Back to School with the Shopbop App

"You gotta go back, back, back to school again!" Thanks to my husband who introduced Grease 1 & 2 to our kids earlier this summer, this song has been on an almost constant earworm loop in my head the last few weeks. And so while I've been working on and off as best that I can and dealing with more Lymes disease fall out (over it? YESSSS, ma'am!) I have been doing most of my back to school shopping for the kiddos online.  And I was fine.  FINE! And I was fine.  FINE! The itch to buy me some fall clothes hadn't hit yet.  I was good with my summer dresses and shorts and tees.  My rompers and swimsuits suited me just fine.  FINE! Then the Shopbop App happened.  And I saw image after image of items that just beckoned to me. Clothing from Ksenia Schnaider and Baum Und … [Read more...]

Reclaim Your House After Kids Go Back To School

*Guest Post by Tracy McCubbin, Founder, dClutterfly.   It’s the most wonderful time of the year -- time to send the kids back to school and reclaim your household!  After a summer of camps and goofing around inside, your house may need a little tough love to get back into shape for the fall.  Research shows that the average American home has 300,000 items in it, and back-to-school is the perfect time to get rid of the ones that you don’t need anymore. As the kids head back to school and you take the steps to get your house back and order, I’m sharing ten of my favorite tips and tricks to declutter and organize your home this fall:   Pull out all the homework and artwork from the previous school year. Before the onslaught of this school year’s homework and … [Read more...]

Back to School Organization Tips & Tricks

With back to school just around the corner, here are 9 tips and tricks to get organized as summer comes to an end. 1 Make a list of school supplies needed and shop ahead of time. Whether your school provides a list of necessary school supplies or you find a generic one online, make sure you bring it with you to the store. Not only is it nice to get everything in one trip, but while at the store your list will keep you focused and on track. Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure having the best selection. 2 Get your kids involved. We all know those weeks between when camp ends and school begins can be lacking activities for the kids. Turn the school supply trip to the store, into an activity - allow them to pick out their notebooks, pencil cases, and lunch box with … [Read more...]

Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Under $50

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost done!  If you are like me then you are scouring it for more great deals and maybe even a few back to school items for the kids.  Trust me, it is worth it! I put together a few of my favorite finds calling it the 'Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Under $50'.  We like to keep it simple here at TMC, know what I mean? At the top are my picks for women followed by a few things for back to school for girls and then boys. It's simple, gives you a taste of what the sale is like and has to offer and why you can totally find a good deal. … [Read more...]

Share-A-Haircut this August

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Compensation was received and all opinions are my own. It's that time again!  Heading back to school means we are teaming up with Hair Cuttery again this year to Share-A-Haircut this August. Yes, the girls are already getting ready for back to school. I totally ordered all their school supplies off Amazon this year.  No more fighting in the back to school aisle this year!  Not this time. We did it last year and we are back at it because honestly who can resist taking part in the 17th year of this campaign?  Did you know that 55,000 haircuts were donated to victims of domestic violence by Hair Cuttery this past spring? Yes, ma'am!   Seriously, when did she get this big? Now Hair Cuttery is giving free haircuts to … [Read more...]

Share-A-Haircut for Back to School

August means our thoughts momentarily turn away from the summer fun and think, "Back to school!"  Buying new clothes, school supplies and for many a hair cut is needed.  I know it is true in my house.  We like to start the year off fresh and newly trimmed locks gives us that feeling when compiled with our new boxes of crayons and backpacks. I'm so excited to be teaming up with Hair Cuttery again to help them celebrate 2015 being their 16th anniversary of the Share-A-Haircut program. How does it work?  Simply put, every child 18 and under who comes in between August 1-15 who purchases a haircut at one of Hair Cuttery's almost 900 salons, like my Fifth Element did, will have one FREE haircut certificate donated to an underprivileged child in their own community. I love that last … [Read more...]

mini Boden Goes Back to School

Only 6 more days left of summer vacation and we have been packing in the fun. We took a little break though to bring you this super cute back to school set from mini Boden. Can we stop for a minute and have a chat? I'm so in love with Boden. And mini Boden? Well, that is just an extension that has made me glad I have three kids to dress up in the really simple but stylish and well-made clothes. The fabrics are soft, wear well and the kids love the comfy feeling of the denim leggings like no other. I like that each piece can be mixed and matched up with another tunic, dress or pair of pants in no time and can get passed on down the kiddie line and not look worn to death. Indulge me as I post our favorite looks. The wise owl knows good style for the preschool set. The purple denim leggings … [Read more...]

Entertaining & Educational Reads for Kids

Disclosure:  TMC was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are TMC's only.   Back when I was a kid (yaaawn) we didn't workbooks over the summer. At least I didn't.  There was no Summer Bridge series going on in my house.  It was a lot of Love Boat watching, Jetson eyeballing and daily intake of Little House on the Prairie. Most of that with a book in my hand while I multi-tasked my two favorite things.  I spent a ton of time outside on my bike or at the beach too. Now?  I'm full of good intentions each summer scooping up beginners French, cursive tutorials and bridge books for math, reading and science experiments.  Those books end up lasting all year.  However, before school started we did find some really great, fun to read and … [Read more...]

Green Your Way Back to School

I don't know about you all but I have been craving more of a routine the last few weeks.  I'm ready to jump into the new school year!  But not without a little prepping of course.  I mean I can't just open the front door and say, "Ok kids, figure it out from here.  See you at 3!"  It's more of a few weeks of careful planning, budgeting and figuring out the best way to go about getting back to school and then opening that front door... Guest blogger, Ken Myers has a few ideas to help ease us all into the new semester in a simple but green way. What ways do you save or go green for back to school?  … [Read more...]

Go Back to School with MinuteClinic

*Disclosure: TMC was paid to go to Blogher 2013 by MinuteClinic.  Opinions and thoughts are TMC's only.    The crayons, pencils, notebooks and book bags are all stowed away for the next two weeks but soon they will see the light of day. That goes double for the new  clothes that hang neatly in the closet or lay folded in a drawer. The summer sun may still be heating up our days but there is no doubt about it, school is just around the corner. … [Read more...]