Valentine’s Day Dresses and Gifts

Ever since I can remember I have loved Valentine’s Day. It’s my Dad’s birthday.  But, I think it is the burst of color in an otherwise dreary mid-winter slump that breaks through all pink and red and totally sweet that makes me love the holiday so much.  Even if it is totally made up and super commercialized.
Recently, H asked me what I wanted to do for the day and I shrugged and said, “Meh, I don’t care. Nothing?”  People, this is how we know I’m not myself.  It’s not me sulking about the no sugar rule I’m on or that I feel like I can’t buy gifts because I’m not working. It’s that I just can’t seem to muster excitement for anything these days.  Mid-winter slump or sick of being sick? Probably a bit of both.
I may not be able to indulge in candy this Valentine’s Day, thanks, Lyme detox diet, but I can spruce up my house with some felt heart garland, put a wooden red heart on my front door and shower my little ones with love.  I think this year instead of candy I will pick up some of those indestructible succulent plants to add some life to their bedrooms.

Valentine’s Day For the House:

Throw pillows in complimentary red or pink can punch up a neutral space.
– A runner or charger in the dining room or kitchen table.
-Have fun with candles at dinner even as a family to make a random Tuesday night dinner a little special.

Valentine’s Day For the Kids: @glencarrie
-I usually bake up a batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies and frost them.
-But them each a small bouquet of flowers. Just break up a batch from the grocery store and layout with a card or little note for them to find at breakfast.
-Write a love note and stick it in their lunch or backpack.

Valentine’s Day for Yourself:

I’ve never been one to sit this day out.  When I was in high school I spent weekends making handmade cards for friends and distributing them at school.  I would skip my all-black ensemble that day for maybe gray with pink or red thrown in.  Later, while single and even now that I’m not, I find a way to do something nice that brings the whole Pink Puffy Heart Day into focus.
-Buy yourself your favorite flower. I do this and set it out on the dining room table.  I love the scent of stargazer lilies even if they are a mess.
-I bought a baseball style t-shirt this year with the word ‘love’ in red on the front because I’m all about comfort and it makes me smile.  I have some cute dresses, bags and shoes below that might do the trick.
-Take yourself to lunch or dinner.  Buy yourself dessert.  If there is a food you crave- get it, girl.  Why wait for someone to do that for you?
-Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

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