Who wants spend hours in a gym in the summer?  Not me! I like to get up, get a workout in and go! That's why I asked nutritionist and personal trainer, Sloane Davis to share her short and effective workouts which will give you more time to relax and enjoy summer. Sloane is a mother of two and her story goes a little something like this- Throughout her 30’s and 40's she starved herself so that the scale read a certain number. Hungry, unhappy and deprived, in her 40’s she decided to end the obsession with food, intense cardio and on transition her mind and body – and did it work! See her profile in and RECENT TV Straight from Sloane Herself I'm not a fan of spending hours in the gym especially when it is summertime.  I have other things I … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Home Fitness

  Your Home & Gym by victoriamason featuring a black chair Daily exercise is a big deal.  It can make your day, provide energy and better sleep as well as keep the pounds away. Build strong muscles and bones right at home by sneaking in some exercise or creating a workout program using everyday items and locations around your own house.  Once you establish the routine and time, you will find it easy to sneak in a few extra reps or an entire 30 minutes of exercise without even leaving your house. Home Equipment It’s easy to find ways to use the structure of your home and furniture for cardio and strength training. If you have stairs in your house you have the making of a great workout. Even if it is just a set of 3-4 steps you can use them for cardio in a pinch.  … [Read more...]