Touchdown! Tips To Throw A Fan-Worthy Party for the Big Game

For American football fans, the most wonderful time of the year is yet to come. As the NFL decks the halls with rings and trophies, fans all over the country prepare for a day of wings, beer, and shouting at the television.

Oh, Football season. How we missed you.

While millions of people tune into football games every week, an estimated 111.3 million people watched the Superbowl in 2017, many of which were surrounded by equally enthusiastic friends. If you are hosting a party on Superbowl Sunday, this can be both exciting and stressful. It might seem like there are endless tasks to complete, but hosting a gameday gathering can actually be pretty simple.

These tips will help you form a game plan and tackle this party like a pro.

Don’t overthink it.

Remember that your friends are coming to your party to hang out and watch football, not to admire your intricate decor. The key to a Superbowl party is simplicity. Put away the nice dishware and break out your plasticware. Embrace the rowdy and roll with the punches.

Make it a potluck.

Worried about your party budget? Forget about ordering food and have everyone bring a dish to pass. About 98% of Americans love pizza, but ordering pizza on Super Bowl Sunday can be a total nightmare. A potluck will prevent the party from stretching your wallet. It will also leave you room to get creative or buy that new jersey you’ve been eyeing.

Provide the basics.

Buy a case of beer and some basic snacks for your guests. Whether your guests bring a dish or you order pizza, these simple items will keep them happy as they watch the game.

Have fun with decorations.

If you have a flair for crafts and decor, get creative with your decorations. You can hang streamers in the team colors or make fun serving dishes. Hosting opposing fans?Decorate each side of the living room with different colors.

Keep kids entertained.

Especially if you live in a warm climate, send the kids outside to play some football or other activities. Adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to be active at age 24 as those who do not. You may also be hosting kids in a chilly climate. If that’s the case, plan some crafts or put out games for those who are not interested in watching the game.

Invent fun games.

Organize a betting pool or play bingo with the commercials to make the game even more interesting. This can be especially fun for those in the room who aren’t into sportsball.

Remember that you don’t need to spend a bunch of money to host a party. Keep it simple, ask your guests to bring some food and drinks, and focus on the game. Your friends and family members are sure to be thrilled — unless their team loses.

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