorites for this year and just for you and they make excellent gifts too. I especially love the idea of giving them as a thank you or hostess gift during the holiday season. The L'Occitane Advent Calendar There is a luxury version as well that is $124 versus the $69 price for the one above. 2.  Clarins Advent Calendar Last year I went with the Tonic Candle from Clarins.  It lasted for months and made my office … [Read more...]

Creative Gift Ideas for the Working Moms

There are few things more challenging in life than being a working mom. They tackle each day trying to juggle the balance of childrearing, maintaining the home front, meeting deadlines and closing deals, all while dealing with the guilt of being a working mom wondering if either the kids, her husband, or her job are suffering. Moms are without a doubt the hardest-working people there are.  When it comes to Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or commemorating a special occasion, they deserve only the best.  The challenge here is knowing what to give them that they’ll really appreciate and enjoy!  Here are ten great ideas sure to please any working mom. Commuting music - if the working mom in your life has a long commute, consider buying her a boxed CD set of her favorite … [Read more...]

Summer Fun with Draper James

Memorial Day has come and gone but that only means that summer is just getting started.  For me, that means pool days, lots of beach time and a whole new collection of summer movies and shows to fall in love with for even more summer fun. One of my latest loves for summer fun is with Draper James.  The line created by Reese Witherspoon who can also recommend some serious beach reads as well as fun flicks and shows to soak up this season. Did you know that Draper James is available at Nordstrom now? Yes!!  It might take a bit for it to show up in stores everywhere but you can find it online. My favorite Draper James Picks for Summer Fun But even more important is that we travel often throughout the summer.  For me, that means picking up sweet and thoughtful hostess … [Read more...]

Top 5 Cool Gifts For Moms In 2017

Mother is often the most important word in people's lives. While both parents deserve respect and love, society often gives an extra note of thanks to all mothers who work hard for the well-being of their children. They're the people who give birth to us and shape our preliminary thoughts and ideas. Even though mother's day is the best time to give your mom a gift, a gift is always appreciated at any time of the year. With that being said, here are the top 5 cool gifts for moms in 2017. Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill In The Love JournalGifts that are handmade have the most appeal. They carry a personal touch and flavor that can't be replaced. While there are many pre-made items such as cards and frames that are available in stores today, none of them can produce the kind of … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $100

It's almost Mother's Day! How did May arrive so quickly this year? Is it just me or does it seem super fast? Do you have your Mother's day gift picked out? I know for me, I like to spend the day with a few girlfriends and out of my house. A good cup of coffee, breakfast of my choosing and maybe a run starts my day. Then I head out to brunch and dinner with a movie often thrown in make up my perfect day. A Bloody Mary or Margarita make it even better. When it comes to gifts I don't typically receive them but I find monograms are always high on my list. I love the personal quality to them and Things Remembered gets it right. Mother's Day Gifts Under $100   That's Not All I added a few other items to my latest Maven board for Mom or even a gift for you or a friend.  So … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Gift Guide

I love all the pink puffy heart parts of Valentine's Day. The red decor.  The candy.  The pop of color in an otherwise dull winter.  Long ago, when I was in high school I created my own valentines and gave them out to my friends to help brighten their day. Now, I just hope that I don't eat all the chocolate that comes into my house via the kids. BUT, I felt we needed to address the V-Day Gift Guide sitch. This gift guide isn't about you or is it? Gift giving is about what the gift receiver wants. Honestly, Valentine's Day for guys? It's kind of a joke. It's lame. They don't care about shaving sets or candy.  Another pair of heart-printed whatever?  Nope. So, file this under racy and check out my picks from 3Wishes.com, a lingerie site that caters to a wide variety of tastes and … [Read more...]

Simple Self-Care for the Holidays

Is there any time of year more stressful than right now? We both love and hate the holidays, am I right? I discovered Simple Self-Care recently and have fallen in love and calmed down. Created by my long-time friend Gretchen, a yoga instructor, and all around zen individual she whips up these all natural lip balms, roller ball scents and sprays that are to die for and really do make up Simple Self-Care. My girls went nuts over the Lip Love lip balms. In flavors like lime, lemon, grapefruit and peppermint; we all had a lip balm to love.  They go on clear, smooth and last a long time.  Made with ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil and other natural components they don't dry out your lips.  Other scents are also available. They make great stocking stuffers … [Read more...]