5 Ways to Feel Good this Holiday Season

I’m just going to say it, the holiday season is upon us!  Let’s not fuss and gripe about it being earlier and earlier each year. Instead, focus on the good and all the ways we can feel good this holiday season.

Source: Alisa Anton, Unsplash.com

You may have noticed that things have changed around here.  Less is more? I’m not sure when it comes to blogging but I do know that serious health issues have made it impossible for me to work and the guest posts have really racked up around here.  That’s fine.  While I continue to heal and still figure out what exactly has me in full body pain and fatigue daily, I’m happy to let others share their voice.

Share.  That’s a great way to feel good.  Share your love. Share your blessings. Share your home and whatever you have.  I love to share my love of baking.  From Halloween to New Year’s I bake a ton and pass it on to teachers, friends, and family.  It’s a feel-good activity all around.

  1.  Hydrate.  Staying hydrated is key to keeping away sickness and fatigue.  Headaches come from dehydration too. Sip on with these great water bottles.
  2. Infuse your life with great scents.  I love candles. LOVE them.  I also love a good diffuser for essentials oils to elevate my mood, heal me, or just keep sickness away.

Source: Tim Goedhart, Unsplash.com

  1. Yoga and meditation.  Since I got sick I cannot do all the workouts I could just weeks before. Yoga is now a daily ritual that is helping me heal and stay focused and less stressed.  Daily mediation apps that start off slow are great too.
  2. Comfort in clothes.  Even though I worked from home I frequently got dressed more than yoga pants and athleisure wear.  Now?  I’m all for the comfort while still being stylish.  As the holidays approach I like this style even more. The Athleta Comfort Wrap is cozy and versatile.
  3. Say No.  I thought I was good at this before and then never fail I would over-extend myself and annihilate our schedule, especially this time of year.  My ability to say no has skyrocketed in the last few months because I physically cannot handle much more than walking my dog and getting the kids off to school on many days.  I’m learning to enjoy the quiet more and seeing that less is more for us in a way I never could before.