Hello and Goodbye

I don't quite know where to begin guys.  This month is so full of hello and goodbye moments.  My last post was all about packing for my big trip to Alaska and there was so much excitement surrounding that trip.  I was seeing my bestie (since we were 3 years old!) for the first time in three years and heading to one of the only states I have not visited yet.  Only four to go! The trip was ridiculous and I mean that in a totally good way. I fished, guys!   West Glacier Trail. I hiked it and then kept going until I hit that glacier below. Inside an ice cave. Licking a glacier.  I seriously had the best time.  Juneau is a fun little town that offers a lot for such a small location.  Have lunch at 'The Hanger' and watch sea planes and cruise ships come in. Hike numerous trails and … [Read more...]

Diesel Loves His Nutrish Zero Grain

The other night H and I were talking about our family and I told him that one of the best things to happen to us in this last year was getting our rescue dog, Diesel.  Our personalities are so similar to each other and I adore that he likes to sleep at the foot of my side of the bed, run with me, and protect me during a tickle fight attack brought on by H and the girls. He also groans every time H tells a corny joke and that is just pure gold right there. This dog has stolen my heart and it brings me so much joy to make him happy.  While I've already tucked away a few gifts for him for Christmas and we give him his thyroid medication daily we also feed him food that we found he cannot get enough of and devours in seconds.  Nutrish Zero Grain dog food (especially the Zero Grain Beef … [Read more...]