Heels That Crafted History

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Fashion does not make exceptions for shoes – after all, it’s a $40 billion industry. With every season, we get to see a new breed of all kinds of heels – thin stilettos, satin pumps, black-heel mules, and towering high heels. But as far as the history of high heels is concerned, it takes you back all the way to the 15th century.

During those days, heels were not only something associated with only women fashion. There are history pages that talk about Persian men who wore heels, especially while horse riding. As the decades continued, heels were worn and loved by both the genders equally.

While high heels have evolved a great deal since the 15th century, one cannot deny the role they played in crafting the history of the fashion industry that continues to transform to date.

Celebrities and Their Famous High Heels

Several shoe styles garnered appreciation and admiration over the decades. Some were popular in certain periods of time, while others had their luck due to a cult following and their association with famous celebrity names.

There’s no way one can ignore how Spice Girls became the ultimate inspiration for adolescents to rock those Buffalo Platform Trainers and how Lady Gaga never hesitates to show off her wildest shoes collection including her Armadillo heels by none other than Alexander McQueen.

From shoes that couldn’t keep Naomi Campbell on her feet during a runway fashion show to influential footwear choices of some famous celebrities, here the most famous high heels of the history:

The ‘Dior Heels’ of Roger Vivier

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Famous with all fashion enthusiasts, Dior heels became the talk of the town when the brand released its most elegant and feminine pair of heels post-WWII. Not only the brand was captivating the market with its New Look silhouette, but the show designs were also highly influential and appropriate for the fashionable women of that era.

Famous for its design, Dior heels are still an uproar amongst celebrities. Natalie Portman usually graces her red carpet appearances with Dior heels and steals the show.

Ferragamo Pumps of Marilyn Monroe

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Monroe is not only a legend, but she was a renowned supporter of Ferragamo. It is believed that she had a personal preference for his shoes. In fact, Marilyn is known to have owned 40 pairs, exclusively made for her.

There’s more in history for Marilyn’s heels. It was revealed that to keep up with her signature wiggle, she would deliberately get one heel slightly shorter than the other.

This revelation, however, remains unproven.

Armadillo Shoes of Lady Gaga

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This shoe will surely make to any list featuring the most bizarre designs in the history. These shoes first made a splash in the fashion industry in 2010. Owned by the famous British designer Alexander McQueen, the 10-inch shoes actually made some page-3 headlines for their uniqueness.

The shoes were first publicly worn by Daphne Guinness, but it only got all the attention when graced by Lady Gaga herself. Since then, she has made several public appearances wearing them in different colors and patterns.

Super-Elevated Gillie Platforms of Naomi Campbell

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The original production by Vivienne Westwood, the super-elevated platforms became a part of the history when celebrity Naomi Campbell fell while wearing them.

This bright purple color and the catchy crocodile-patterned heel is 9 inches high. Naomi was rocking the look, but at one point, she could no longer keep up and toppled over on the catwalk during the summer/spring show by the designer.

Surprisingly, Campbell didn’t let that incident become an ill-fated drop. The supermodel laughed it off, and the incident, as well as the pair of heels, became a part of the history. The same shoes have been showcased at different museums around the world.

Heelless Heels of Victoria Beckham

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Heelless shoes aren’t the first ‘different’ pair worn by celebrities. During the Spice Girls days, Victoria was famous for her daring choice of shoes – like the other women in the band.

The heelless heels she first debuted during 2007 on an Antonio Berardi runway are now a significant part of shoe history. The shoes that looked kind of interesting and uncomfortable at the same time were perfectly rocked by the petite beauty.

The following year, the heelless shoes became a thing and were even tried by none other than Lady Gaga herself. While they seem quite a pain for your feet, Antonio Berardi claimed that they are pretty comfortable and easy to balance.


It’s amazing how some of these heels – even the bizarre collection – made it to the fashion trends and inspired many teenagers and young women to try the pairs of high heels that crafted history.  What shoes do you prefer? Would you try some of these bizarre heels? 

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