6 Affordable Ways to Lift up Your Home Style

The world of inspiration in interior design always puts us in the mood for decorating. We can hardly resist those enticing patterns, rich textures, and enchanting color palette. If this sounds all too familiar, you’ll be glad to hear that you can design a luxurious, chic home on a budget. All it takes is little creativity and inspiration, and your home décor will be worthy of boutique hotels.

1.      Choose a luxurious color scheme

It all starts with color and, to add a touch of luxury to your home, you need to choose the right ones. Depending on your personal style, you have a range of options. While royal blues, regal purples, and rich reds will help you give character to your home and create a bold, inspiring look, a palette of soft neutrals will set the tone of subtle elegance. The black-and-white combination will always exude sophistication, the palette of greys with a pop of color will create a more modern look and a scheme of beiges and off-whites will create an ambiance of effortless beauty.

2.      Change the hardware

From door handles and drawer pulls to lamps and decorative items, pieces that feature a lush finish can really elevate your home décor. You can introduce a black matte finish with a minimalist design, go with rose gold, one of the most popular recent trends, or choose the timeless gold for enchanting details. In the year 2018, you can even mix and match, but make sure to keep it balanced and harmonious. The moment you replace your old hardware with new, stylised options, you’ll notice a change in your interior.

3.      Use lighting as a statement

While the right lighting will accentuate your home’s beautiful features, it can also work with a stunning décor statement. If you have a lush chandelier, you can place it on your coffee or dining table where it will work as an enticing focal point. Intricately decorated lamps, pendants, and other lighting fixtures can add to the general style of your home, as well as create a cozy, inviting ambiance.

4.      Add heavy curtains

Rich home décor should feature a lot of texture and lush materials, and there’s no better way to implement this than by introducing luxe, heavy curtains. Bare windows can seem a bit cheap, so beautiful curtains are the perfect way to dress them up. However, if you want to give your home an elegant, rich flair, you should use glamorous materials, such as silk, cotton, and velvet. Paired up with lovely shutters, they will create an atmosphere of elegance and privacy.

5.      Invest in an indulgent feature

Introducing at least one expensive feature to your home will truly set the tone of luxury and elegance. Not only will you style up your home, but you’ll also have a glamorous, high-quality piece that will embellish your home for the years to come. For example, you can invest in a chic sofa bed that will work as an enchanting focal point in your living room. You can also buy a crystal chandelier for your dining room or a sophisticated four-poster bed for your bedroom. A sophisticated freestanding bath can transform your bathroom into a home-spa, while a kitchen island will create a homey atmosphere. You have a range of beautiful options and you just need to pick the one that fits your style best.

6.      Introduce plants

Source: Pexel

Whether modern or vintage, no home is complete without greenery. By welcoming houseplants into your home, not only will you add a splash of soothing green, but you’ll also create a more open, pleasant atmosphere. You can also add a vase of fresh flowers that will energize and style up your home immediately. If you really want to take your décor to another level, you can create your indoor living wall and give your space a natural vibe.

By introducing several small changes and thinking outside the box, you’ll be able to style up your home and create an elegant ambiance without spending a fortune.



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    Such beautiful rooms pictured here! Now if I could get rid of all the kid stuff! Ha. I do love greenery to brighten up a room but I literally kill everything (I recently killed a cactus, for real). But we have decided to leave our Christmas tree in the living room sans the decorations just as a living room tree because I love the warm lights and the image of a tree in the house. It just makes me smile. Great post with lots of great ideas!