Creative Gift Ideas for the Working Moms

There are few things more challenging in life than being a working mom. They tackle each day trying to juggle the balance of childrearing, maintaining the home front, meeting deadlines and closing deals, all while dealing with the guilt of being a working mom wondering if either the kids, her husband, or her job are suffering. Moms are without a doubt the hardest-working people there are.  When it comes to Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or commemorating a special occasion, they deserve only the best.  The challenge here is knowing what to give them that they’ll really appreciate and enjoy!  Here are ten great ideas sure to please any working mom.

  1. Commuting music – if the working mom in your life has a long commute, consider buying her a boxed CD set of her favorite music or making her a special playlist on her iPhone to help make the long ride more enjoyable. Or, purchase some audio books. We all know she doesn’t have free time to read at home, so give her the gift of listening to her favorite author’s new best seller while she braves traffic.
  2. A chic organizer – she’s always looking at her calendar, searching for a contact, and planning ahead. Give her an ultra chic new organizer to help her stay organized and look fabulous while doing it.

  1. Photo gifts – whether it’s a unique frame with a great family picture, a mug with your “mugs” on it, or a digital frame that streams a series of favorite family vacation pictures, a photo gift helps bring the family into her workspace and lets her feel closer to them when she can’t physically be there.
  2. House cleaning service – when she gets home from work, cooks dinner, helps with homework, shuttles kids to and from practice, bathe and puts the kids to bed, Mom is tired! What better gift than a certificate for a year’s worth of house cleaning? It takes a time-consuming task off her hands and frees up more quality time for her to spend with the family.
  3. Homemade Coupons – if the house cleaning service isn’t in the budget, give her a homemade coupon book instead. Include tasks everyone in the family can help with, from taking out the trash or walking the dog to cooking dinner or making her favorite dessert. Be creative and fill in the blanks with whatever your mom will truly appreciate.
  4. Jewelry – jewelry is always appropriate! But think outside the box beyond the traditional earrings or bangle bracelet. Create a piece using her birthstone and those of her children, or commemorate a special event with unique pieces. Giving her a one of a kind piece of jewelry will give the memory special meaning and let her know just how proud the family is of her dedication and hard work.
  5. A professional looking diaper bag – perhaps Mom takes the baby to a daycare located in or near her office building. Deck her out with a professional looking diaper bag so it compliments her power outfit instead of looking cutesy. If she’s beyond the diaper bag stage, give her a ultra-stylish laptop bag instead.

  1. Desktop garden – bring a little nature indoors. A small box with some succulents and easy maintenance miniature plants is a great alternative to giving her flowers. They have the same calming effect and bring some life to her office,but will last much longer than cut flowers.
  2. Desktop coffee maker – she’s busy kicking butt and taking names. She doesn’t have time to go to a coffee shop and get her latte, and she’s too smart to waste a small fortune on every cup anyways. Give her the gift of being her own barista without leaving her desk. There are even new models that make chilled coffee, as well. She needs her caffeine fix to have the energy to deal with family tasks when she gets home from work.
  3. Time – she never has enough of it. Give her Saturday afternoon off to go to the gym, get a pedicure, or take a nap while the family takes cares of her regular weekend tasks. Let her sleep in Sunday morning. Whenever it may be, give mom a few hours to herself to do with as she please. She’s earned it.

Working moms really do it all. They manage their homes, their marriages, and their jobs. Be sure to show her just how much your family appreciates all she does with an amazing gift she will truly appreciate. She certainly deserves it.


*Guest post by Naomi Shaw.

**Disclosure: TMC was not paid for this post. Opinions are from the guest poster.