How ‘A New Day’ at Target Gave Me Unicorn Pants

Last week I found myself back at the old bullseye also known as Target for what felt like the billionth time in weeks.  Yes, we needed more school supplies (Dear, middle school you can stop now with all the per class special requests) and some items for the girls’ new fall activities.  Wouldn’t you know it also gave me time to check out the ‘A New Day’ line in the Target women’s department?

And there on a rack chocked full of boring black and navy dress pants I found what is now referred to as my “Unicorn Pants”.  I swear, I was only looking and not planning to buy.  But then, well, unicorn pants.

unicorn pants

How do I describe these pants?  They are incredibly soft to the touch.  They look dressy but can be dressed down too. They are a small but sentimental nod to our old life in the military. Plus, there is a bit of stretch to them. When I throw on white converse sneakers and a plain white t-shirt I feel like can conquer the world.  I could add heels and a blouse in white, light blue, a blue pinstripe button down, a red turtleneck or an off-white crew neck sweater too.  Did I mention stripes? I can add a whole list of stripe shirt combinations to these unicorn pants.

These pants are endless possibilities, Y’all.  That’s why H dubbed them my “Unicorn Pants”.  I kind of want to wear them every day.  I might be wearing them right now.  When I found them I said out loud, “You! It’s you! I’ve been looking for you for so long!”  And no one looked at me like I was crazy either.  Women just nodded and kept looking for their own holy grail of fall fashion.

Have you checked out the new lines at Target?  

What is the “unicorn” item in your closet?