The Big Three: How to Buy Your Next Car, Truck or SUV

What's the big three? It is the three big question all car buyers should be asking themselves each time they begin their search for their next vehicle. Question 1: Be honest with yourself and your partner (if you have one).  Will you be leasing or buying this vehicle? Do you like to haggle and strike a deal?  Before you even begin to do your research you have to know how much money you can spend each month on a car payment.  Do you have money for a down payment or will you be trading in a vehicle?  These answers can all affect the price of your next car, truck or SUV. For us, we will be buying our next SUV and plan to own it for the about ten plus years.  That's a long time to many people in the car world today.  While I know our budget has to be under a certain amount I do try to … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Be Prepared for Winter Driving

Christmas is over.  You can relax and think of other things besides the holidays, like Being Prepared for Winter Driving.  Buzzkill?  Whatevs. You need to know this stuff and Blitzify, Kungs and I are here to help.  Winter is officially here and it is essential that you prepare your car, truck, or SUV for the winter months ahead. Only traveling through cold weather?  Then you need to keep reading too. You don't want to pay the price of not being prepared just because the temperatures drop, do you?  I didn't think so. 1. Get your battery checked There is nothing worse than being stranded. It is important to get your vehicle’s battery checked, especially if it is over three years old. An expert will check for any corrosion around the battery’s connection points and if it is up … [Read more...]

Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Did you know that your tires are just like your shoes? It's true! You wouldn't wear flip flops or sandals in the snow, right?  So why should your car be in the wrong attire? Tires follow the seasons too. Just like your shoes you need to have the right tires on your car for different times of the year. Is your car ready for winter? Michelin supplied an easy break down to find out which tire type is best for your vehicle regardless of the temperatures. Remember, when the temps dip below 30 your tire pressure light might go off.  Just use your tire gauge and manual to find out where the tires need to be and fill them with air when you stop to get gas.  It's easier than you think. Don't believe it?  Watch this hockey puck demonstration that shows how long it takes certain tire … [Read more...]