Memorial Day weekend and my birthday always coincide.  This year, after much feasting, relaxing and getting in three separate runs (bliss!) I also got to spend the day with H.  How did I decide to spend my latest and greatest day? In a jumpsuit, of course!  Not one of my picks for under $50 but it totally was under that too!   As I said before, I'm always really excited about my birthday.  This year after spending two days working on our house, which I sort of love a lot, my parents came to visit and the kids gave me some fantastic presents including that pink purse. We spent the remainder of the time hanging out as a family, enjoying the quiet moments on our porch and just being together. That's what I love most.  That's what I'll remember.  There are still two more … [Read more...]

At 8

  Last week I walked into your room, which is now your own little world, and as I stepped over the Lego creations, workbooks left open, abandoned paper dolls and bits of American Girl paraphernalia I saw just how big you have grown in such a small space of time.  I thought about how eight years ago your father and I were enjoying our last bit of time as a twosome eating  out numerous times sans baby carrier and diaper bag.  We had no idea what we were doing and I remember toasting to your one month birthday because you had survived our inept first month of parenting. Rollin' with my homies   TD, you have grown into a sweet, thoughtful girl who shows joy through maniacal laughter, wild eyes and a request for immense amounts of sugar.  You are half UniKitty  and the rest … [Read more...]

Scenes From A Weekend- Breaking the Mold

Sometimes you need to move out of your comfort zone. For H that means breaking the mold and love of home parties for the kids. For me and The Fifth Element it means going to a place like Chuck E. Cheese where we have to interact with lots of people, deal with various types of spaces, colors, loud sounds and music and a whole mash-up of multiple whirling activities all at once for hours on end. Heaven for The Comedian getting her birthday party wish, but harder to navigate for The Fifth Element and I and our SPD issues. Feeling perfectly at home even with a large jersey-wearing mouse. … [Read more...]

The Comedian Turns 5

In some ways it seems that it took forever to get here. As the middle child we worry that you would get lost in the shuffle. Accepting what your big sister TD passes down to you, what you learn by her example and what people think you will be like as her sibling. Already. All that worry. It wasn't needed. It all rolls off you like water off a ducks back. … [Read more...]

DIY Three

Dear Fifth Element, I woke up the morning of your third birthday and saw that it was raining.  Despite wanting to make it a fun day at the pool with you and your sisters it seemed fitting that the weather was the same as the day you were born. You my girl are a gift to this family.  You take life on with the attitude and the constant refrain of, "I DO IT!"  followed by a growl.  This has been a year of massive change, of progress and intense patience and learning on all our behalf.  Like any change it took us a while to figure out your secrets.  To find the key that unlocks your true personality that we now have the privilege to know and enjoy every day.  … [Read more...]

Seven Years In

  It is the night of your seventh birthday.  The house is quiet.  You and your sisters lay exhausted and asleep in your beds.  The last 24 hours a whirlwind of birthday streamers, balloons, sugar-frosted cakey dreams punctuated with laughter, fun friends and good wishes from family.  The only noise I hear right now is that of the Oscars droning on in the background.  I sit surrounded by a tiny golden light lost in the thoughts of the day as glittering stars smile their toothy grins.  … [Read more...]

Happy Fourth Birthday

  The Comedian turned four this weekend.  My original baby or 'OG Baby' as I like to call her is off to school, taking dance classes and adores all things Tinkerbell.  When we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday we felt sure it would be a bug-themed birthday party or time at the parent-dreaded Chuck E Cheese.  Instead she floored us with the big girl choice of the American Girl store.  Mecca to her older sister, it seemed she had no interest in this place only months ago and yet there we were on Saturday morning loading up a red bag with Molly gear that made her squeal.  She took one look at the bespecaled Molly and said,  "You  have glasses like me. I like you.  C'mon! Let's go!"  And off they went. … [Read more...]