Top 5 Cool Gifts For Moms In 2017

Mother is often the most important word in people’s lives. While both parents deserve respect and love, society often gives an extra note of thanks to all mothers who work hard for the well-being of their children. They’re the people who give birth to us and shape our preliminary thoughts and ideas. Even though mother’s day is the best time to give your mom a gift, a gift is always appreciated at any time of the year. With that being said, here are the top 5 cool gifts for moms in 2017.

  1. Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill In The Love Journal Gifts that are handmade have the most appeal. They carry a personal touch and flavor that can’t be replaced. While there are many pre-made items such as cards and frames that are available in stores today, none of them can produce the kind of reaction of happiness that gifting your mom something that you made can.This journal from Knock Knock is easy to gift yet very personal at the same time. The basic premise or idea of the booklet is that you write things that you like about your mom in it. There are several fun questions. The answers to these questions which you write could surprise your mom.
  2. This fitness tracker from Fitbit is another excellent gift for the mom who leads an active lifestyle. Running has become one of the most interesting hobbies for women. This fitness tracker is also a great gift for less active mothers since it’ll help her to start out on the path of fitness to get her body in good shape and health.This fitness tracker works well and allows one to keep tabs on multiple bodily parameters such as heart rate, distance run, and calories burnt. As a bonus, it also tells the time. What sets this fitness tracker apart from other similar models that may be cheaper is that fact this one is much more accurate.The tracker is small and diminutive in dimensions. She’ll barely notice when she has it on. It also comes in several colors. These include black, gray and fuchsia. All the models look great since they have the same sleek design.
    1. Birchbox Beauty Box 360 lace wigs With the Beauty Box, Birchbox is providing a subscription based service where every month they send your mother some cool beauty products. They send one box each month. The box includes five samples of beauty products. This includes products made for the skin, hair 360 lace wigs, and even some that are designed to improve a user’s style.Who wouldn’t look forward to receiving new beauty products every month? Stylish moms who go out a lot will especially find the creams and lotions included in Birchbox’s package useful. The service is great for trying out new products. If she likes something, she can buy more of it later. You can choose to pay for it on a monthly basis or buy it for a whole year at a discounted rate.
      1. Skagen Anita Mirror Steel Mesh Watch This gift makes for an excellent choice if you want to give your mother something that’s fashionable yet functional at the same time. A watch offers the perfect blend of these two qualities. A good-looking watch adds a lot of style to one’s appearance and makes one look more put together.This watch from Skagen has all the desirable qualities that women look for in a watch. First of all, it looks very nice. The fancy design of the watch comes from the steel mesh band. It makes the watch look fashionable and expensive. While it also comes in gold and silver, the rose gold color is the one to go with since it’s the most feminine of the three. The watch is also quite light and small. This makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
      2. Tile Mate – Key Finder mother of the bride dresses

        It’s natural for people to become less mentally capable as they grew older. This issue affects your mother as much as it does other people reaching old age. As she grows older, she’ll be misplacing her things and forgetting where she kept her phone more. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to get over these problems. The Tile Mate Key Finder seeks to remedy both these issues. This product is an example of the excellent application of technology to solve a common issue. The Tile Mate is a small tile that can be attached or kept in almost anything. It has a small hole in it so that it can easily fit onto keychains. The device works by connecting to your mom’s smartphone through Bluetooth. Then she can use her phone to make the tile ring and vice versa. The app can also tell the last location where it saw the tile, in case she loses it.

        What makes the Tile Mate truly easy to use is the long battery life. Despite communicating with a phone continuously, it’s battery lasts a full year of use. This means that it can be used every day without the hassle of having to remember to charge it up. Don’t worry about when it finishes since then you can buy a new tile for your mom at a discounted rate since she’s a community member. You can also send her a mother of the bride dresses as a gift.

        Any of the items listed above should make an excellent gift which any mother would feel lucky to receive. Whether it’s her birthday or it’s mother’s day, you can rest assured knowing that you know which is the perfect gift to get for her.

        Bio: Susy Richards is a mother to 3 girls who shares her experience with other moms around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site

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