Back to School with the Shopbop App

"You gotta go back, back, back to school again!" Thanks to my husband who introduced Grease 1 & 2 to our kids earlier this summer, this song has been on an almost constant earworm loop in my head the last few weeks. And so while I've been working on and off as best that I can and dealing with more Lymes disease fall out (over it? YESSSS, ma'am!) I have been doing most of my back to school shopping for the kiddos online.  And I was fine.  FINE! And I was fine.  FINE! The itch to buy me some fall clothes hadn't hit yet.  I was good with my summer dresses and shorts and tees.  My rompers and swimsuits suited me just fine.  FINE! Then the Shopbop App happened.  And I saw image after image of items that just beckoned to me. Clothing from Ksenia Schnaider and Baum Und … [Read more...]

The FABulous Journey

It's our third installment in the interview series, this week it is a FABulous Journey with Shellie from The FABulous Journey. While she says her blog is all about fashion, fitness and fulfillment for the 40 and over set she shows that these are parts of our life we crave and want to update or maintain at any age. Her site is a calm and entertaining refuge in a sea of blogs that can sometimes overwhelm. 1. You blog about fashion and fitness on a regular basis. What do you find most fun and fulfilling? Are they one in the same topic? Fashion and fitness are two aspects of life that I derive great joy and satisfaction from. I believe both pursuits add to my life and boost my confidence. Fashion enhances my personality, while fitness bolsters my health and mood. Yes, I guess you … [Read more...]

Manageable Monday

"sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering 'I will try again tomorrow'." -Winston Churchill This morning I poured water into my coffee instead of cream. Then I stuck my toast in the toaster and never turned it on. I drove the Third Element to preschool and received an email that the school didn't have power today. As the sun shone brightly overhead promising our first 80 degree day I decided to just lower my expectations and drove us home. Today, it is only about making things manageable because clearly soaring new heights will have to wait until tomorrow and this is just fine. That being said I couldn't resist highlighting a great look from last week's link-up, Whatcha Wearing Wednesday. Chanelle from The Kim Chronicles showed off "High/Low: The Bee Knees" … [Read more...]

Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night

It should surprise no one that this is my favorite week in my most favorite month.  The annual viewing of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' has commenced.  Next up! The Shining!  I don't know about you but I have movies I view certain times of the year that go well beyond Christmas flicks. I threw this latest outfit together in five seconds.  I just grabbed the closest things in my closet, knowing it was 42 outside and I had a day of working from home and a laundry monster nipping at my heels.  The brown booties I snagged at Target a few weeks back were finally going to see some action and so was my cable knit sweater that I loved so much last year.  It is super soft and very warm.  No jacket needed! … [Read more...]

Cool Mint & Warm Olive

While it's been really hot here after a mild August I have found myself struggling to fight the urge to wear fall's cooler weather clothes. I want my jeans back! So this mix of soft, summery mint and the more dense and warm olive are a good way to mix both seasons!  I feel like I can have the best of both worlds. … [Read more...]

New Look & Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

GUYS! Look!! It's so clean, so easy, so pretty! TMC has a whole new face! I'm so excited about it and a little nervous. Is it fancy enough? Is it too simple? Is it missing something that in my excitement I totally missed? I really want to hear what you think of this new look!  It's all thanks to Aubrey Kinch on her design and Chelsea from Olive & Ivy for working on the backend.  It all came together beautifully and without a hitch. Now on to this week's Whatcha Wearing Wednesday! … [Read more...]

Striped Shirt, Two Ways

The last few days had me wearing a whole lot of old clothes. Worn khaki shorts with old t-shirts and speckles of paint over my decade old but trusty J.Crew flip flops. What does all that mean? I was immersed in projects around the house. We have been in our home ten years now. When we moved in we had no kids. We took weeks to paint each room and move ourselves into the house. Three kids, one dog and us and it is a house that is well-lived in and in need of some updates. It's all in good fun, I adore the new kitchen sink and granite countertops. I'm going to be tackling window treatments later this week and our front door has a fresh coat of paint. All work overseen or done by me and that feels pretty good. It doesn't bode well for Whatcha Wearing Wednesday though. I decided to give … [Read more...]

Neon Pink with White

The end of the school year can be chaotic to say the least but when you throw in some long-needed/wanted home renovation projects and a total wasting to your computer via nasty virus it becomes cataclysmic. That's right. I got one of those hideously awful and mean ransomware viruses last Friday. And no, I will not capitalize that BS because the people who hold all your files for ransom and want to get paid in BitCoin (grr...don't get me started on how I feel about BitCoin as currency) are not just thieves but deplorable sacks of skin who hide behind the dark depths of the internet and its caverns. It's sad, pathetic and I'm sure they feel the world owes them in some way. Or whatever. Go make a YouTube video and cry your fat head into your overly large pillow. … [Read more...]

Back to Basics

This year I am all about going back to the basics. It is simple, classic style that never fades but can be punched up with a sprinkling of trends. By adding in a bit of today with all the traditional looks you can shop new places and discover a whole side of you and your closet that branches out into accessories and shoes too. It makes getting dressed each day a whole lot more fun! … [Read more...]