5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin

If you are one of those people whose mother continually bugs them to use coconut oil on hair and skin every day, welcome to the club. A day doesn’t pass when most of us don’t get to hear the long list of benefits of the coconut oil. But, believe me, they are definitely true, so heck out the amazing results. Here are the five amazing benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin: Skin Softener: Be it dry or oily skin, a few drops of coconut oil softens the skin. Most of the lotions and moisturizers that we use these days contain coconut oil, so why not use the original and natural product on our face? This oil is a great softener and maintains the shine of the skin. Apart from moisturizing and hydrating, it also heals cracked feet and infuses life into them. Moreover, it is a great … [Read more...]

Beauty Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Biggest Painless Beauty Trends in 2017

Many people crave to look like those supermodels we see on TV, but sometimes all the dieting in the world can’t give them what they desire, so they usually turn to expensive and risky surgical procedures. For instance, liposuction is officially the most popular procedure even though it hurts badly and leaves severe bruising and swelling after surgery. Some complications such as infections, skin reactions, asymmetry, hyper pigmentation and bleeding are possible as well. And not to mention it’s not very affordable. But, does beauty really need to hurt so badly and be that expensive? What are some alternatives to surgical beauty procedures you can try in 2017? Let’s take a look. Freeze that fat Forget about painful lipos, and say hello to cold! CoolSculpting is a technology that uses … [Read more...]

Summer Travel Essentials

School's out! It's Summertime! Summer travel has officially begun and with the July 4th weekend right around the corner it is time to start thinking about packing. Whether you are traveling by train, plane or automobile (I'll be cruising down the highway with a 100lb. Doberman as one of my traveling companions. I think that is a separate blog post in itself.) you are going to need to pack and probably do it lightly.  When I have to take a bag for make-up and a bag for toiletries I get cranky. I love my stuff but I don't like hauling it. Neither do the airlines. Instead I've found a few tried and true products that make packing fast and easy while still being able to look good while I travel.   TSA Travel Goodies by victoriamason featuring Josie Maran Burt's Bees … [Read more...]

Favorite Look of the Link Up & Dragon’s Blood

You can tell the end of the summer is near because everyone is tired of everything, including each other. Please, tell me that it is not just in my house. The girls are not exactly ready to give up the carefree days of summer but they certainly aren't thrilled with much of anything else either. In other words it is all, "Boooorring...I'm so tired." Don't let those smiling faces fool you. So let's look at something pretty to distract ourselves, shall we? … [Read more...]

Get Your Pretty On: National Lipstick Day

Yup, I'm totally one of those women who feels naked and just a bit wrong if I leave the house without lipstick.  Last week, by a series of unfortunate events I forgot all my make-up at home when I went to the gym.  After showering, I reached into my gym bag and there wasn't even a lip balm to be found.  I was slightly horrified but then went about my day.  I survived but I kept touching my lips throughout the day missing the feel of a silky gloss, moisturizing balm or pigment-saturated pop of color. … [Read more...]

Quick Fit Tip of the Week

I'm all about getting it done. Three kids, working from home, life is just busy. For EVERYONE. Except my dog. She is like, thirteen and really old and sleeps 23 hours a day. Half a lap around my block and the old gal is ready for a rest. Me? I need to keep it going. Stay on top of things because like it or not I seem to be the anchor in this family as my friend so diplomatically put it the other day. I'm the rock. The one who keeps things running. That means I need to run even when it isn't always easy. Here's how I do it on the particularly time-crunched days. … [Read more...]

BV Nine Platinum Anti-Aging Bee Venom Cream

Disclosure:  TMC was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are TMC's only.   I think I first hear about bee venom for anti-aging on Gwyneth Paltrow's website, GOOP.  Don't get all rankled at the mere mention of GP, I know isn't always easy to swallow.  However, the bee venom was something that stuck with me.  I'm not about to inject anything in my face.  Not at this point in my life or wallet.  But the BV-9 Platinum, the first 100% active ingredient skin cream using injectable grade bee venom peaked my curiosity. After all, I have this pesky dark spot (running without sunscreen, I think.) and I want it to fade from sight and memory. … [Read more...]