Move It Monday

Mondays are all about getting moving. Jump start your week and think of Monday as 'Move It Monday'. I mix up my workouts a lot. From Barre3 to HIIT, running and finding new ways to get fit from Beachbody OnDemand I am always on the move and trying to hit my goals. When I'm short on time I do something like this to kick off my day and I do it before anyone else gets up. Source: Then I make a green smoothie, protein shake, or veggie egg scramble and add a supplement or two. Check out my Maven board for more ideas. Enjoy 30% OFF BPI Sports products now with STRONGER17 promo code.     *Disclosure: TMC was compensated for this post. Affiliate links are used.  Opinions are 100% my own. … [Read more...]

Work Out to Work Better

Ask yourself this question. Do you do it to stay fit or just fit into your pants?  Are you maintaining or achieving? Do you do it to perform better or just like the challenge of taking a new class or getting to the next level? Think about what you just read.  There's a correlation between how you work out and how you work and perform at your job.  If you are just biding time, getting in your 30 minutes in on the treadmill, so that you can say you 'hit the gym' then you might be doing the very same thing at the office or on the job. You clocked your hours, have a few power days, but overall you are coasting along. Did you ever consider how if you push yourself harder at the gym you might approach your work differently? Maybe you'll decide to make a leap to something new or start a gig … [Read more...]

But First, Gangster Rap & Some Activewear

But first, gangster rap.  Yup, that's me. When I'm feeling down. Gangster rap. When I'm feeling angry and like the world is full of injustice. Gangster rap. When I'm having a kick ass day and full of hustle?  Gangster rap, please. To be truthful, I'm just a hip hop fan all around.  Throw in some disco and funk and that's pretty much what makes my little musical world go round. So when I saw this shirt on Facebook I knew it had to be mine.  H gave it to me for Christmas and while I know I'll wear it under a blazer or hanging around the house or WHEREVER because I LOVE IT, it also makes a great activewear piece.  And really?  What's better to workout to?  Pop music? Not for this girl. I picked up these 3/4 leggings at Shopbop in December. I was feeling the red color hard.  They … [Read more...]

Fast Fitness in Ten Moves

Fast fitness has to be one of my favorite things. I'm the kind of person who likes efficiency and quickness. It's probably why I order my groceries online and pick them up later that day versus actually shopping in the store. When it comes to working out I like fast fitness too.  It's no wonder I like HIIT workouts so much. And quick runs, and Barre3 and I could go on and on. When it comes to traveling, generally being short on time or just wanting a fast way to workout so I can get on with my day, I turn to these ten moves. I keep a stack of cards just like this PIN-WORTHY image printed out and in my dresser.  I rotate through the workouts on the days when I have to get moving and out the door at warp speed.  Trust me, I'm a nicer person if I've burned off some of my intensity in the … [Read more...]

Shaping Up

I've been off the fitness rails the last few weeks for a wide array of reasons.  Now that we have settled back into a new fall routine I needed shaping up. A new look from Fabletics was definitely in order. So was testing out Honest Tea Sport for post-workout hydration and re-fueling. A photo posted by Victoria Mason (@veamason) on Sep 14, 2016 at 7:33am PDT The new dark green Salar Capri pants from Fabletics made my day and workout.  I didn't want to to take them off.  The are pure compression and make me feel and look well, fabulous. I love this simple black yoga tank from Fabletics.  The back adds some style while the fit is total comfort. New yoga mat (thanks Honest Tea!), new organic Honest Tea Sport (lemon) to hydrate and my Havianas make outdoor yoga sessions … [Read more...]


It's the little things that really matter, am I right? That's why an early morning conversation with my husband resonated so much with me last week. We're busy.  All the time right now with creating our business.  Some days we can't squeeze in a full 30 minute workout or hour at the gym.  So what about if we only do 10 as the minimum each day?  I'm talking about #MayMotivation. Follow me on YouTube It's taking 10 minutes out of your day to get moving.  I actually schedule it in each day whether it is ten minutes or more.  It is the simple act of making fitness a priority and habit in your  daily life. Even if I can only do a few minutes of yoga or HIIT it has happened, was on my mind and keeps my outlook positive for the rest of the day.  The benefits are numerous from better sleep, … [Read more...]

Working For It

There comes a time before every race that I know I have to bite the bullet and actually run the full distance of the race. A practice run, really.  Even if I know I have accumulated those miles before or I've come just a mile under I still have to physically run that full distance to get my head in the right place. That up there?  Bane and me running hard on Monday. Because ready or not my 10 miles loomed large and had to be done even if it sucked up more than half of my morning. Because... Source: How I feel mid-run. While I wanted to wear this cute tank I picked up this winter the weather still wasn't ready for it.  Maybe spring will really be sprung from the evil clutches of Old Man Winter by this weekend as I start to taper off in my mileage. The … [Read more...]

2016 Work and Life Balance

I'm not one to make resolutions when the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve.  No, I prefer to step back a week or so later and reassess what I'm doing, think about where I want to go and try not to freak myself out too much. It's creating a work and life balance and knowing that sometimes things get lopsided but you can always come back to middle ground. What I want from 2016 and for 2016 has a lot to do with turning forty. I have to come clean and admit it.  My focus on fitness is all about facing a new decade of life stronger than the last and keeping stress low.  So easy when you are starting a new business venture with your spouse and raising a family.  It's all about finding the joy in the chaos, right?   I feel like I'm already on the right track too.  This week I … [Read more...]

The FABulous Journey

It's our third installment in the interview series, this week it is a FABulous Journey with Shellie from The FABulous Journey. While she says her blog is all about fashion, fitness and fulfillment for the 40 and over set she shows that these are parts of our life we crave and want to update or maintain at any age. Her site is a calm and entertaining refuge in a sea of blogs that can sometimes overwhelm. 1. You blog about fashion and fitness on a regular basis. What do you find most fun and fulfilling? Are they one in the same topic? Fashion and fitness are two aspects of life that I derive great joy and satisfaction from. I believe both pursuits add to my life and boost my confidence. Fashion enhances my personality, while fitness bolsters my health and mood. Yes, I guess you … [Read more...]

The 21 Day Fix

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to break a habit, get a 21 day fix, in other words.  I also read that it takes seven days.  Like a lot of dieting topics the information is conflicting and confusing.  Sometimes though you need to hit a reset button and bring you back to basics.  That's exactly what I'm doing right now by doing the 21 Day Fix*. I didn't realize it, but during the last year with the whole process of buying the house, prepping our old house to rent then the new one to move into and the actual move there wasn't a lot of time.  My schedule didn't consist of working out, working and my family, which was the norm.  It was all that, plus home repair projects on two homes, packing then unpacking and more home repair projects once we were in the new house.  In that time my … [Read more...]