Ask a Nutritionist: 6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

As soon as you pack your bags and start making plans for all the awesome places to visit during your travels, you realize: when the hell will you make enough time to cook, pack and munch on those healthy meals? Not to mention getting enough beauty sleep or making sure to drink enough water and not reaching for an extra cup of coffee to keep you alert for another round of sightseeing.

Still, as impossible as it may sound at first, avid travelers can actually enjoy all the healthy lifestyle perks while on the go, without compromising their vast must-see lists and diminishing the experience. On the contrary – with a few professional tips to rely on, you can make the most of your adventures all the while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan!

1.      Learn about your destinations

If you’re health-oriented, so should you’re your travel plans be! That includes researching the local healthy food hotspots, affordable canteens where you needn’t book in advance and the nearby market where you can get a supply of fresh fruit and veggies.

Sure, you should always aim to taste their local delicacies and find the places that are authentic but also strive to find the perfect balance. You don’t have to steer clear of absolutely all sweet treats of the region you’re visiting if you know how to control your portions and stay within the realms of moderation. Let that particular word (moderation) be your guiding star in all dining choices you make!

2.      Start with a solid breakfast

I’m a morning person, and it’s no trouble for me to whip up a protein-rich omelet or an oatmeal enriched with nuts and seeds of all sorts while traveling – I get up early and wrap up my morning routine just on time for all the museums to open and greet me at their front doors.

You can incorporate a meal plan, and rely on it for every day of your adventures, use the hotel buffet table or visit a local café for a reasonably priced, yet healthy breakfast. See, those research hours are already paying off! Whatever your early morning solution might be, do your best to start with a hefty meal to keep you full for hours and to provide your body with plenty of nutrients for an active start for the day.

3.      Early morning stretches

Incorporating a quick morning stretch can help prepare your body for the day and lower your risk of any common injury, including the pesky knee pain, ankle sprains, and low-back issues.

There are several handy yoga poses that can serve you well while you travel, but you can also use a YouTube video with different exercises for every day to get your blood flowing and warm up for hitting the streets. If you have enough time, a brief jump-rope session can also do you good!

4.      Workout on the go

Why not organize your holiday in such a manner that your sightseeing and excursions are partially exercise-driven? You can rent a bike while roaming the streets of Amsterdam, and you’ll fit right in while also burning calories, or you can choose your destination based on your activity preferences – a hike through Peru is not just a true bucket-list experience, but a strenuous physical activity as well.

If you find yourself in a metropolis such as the Big Apple, then it would be wise to contact a DMC in New York and get a sightseeing route of your dreams along with insider tips for the right fitness center.

5.      Snack wisely

One of the most challenging aspects of healthy travels is maintaining a healthy snack menu. Instead of reaching for a sugar-laden soda or a chocolate bar, you should always keep a protein bar, a healthy salad or a sandwich in your bag, just in case you need to recharge your batteries while sightseeing.

Make note of any available foodie spots that offer ready salads or healthy mueslis, so that you don’t have to wait for your lunch and waste time on sitting in a café. Fresh apples, bananas or other seasonal fruits can also be handy in these situations.

6.      Always keep a water bottle close

Dehydration can be your health’s worst enemy, hence the need to keep a thermos of fresh water in your backpack, or simply buy a water bottle at the local kiosk. Whether you’re visiting a museum, attending a lecture or hiking through nature, water is the first item that should be on your packing list.

Fresh fruit juices and an occasional tea are also a good way to hydrate on the go, but avoid over-burdening your body with too much caffeine. Healthy amounts of water will keep your immune system up and running, and make sure that you enjoy your travels headache-free!


*Olivia Jones is a psychologist, passionate writer, an entrepreneur, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of my family.

**Disclosure: This is a guest post. Opinions are 100% that of the guest post contributor.  Affiliate links may be used for compensation.