City Mouse by Stacey Lender

Summer is almost here.  Are you looking for a new book to devour by the pool, on the beach or by the lake?  No matter what your summer destination is or isn't this year Stacey Lender's debut novel, CITY MOUSE is a guilty pleasure read with depth and heart that is sure to spark conversation and is perfect for summer reading.  Why? City Mouse Offers Vulnerability, Wit & Laughs The hook is all in the question that every one of us has often asked ourselves.  Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?  This is exactly what happens to the main character, Jessica, as she and her husband and two little kids find themselves getting squeezed out of their NYC space that they are renting.  Unable to find what they want or can afford in the city they realize they might … [Read more...]

Summer Secrets by Jane Green

It's the summertime! For those of us who like to devour books by the day or week that can mean only one thing. SUMMER BEACH READS! If you are dying for a great read while you are vacationing or just taking a little weekend escape then I have a wonderful read for you. Summer Secrets: A Novel by Jane Green. Straight up, I read it as fast as I could last week before we left for the Fourth. In fact, H was packing up to leave and I was still lying on the bed trying to finish up the last few pages before we headed out.  It was worth it.  I couldn't put it down.  It was light enough to be enjoyable while sitting on my porch or by the pool but had depth and detail in the story to keep me rooting for the characters. A little more about it... A shocking family secret is revealed to … [Read more...]

Book Review- The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge

*Disclaimer:  TMC was not paid for this post.  Products are for review purposes only.  Opinions are TMC's only.                      I've discussed in the past how hard marriage can be.  Actual functioning relationships that grow, stay out of stagnation and flourish are almost like jobs.  You have to work at that every day.  H and I celebrated our twelve-year wedding anniversary yesterday.  While it was the first time we didn't have big plans but we did manage to find time together during our kids church event because it was important that we take time out to communicate after what had been a long week with us apart more often than normal.  It is so important to take time away from all the busy parts of … [Read more...]