Back to School with the Shopbop App

"You gotta go back, back, back to school again!" Thanks to my husband who introduced Grease 1 & 2 to our kids earlier this summer, this song has been on an almost constant earworm loop in my head the last few weeks. And so while I've been working on and off as best that I can and dealing with more Lymes disease fall out (over it? YESSSS, ma'am!) I have been doing most of my back to school shopping for the kiddos online.  And I was fine.  FINE! And I was fine.  FINE! The itch to buy me some fall clothes hadn't hit yet.  I was good with my summer dresses and shorts and tees.  My rompers and swimsuits suited me just fine.  FINE! Then the Shopbop App happened.  And I saw image after image of items that just beckoned to me. Clothing from Ksenia Schnaider and Baum Und … [Read more...]

Simplify with Blitzify

There are so many things I love about technology. I love how it can make life fast, keep us in touch and most of all make life simple.  I'm all about working smarter, not harder.  The same rules apply when it comes to cars.  That's why I like the new app, Blitzify.  You can simplify with Bliztify and take a complicated problem like car repairs and make life easy again. What it Does: It takes the guesswork out of car repairs.  Plain and simple. There's that word again.  No need for negotiating prices on repairs either. Blitzify enables users to get exact quotes on repairs and compare them to other area repair shops so you are able to see the cost before you walk in the door.  That's definitely working smarter.  How to get a Blitzify quote: You can start the quote … [Read more...]