Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $100

It's almost Mother's Day! How did May arrive so quickly this year? Is it just me or does it seem super fast? Do you have your Mother's day gift picked out? I know for me, I like to spend the day with a few girlfriends and out of my house. A good cup of coffee, breakfast of my choosing and maybe a run starts my day. Then I head out to brunch and dinner with a movie often thrown in make up my perfect day. A Bloody Mary or Margarita make it even better. When it comes to gifts I don't typically receive them but I find monograms are always high on my list. I love the personal quality to them and Things Remembered gets it right. Mother's Day Gifts Under $100   That's Not All I added a few other items to my latest Maven board for Mom or even a gift for you or a friend.  So … [Read more...]

Support Giving Tuesday with Carter’s

Did you know that Tuesday, November 29 is Giving Tuesday?  It's our chance to give back and Carter's wants to help! My kids cannot get enough of Carter's super comfy and stylish pj's and outfits.  I'm so glad they extended sizes so I can keep the girls in their clothes for a little while longer.  With one kid with Sensory Processing Disorder and the other two really picky about textures it is one place I can shop and not worry about fit, comfort and itchiness. BACK TO GIVING TUESDAY with CARTER'S It works like this. For every Carter’s pajama purchased online at Carter' or at one of Carter's 650+ retail stores on November 29, Carter's will donate one of America's favorite pajamas to children in need. It works with the Pajama Program, which provides new pajamas and new books … [Read more...]

Our Next Home Improvement Project

Welcome to my house! That's it back in May 2014 before we bought it and did some major home improvements to it. Today, it looks like this and that's only the outside.  Inside well, watch this video to get the full story. Honestly, our bank helped us out a lot with getting the big items done.  From a new HVAC system to mold remediation we had our hands full even before we moved in. We all have home improvement projects we would like or need to do. Whether you’re looking to get that new gourmet kitchen with white marble counters, recessed lighting and a new cooktop, or create a backyard oasis with a firepit or even add an addition, with a home equity line of credit, you can start your “someday” project today.  Hear our story:    Our Girls Barely Usable … [Read more...]

Fire Safety with Sparky’s Firehouse

This is post is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner, October 9-15, 2016 to be exact.  That means the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is debuting the highly entertaining and informative Sparky's Firehouse app.  Get the word out to teachers gearing up to teach your kiddos at all grade levels the importance of fire prevention and safety and cue adorable plastic hats atop their heads as they climb off the bus. In our house we have a child at every level from kindergarten to the end of elementary school.  I try to teach them about fire protection and so do their teachers, but we all need a little help sometimes too. That's why we frequently break out the Sparky's Firehouse app from the … [Read more...]

For the Love of Loafers

In addition to ankle booties and ballet flats, loafers are some of the most comfortable shoes you can wear year-round. But there are too many of you out there that still aren't taking advantage of this near-perfect shoe. If you just haven't gotten around to it yet, it's about time you do so. On the other hand, if you're hesitant to buy your first pair because you're intimidated by the design, there's no need to be. You just need a quick trend breakdown of the latest loafers—a must-have for any shoe collection. For starters, the loafer designs among the endless supply of flats on Lyst vary in detail, but aside from a few outliers by Kate Spade and Michael Kors, most of them stick to a classic black or brown palette. They're made of leather, faux leather, suede, and various other … [Read more...]

My Elementary School Age Kids Eat Baby Food

  My kids may be beyond actual babyhood but that doesn't mean that baby food is no longer in my house. Yes, the rice cereal went with the bottles and rubber nipples but the squeezable fruit and veggie pouches  stayed along with other assorted foods and here's why.  Baby Food is Portable. Whether you have a full day of errands or fun activities (hello, beach trip!) ahead of you and your family or you are on the road; baby food like GoGo Squeez pouches, Peeled dried fruit or Jammy Sammy bars are easy to pack and take with you when you are on the go. I can pack a full days worth of snacks and drinks in a flash in non-leaking, biodegradable packaging, All those flat, squishy square and rectangular shapes fit nicely into my "mom-sized" purse or beach bag. So while I no longer … [Read more...]

My Anti-Aging Hair Care Routine with Women’s ROGAINE®

A few years back I noticed something was going on with my hair. You could see through it. My hair stylist was concerned. I was frustrated. My fine hair wasn't going to go back to being thick with just a new 'do either. The truth? I'm getting older. I needed a foolproof anti-aging hair care routine fast. That's where Women’s ROGAINE® Foam comes into play.  Because let's face it.  Hair thinning isn't uncommon. I've talked about it with my girlfriends before. Did you know that up to 42% of women will notice some hair loss in their lifetime and many of them will see hair thinning after age 30.  That is totally me.   For me that means starting the day with a dose of Women’s ROGAINE® Foam after shampooing with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  I can add it without worrying about … [Read more...]

American Girl Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are all about being personal.  I don't do that very much on TMC, at least not anymore.  Call me nostalgic but I get that way about American Girl. When American Girl, then Pleasant Company, debuted in the mid-80's I was ten years-old. My Dad knew that my love of history and dolls would just swoon over the catalog. He was right. It was love at first sight. I earmarked the Samantha pages but loved reading the details about all the dolls, which at the time was only three.  My wish for more than a few Christmases was for the Samantha doll.  It's one of the many reasons I do an American Girl gift guide each holiday season. Source: See that girl reading to her Samantha doll?  That was what I wanted many a Christmas morning. … [Read more...]


This time of year I am always desperate for a hair cut (anyone else have hair that grows super fast in the fall?) and I'm short on time.  Between all the activities the three girls have with school and outside of that and work and life during the holiday season the last thing I want to do is spend a few hours in my stylist's chair. Then last week I decided enough was enough.  My hair was too long and I needed a cut STAT.  I stopped into one of the many Hair Cuttery's located in my town.  I haven't visited one since I was in college and I'm always a bit shy on switching things up but I was a woman in need. BEFORE #MyHCLook I never actually style my long angled-bob hairstyle before a hair cut.  Does anyone go through all that trouble? After I checked into the salon as a walk-in I … [Read more...]

Bing in the Classroom for Your School

In a few short weeks my little second grader will become a full-fledged third grade girl. I can't believe it. She ends the year with a full set of teeth, a few more inches on her height and a new awareness of the world around her that wasn't there a short nine months ago. Does that mean that she needs the latest celebrity gossip pop-up to flit across her computer screen in the classroom this year or next? No, it does not.  Are we, as parents, powerless to stop this kind of advertising to our kids even during school hours?  No, we are most certainly not! … [Read more...]