Maintaining My Back-to-School Sanity

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by The Motherhood for review and educational purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are TMC's only. Last week I decided to start my back-to-school shopping. As I strolled into the store I saw a sign reading, "Virginia Tax Free Day!" Oh, what a happy, lucky coincidence! I would buy my school supplies, coupons in hand and all three kids hanging off the cart and not have to pay taxes. Bonus! Clearly, my intuition failed me. As I walked through the store it was quiet and empty up front. Had a zombie apocalypse occurred without my knowledge? Should I find something sharp to beat off the brain-eaters we might encounter as we selected broad-tip markers? Wait. What is that buzzing sound? That my friends would be the total mayhem that was taking … [Read more...]

First Day, First Grade

TD starting first grade. Last night I checked on the girls before heading to bed, something we do each night, and I looked at TD in her sleep.  She still looks so much like the infant she once was when she slumbers.  It's hard to believe that she is big enough to board a school bus, for a second year. Here's to TD having a wonderful first day of the school year!  I don't remember my first day of first grade too well, but I do remember my teacher Mrs. Tessio telling us about the skeletons that she had hung in our classroom windows .  She said they were kids who would have been second graders if they only they hadn't misbehaved.  Any day is better than that one! … [Read more...]

The Back to School Chevy Challenge

Yes, I'm talking about going back to school.  I am so excited about it too!  Here's why- I've teamed up with Chevy and their Back to School Challenge to give one lucky, local reader a chance to win a $100 gift card for back to school supplies for their kids! Trust me, when I say I know how much this can do for a family.  When TD was just out of school in June (only last month!) I shelled out $52 for just one kid and her first grade school supplies.  In the next few years I will easily be spending $100 and more when all three girls are in school.  Those supplies did not count back packs or lunch boxes either. … [Read more...]