Back to School Organization Tips & Tricks

With back to school just around the corner, here are 9 tips and tricks to get organized as summer comes to an end.

back to school

1 Make a list of school supplies needed and shop ahead of time.

Whether your school provides a list of necessary school supplies or you find a generic one online, make sure you bring it with you to the store. Not only is it nice to get everything in one trip, but while at the store your list will keep you focused and on track. Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure having the best selection.

2 Get your kids involved.

We all know those weeks between when camp ends and school begins can be lacking activities for the kids. Turn the school supply trip to the store, into an activity – allow them to pick out their notebooks, pencil cases, and lunch box with their favorite character or colors.

3 Buy extra school supplies and stash away. 

When you run out of something you can easily replace it from your stash without running to the store. Your stash can also come in handy when teachers ask for additional items for the classroom.

back to school homework space


4 Create a dedicated homework space or a mobile homework cart.

If you have the space in your house for an extra desk (think about a window nook or unused corner of a playroom), create an inviting but clutter-free area for your kids to do their homework. Since space can sometimes be an issue, we love having a mobile homework cart like 3-tier rolling one from Target. Keep all of your homework supplies in one place and easily roll it out to a kitchen table during homework time.

5 Find a dedicated space to keep back packs and lunch boxes. 

If you don’t have a mudroom, you can easily create a space for your kids to stash their back packs and lunch boxes. Adding hooks to a wall near the door they enter at a height easily accessible to them makes it easy for them to hang their belongings up and getting them off the floor.

6 Post the daily morning and evening routines. 

Create a list of your morning routine (wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast) and your evening routines (after school snack, play, homework, dinner, bath/shower, screen time, reading, bed). If you have little ones (preschool age), add pictures so they can see what their day will look like. Even create a weekly dinner menu with pictures – this will help with your meal planning and lets the kids know what they can expect each night.

7 Label everything. 

And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING. We love Mabel’s Labels for clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles, and more!

8 Layout clothes for the week. 

Picking out clothes for the week will save you tons of time in the morning. Using a hanging shelf organizer in your closet, like this one from The Container Store, allows you to dedicate a section for each day.

9 After school snacks. 

Keep a few healthy and fun after school snacks in your house the kids can quickly grab. We love these no-bake oatmeal energy balls from BlessThisMess – they are super easy to make and keep in the fridge for a week. The different variations keep it fun and interesting!

Although it’s always sad to see summer end, getting organized for back to school can make it so much easier! For more organizing tips and tricks, follow @orderlymethod on Instagram.

Guest Post by: Dara Friedson, Owner & Chief Organizing Officer Instagram and Facebook: @orderlymethod


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I turned my passion for organization into a business after having four kids in less than five years. For many years, friends have asked how I keep things so organized with such a hectic family life. I thrive and function best in an organized space and have developed several methods as a personal organizer and home organizer. I love to organize and want to help others bring order and peace into their homes. Most importantly, I understand we all have clutter — and I am here to help you organize so you can be more productive and focus your time on what matters most to you. My goal is to bring solutions to your life through what I have lived and learned.


*Disclosure: This is a guest post.  All opinions are that of the guest post author.