Brains On Podcast is Fun for the Whole Family

Do you listen to podcasts?  Have you heard of Brains On? Piling the whole family into the car and setting out on a road trip is an American tradition, especially in the warm summer months.  I know we have at least three planned before school is back in session. Podcast-loving parents, such as myself, have a new family-friendly resource called Brains On!

Think Radio Lab for the younger set. And this summer, the science podcast for kids from American Public Media is dedicating all five of its June episodes to cars! YAY!!!  You know I love it!

Brains On! episodes offer variety: each program mixes science facts, expert interviews, experts interviewed by kids, funny skits, guessing games, and original songs. On June 9, 16, 20, 23 and 30, the car and road trip series will enthrall the family with stories that put American car culture at the center, including:

  • June 9: Engines and origin story, with special guest Ray Magliozzi, host of “Car Talk” (a personal favorite of mine)  
  • June 16: Fuel and the future, with chemical engineer Anne Co of OSU, working to make fuel cell cars more affordable
  • June 20: Car design (Monster Trucks)
  • June 23: All these cars mean lots of traffic
  • June 30: Your body in the car

Parents love listening with their kids, and many find the podcast is a conversation-starter leading to long exchanges of ideas and questions — it’s screen-free entertainment that draws multiple generations into a shared experience, and a big step up from I Spy and License Plate Bingo.  It’s a must listen to podcast in our house and the car.  It’s perfect for ages 6-10.