Sparky’s Brain Busters Sparks Conversation

October is Fire Prevention month and this week is National Fire Prevention (NFPA) week and I now realize that since we have moved into this new house we don't have a plan in place. Sure, I clear a path from their bed to their windows each night and then the bed to their door making sure it is free of toys, clothes and whatever else my kids have crammed into their rooms; but that is not enough. We need to educate ourselves as a family on fire safety and now is the perfect time. Meet Sparky What's the best way to get my kids excited about something, especially the one in the 6-11 year-old range?  Use and app, of course.  Sparky's Brain Busters is a free app that uses trivia in math, social studies, science and fire safety to get kids learning.  Check it out. She loved that … [Read more...]

Entertaining & Educational Reads for Kids

Disclosure:  TMC was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are TMC's only.   Back when I was a kid (yaaawn) we didn't workbooks over the summer. At least I didn't.  There was no Summer Bridge series going on in my house.  It was a lot of Love Boat watching, Jetson eyeballing and daily intake of Little House on the Prairie. Most of that with a book in my hand while I multi-tasked my two favorite things.  I spent a ton of time outside on my bike or at the beach too. Now?  I'm full of good intentions each summer scooping up beginners French, cursive tutorials and bridge books for math, reading and science experiments.  Those books end up lasting all year.  However, before school started we did find some really great, fun to read and … [Read more...]