Lyme Awareness & Getting Out

May, my birth month, is also Lyme Disease Awareness month. Funny, that's exactly the month that I have been bitten and contracted Lyme twice now. I always do like being timely. These days I find I'm able to make it outside more.  I'm attempting to run instead of walking and yoga.  I've been able to add strength training back into my days.  I'm seeing friends and doing things with my family that months ago I would have had to forgo.  A month ago going out for coffee would have been my only activity for the day.  Just this weekend we hit up the Cirque De Soliel show, Luzia and took in a baseball game.  A NIGHT game.  I wasn't asleep or crumpled in pain and needing a detox bath.  This is HUGE.  It is life-giving. Just look! And I got dressed in something besides leggings and … [Read more...]

What to Wear to a Concert

  Who is ready for warm weather and outdoor concerts? Me too! Except, it is still not warm yet. Sigh. The days are cold, windy and gray.  It feels like March in mid-April and I've got two concerts in the next month that I need to find something to wear for, which leads me to these two SIMPLE looks to wear to a concert.  Guaranteed you have similar items like these in your closet too. What to Wear to a Concert: Look 1 First concert: Rick Astley.  I know it dates me but he was my all time favorite when I was about 12.  A giant poster on the bedroom wall and all.  I'll throw my vegan leather jacket over this look when the temps get cool on the way home.  Add some sparkle and you are good to go.   What to Wear to a Concert: Look 2 In May I'm off to Jack White … [Read more...]

The Best Black Leggings

models ofurbanculture by veamason   I love black leggings.  Particularly ones for, oh wait,  there's no real guideline here. I love Spanx type that looks like leather or just cotton.  Fabletics capri or full-length black leggings for working out or just hanging around the house?  Adore.  That's right.  And since this winter was endless and my disease makes me not want to wear anything that isn't super comfy my black leggings have been in a heavy rotation.  I've gotten creative with my black leggings. So let's talk about my favorite black leggings.  You can wear them all year round.  And yes, I truly believe that black leggings are pants especially now that the athleisure trend is so hot. In no particular order. They're all AWESOME!   Terez Black Skull Foil leggings. … [Read more...]

Easter Gift Ideas for Mom

  I am a sugar sucker.  A lover of treats. I love sweets!  And, I absolutely love Cadbury eggs.  Because I of my treatment protocol for Lyme Disease I cannot have any sugar.  I could swear. OK, I do swear because I miss those eggs so much right now.  Maybe that's why this year I actually want an Easter basket of my own. I make one for each kid.  Naturally.  I make a basket for my husband each year.  I also make one for the dog. If we have guests, I make up something small for them too.  My love language is obviously gifting.  I love to give gifts.  I never get anything in return and I don't mind.  I have my Cadbury eggs. Except for this year and I admit.  I want to see a little surprise just for me.  I cannot be alone in this!  So buy some treat for yourself- sugared or … [Read more...]

Operation Secret Makeover: Fixing Your Husband’s Fashion on the Down Low

Alright ladies, are you up for a challenge? Many of you have probably wanted to give your significant other a makeover at some point. After asking, you might have been shut down, or you might've never even asked, knowing what the answer will be. The trick is to start introducing stylish elements into his daily routine, and he probably will never even notice what you're doing. Here are some stealthy husband makeover ideas for this bizarre and hilarious project. Buy Manly Grooming Products The male grooming market grew to $20.5 billion last year, and is predicted to reach $60.7 billion by 2020. This is no coincidence, but rather indicative of an overall cultural trend that seems to be incrementally shedding traditionalist gender norms. While still not very many guys want to use … [Read more...]

Spring, a Shopbop Sale & Everything InBetween

As I look out my window today and type this the weather is raw and rainy.  We are expecting snow tonight and everyone around me is grousing on and on about how they "just can't take one more day of winter."  I feel you. Big time. Spring is so often associated with rebirth. This past winter with me being sick and indoors for all of it has been decidedly one of the hardest times in my life.  It's been dark, people, really dark.  I've been struggling with my treatments for the Lyme disease and all three of the co-infections. My spirits have sagged to new lows with the pain these treatments cause.  The nausea all day, every day is such a highlight. I was just beginning to feel like I was turning a corner about two weeks ago and that I could see a light at the end of all this and BAM! … [Read more...]

Fashion Tips For Every Busy Mom Out There

Can you remember a time before your kids, when you had the time to really invest in your clothes? Your keen sense of fashion doesn't have to go away just because you're a mom now. Moms have every right to love their fashion just as much as childless twenty-somethings. However, being a mom is a full-time job, without the financial benefits, so you're crazy busy all the time. If you want to spend your days rocking the sweatpants and bed head look, then go crazy, but you can still find the time to upgrade your fashion game. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're busy taking care of your kids. While no one ever said that being fashionable was easy, there are plenty of items that look great and are easy to throw on in a hurry. Here are some fashion tips that every mom should have … [Read more...]

Stylish Patio: Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Beautiful, soothing views, nature-inspired spaces, and cozy, chic lounge areas have become dreamy outdoor havens in modern homes. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a tiny patio, all you need to transform it into your own natural oasis is creativity. Add some natural materials Natural materials, such as beautifully carved stone or organic wood, will create an ambiance of tranquillity and serenity in your outdoor haven. While natural stone can be used for paving your patio area, warm wood hues will create a warm visual appeal. However, mixing and matching different materials, such as wood, stone, glass, metal, and rattan, will create a textured look and give it an authentic flair. Zone it out If you have a spacious patio, you should divide it into different zones to create a more … [Read more...]

Shopbop Sale Top Picks

I love a good sale.  Who doesn't?  Especially when the spring season is about to kick off. It may still be cold and cloudy outside but my brain and closet are gearing up for warmer weather. The Shopbop Sale (details below!) is going strong right now and here are a few of my top picks to kick off the spring season.   Rebecca Minkoff Pressed Flowers Diamond Scarf. This scarf hits up that dark floral trend for spring while also nailing the use of scarves this time of year.  Consider tying it around your wrist instead of a bracelet or wrapping it around your structured bags handle too.   Robert Rodgriguez Halter Jumpsuit is a great transition piece from spring to summer.  Wear it with mules, dress it up with strappy sandals, throw on a blazer or wear it alone.  I love … [Read more...]

Versatile Fashion: One Piece, Endless Ways to Wear It

How many times have you stressed yourself out in front of the closet, claiming ‘I have nothing to wear’? Probably countless. But, can you swear that such a claim has ever been true? Probably not. The truth is that with statement high heels and eye-catching accessorize every woman can look stunning even while wearing white top and pair of jeans. Fashion isn’t just about expensive price tags. It’s about knowing how to mix and match and eventually come up with endless ways to wear one single piece of clothing. White button-down? Go for it! A white button-down shirt is a classic piece that every woman should have in their closet. Although it’s usually associated with uniforms and dull office outfits, it can be far more than that. In reality, whatever style you wished to accomplish you … [Read more...]