Seeing the Possibilities in a Sedan Again with the 2017 Genesis G80

It’s not often that I drive a sedan like the 2017 Genesis G80 and think, “I might own this. I can see this car in my future.” It’s even less often that my husband says the same thing even after I tell him the sticker price. That was totally the case with the 2017 Genesis G80 with AWD.

Genesis G80

Source: Victoria Mason

Seeing Sedans

Fresh off a road trip with ‘Chloe’ my crammed full SUV, I was ready to climb inside a brand new spacious sedan with leather interior.  The Genesis G80, formerly the Hyundai Genesis, doesn’t scream “take me on a road trip with kids!”. Instead, it indulges you with its soft leather interior and ticking dashboard clock that takes you back to another time.  The time before kids or maybe back to the future. A time when I’m not shuttling those cherubs around anymore and I want a car with a quiet cabin and Ivory leather interior.

For the first time in over a decade, I begin to see a time when driving a sedan on a daily basis is a real possibility.  When I think of the driving feel, aesthetics, and reliability that I would like in this future car the Genesis G80 ranks high on my list of contenders.

Genesis G80 interior

Source: Victoria Mason

What’s New for 2017

I have driven the Genesis a few times in the past and each time I love it.  It always impresses me and those who see me in it.  People often ask me what it is and I explain that Genesis is new but formerly the Hyundai Genesis.  That it is a luxury car and each year comes with new standard features. For 2017 that includes rear cross traffic alert, lane keep assist, blind spot detection, both in the side mirrors and the heads up display, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and high beam assist.  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also there. Other than those additions the Genesis G80 remains the same overall on the exterior and interior.

Check out my video for the Genesis G80 here.

Genesis G80 display

That’s an 8-inch Touchscreen with a crisp and clear rearview camera. Source: Victoria Mason

Drive & Feel

I ended up with the Genesis G80 for some additional time, which I appreciated.  It gave me time to fully immerse myself in the vehicle and get to know it better.  I drove it with kids and without. I loaded up the spacious trunk (with Smart Sense) and took it on a trip to the Northern Neck of Virginia driving on highways and small country roads.  No matter where I went the cabin was quiet, the 17-speaker discrete Lexicon audio system was clear and wonderful, and navigation was easy to use.  I averaged 29.6 mpg.  It typically runs at 28 mpg highway and 18 mpg city with 22 mpg combined.

The Genesis isn’t for everyone though.  It is roomy inside and might feel too big for some. Others commented that it is long on the front end making it seem cumbersome to navigate while driving.  I didn’t feel that way but others have noted it.  It has a staid style that isn’t flashy but elegant and subdued. That’s not what everyone wants particularly in a brand new car that can easily run you over $50k.

Genesis G80 backseat

The supple and roomy back seat of the Genesis G80.

Source: Victoria Mason

In the End

The Genesis G80 is a five-passenger midsize sedan.  The AWD model I tested is a 3.8-liter engine with a V6 engine and 311 horsepower.  It accelerates beautifully and has responsive steering and offers a smooth ride every time. My one issue was that it could deal with bumps a bit better. It’s not bad but it wasn’t as cushy as other luxury sedans in its class. With the Genesis G80, you can go back and forth between normal, sport or eco mode depending on your desired driving experience. It has a 5-star government safety rating making it an IIHS 2017 Top Safety Pick+.

Overall, it is not just a great entry car into the luxury midsize sedan market.  It is a reliable one that offers a good value for your money and a comfortable ride that feels and looks like you spent a bit more. It is well worth your time to take a look at it and take it for a test drive. The MSRP is $41,400 and the review model with Premium and Ultimate Package included is priced at $51,300.


*Disclaimer: TMC was not paid for this post. Cars provided by DriveShop. All opinions are 100% my own.