What Goes Around Comes Around: The Choker

Ah, the choker.  How I loved them.  Back in the mid-90's! Oh yeah- Pearl Choker from Prom 1994 and Winter Dance 1993.  Because what is old is new we have this latest trend that was even seen on Erin Andrews during the Super Bowl. Source: Fox Sports Each time a trend comes back around again, the choker included, it gets tweaked.  Initially, I was all, "Nope, not gonna do it." I was over it.  It wasn't one I wanted to repeated.  Then I saw these from Shopbop and capitulated. I really love it with simple necklines.  Pair it wish a straight neckline and blazer like Erin or peeking out from an open collar. Meet my new favorite chokers.  No more black ribbons, no pendants.  No crafting included.  Just pure gold.   The Choker Trend by victoriamason featuring a choker … [Read more...]

Real Mom Style with Momma in Flip Flops

Real Mom Style. Someone recently told me that was my focus when I mentioned the lingerie post I was doing. I guess that's me but Real Mom Style belongs to Andrea from Momma in Flip Flops. If you don't know, now you know, right? I love Andrea and not just because her smile is infectious and she offers practical, everyday style that won't break the bank, but because she lays down some serious knowledge when it comes to the reality of being a mom of five who is likes to stay fit (she's back on running!) and is the most stylish nursing mom I know. Exhibit A: Her styling of items from PinkBlush is perfection. This leopard print top is also a maternity item but you wouldn't necessarily know that right away. I love that about how Andrea works her wardrobe. Exhibit B: This is … [Read more...]

Save on Style with Little Mistress

I'm always looking for new places to find great items for me and my readers. And I love using Maven to create boards that store my favorite pieces and organize them. Seriously, if you haven't tried Maven, do it! They turned me on to Little Mistress and I'm so glad they did.  Look at this fantastic black floral maxi dress! I'm so in love with it.  You can dress it up, wear it all year round and it is fitted!! Want it?  Get 15% OFF your Little Mistress offer by using code MAVENLM15 from January 5-February 14, 2017. I added a few stylish picks for winter getaways and future spring break ideas, including a self-tanning mousse that is a favorite of mine.   *Disclosure:  TMC was not paid for this post. Products were not received.  Affiliate links are used and compensation … [Read more...]

Home for the Holidays

Each year we spend Christmas at home.  Family visits and with three kids we really enjoy a relaxed time the comes from being home for the holidays. This is our second Christmas in our new home and it has undergone more changes in the last few months.  We finally said good-bye to the last of the outdated, late 90's burgundy and gold-brown walls that permeated the house and hello to a spruced up and lighter palette of blues and greens and grays. Our house is really beginning to feel like our home. Day one of decorating. We needed new things to go with the new paint colors throughout the house. We quickly realized how lucky we are that Garnet Hill sent us new stockings for this Christmas from their Hable Christmas Stocking collection.  They match perfectly with the new paint … [Read more...]

#SpringItOn with MinuteClinic

The rains came. For many when rain comes it is a welcome relief from the pollen and symptoms from allergies. For me, it is the total opposite. While I feel a minor itchiness or red, scratchy eyes on sunny days my real irritation is when the rain pours down and everything is being washed away. I totally thought that was the case this week when we had rainy day after rainy day. Turns out it was not allergies but a cold. Absolutely no fun. Except the first day I couldn't tell the difference. I loaded myself up on my "Allergy Arsenal" and was frustrated when I felt worse as the day dragged on. So how can you tell the difference between an allergy and a cold? I've teamed up with MinuteClinic to break it down for you as well as offer pointers on dealing with those pesky spring … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Threads

A lot of us travel during Thanksgiving, that's no joke.   I still flinch when I think of some the grand times I spent in many of the East Coasts finest airports back in college.  Even back then I liked to dress for travel while still knowing that comfort was key.  Whether it is by train, plane or automobile these two looks are guaranteed to keep you looking your most polished and comfortable too. I'm wearing both this week while we spend time with friends and family.   Travel Outfit by victoriamason featuring a stud earring set Forever21 Striped Knit Sweater (similar)/Black boots (similar)(similar)/Jeans/Kate Spade Pearl Studs/Essie Nail Polish (similar)   Travel Outfit by victoriamason featuring a travel outfit JCrew Chambray Shirt/Black Skinny Jeans … [Read more...]

Where’s Mummy?

I'll be in Ohio this week for one of my last consulting gigs.  Anyone have anything fun to say about Ohio besides Eddie from Ohio?  Clue me in.  I've only been to Columbus. Once.Now for the big question-  Would you carry a fur purse?  … [Read more...]

I’m a Writer First

I have been a bit silent here in the last week.  After we got back from our "drunk on freedom" vacation in San Francisco I received some bad news. The contract job I love was not being renewed.  Laid off.Talk about vacation buzz kill.It hit me that beyond the great pay that this job provided, the sanity-saving trips I took that broke the norm, the sometimes crazy schedule, I was letting this one job begin to define me. I let it validate me.  It was easier to describe this one job than all the other smaller ones, with less pay that I was doing in the blogging and writing field.  When I discussed this job people could understand it and asked questions.  When I described blogging they smiled sweetly and looked like they might pat my head and say things like, "Well, … [Read more...]